Ys Origin: Switch Review. The Smell Of Old School


A game that has traveled through time since it was released in 2006 to the present day, and despite this it is still so much fun and addictive

We should start by saying that Ys Origin it ‘s an old game. Very Sean. It may not look so old in the West because it came to us in 2012 for PCs, and was released by the PS4 and Vita in 2017. However, This title was released to the Japanese market in late 2006, and that ‘s what’ s noteworthy in many aspects of the game, which hasn’t gotten any polish to bring it up to date.

That does not mean Ys Origin it is a bad game. The multiple ports and new releases for modern consoles show old titles if there is a supply because there is a demand, and, within the small niche is the saga Ys in itself, there is always a demand for new titles. And this is a saga that presents us with a frenetic game style in which we have to break buttons and move later to chase away sets of enemies coming towards us, but always with one, since there will be a certain fight, especially against the bosses of every department, they need a lot of strategy if we want to survive them. This, combined with a soundtrack that combines metal with violin arrangements, gave the saga a very distinctive touch.


However, Ys Origin its franchise is an exception in many ways, as we shall see below.

The plot takes us 700 years before events Ys I & II, the first title in the series, and Lore is aimed at what we saw in the first episode of the swordsman Adol. In fact, this is the only title in the whole franchise that we will not control the red hero: instead we will choose between Yunica Tovah, the apprentice of a young knight armed with an ax, and Hugo Fact, a dreamer who uses his magic to chase your enemies. When we have finished the history of each, a third path will open for us, the history of the Claw.

As you can imagine, we will have to complete all three paths so that we can know all the details of the story. Fortunately, they all have a different style of play and the snippets of story that everyone will show us are quite different and give a lot of depth to the plot they give. Ys Origin at a high usable level.

If you played a classic game of it Ys, Cad The Oath in Felghana or Napishtim Ark, you will know exactly what to expect Origin. The style of the game is practically identical, despite the fact that we can control different characters; in fact, we even meet a lot of power-ups from previous installments, such as the double jump or tornado to close large distances. Again, the combat style is simple and will consist mainly of targeting the right enemy and breaking buttons, activate special powers at the player ‘s discretion. Although repetitive, this formula is very satisfying and is an emblem of the saga.


But still, Ys Origin It presents a series of differences over other titles that make the experience less enjoyable. The first problem is that this game is not a normal JRPG, in which we explore the world and find all sorts of villages and dungeons, but It’s about a dungeon crawl (kind of a game that is just dungeon exploring). Throughout the adventure we will see no more scenarios than the Darm Tower, which we climb little by little, often returning to the base to advance the story. This can be frustrating for the fans Ys, since this saga is precisely characterized by the interesting colorful worlds that the player must discover.

Ys Origin: Switch Review. The smell of old school

We will also not have villages to buy pots or equipment; there aren’t many customization options, and they are reduced to picking up some content all the while so that the statistics of our equipment improve slightly. That makes the experience linear and the player does not feel the progress through the fort as an achievement in itself, but as a formality.

In his favor it must be said that Boss battles are really challenging, and that they demand that we give ourselves completely to avoid us, no matter how much we have leveled. Even if grind it will save us from many troubles, we will find endless situations where it will be necessary to use our head and recoil to avoid falling in front of the enemy, since each level of the tower confronts us with different creatures that we will have to use strategies against them. different from the ones that served us until then.

Ys Origin: Switch Review. The smell of old school

What’s more, it is very satisfying that the enemies come to meet us thanks to the design of the fights: Every time we exterminate a monster, we are rewarded with items that will temporarily increase our stats, as well as grant us bonuses that disappear over time if we do not continue the fight. That will mean that we will always be looking for action, getting into a very solid and entertaining rhythm that will keep us from wanting to let go of the console.

The graphics aren’t bad … to be from 2006. Although they follow their own style and are well integrated into the game, It will take some time for the player to basically get used to the visual aspect of PSP. I recommend playing this title in portable mode, because that way everything will be much closer and clearer, which will make the experience more enjoyable.

Ys Origin: Switch Review. The smell of old school

Something more important than game graphics, however, is its artistic direction. Ys Origin get to do what each part of the tower is differentiated and quite characteristic so that we do not miss too much exploration of the outside world. From the aquatic prison, where we explore submerged parts under the waters, to the lava lakes or quicksand, all the elements are well connected and integrated with each other, making the situations come to life and need. from them to explore.


Soundtrack of the saga Ys it is one of its great strengths. Because of his arrangements of metal mixed with violins, accompanied by very solemn melodies and a moment from the Renaissance, the life of his games is really alive, as well as giving special intensity to the battles against the final beats. The soundtracks of this franchise are of such a quality that Falcom Sound Team jdk often give concerts with the most popular songs and releases an album with the OSTs for their titles. Music of Ys Considered one of the best and most influential in the world of RPGs, it came to inspire songwriters outside of Japan.

Unfortunately, Ys Origin it is also behind this field. With certain exceptions, their melodies are empty and are often confused with the noise of enemies, making them completely forgotten. Even the final final themes are not very intense or exciting; they seem to have been created more as a formality than with the typical Falcom energy and professionalism.

Ys Origin: Switch Review. The smell of old school

THE BEST _____

  • Lots of material and a high level of usability
  • Frenzy and addictive gameplay focused on engaging strategic combat
  • A complex story to discover from three different perspectives


  • A bare soundtrack that is not at the level of the other games in the series
  • Scarcity of cases: all the action is done in one tower
  • 2006 Charters not updated in 14 years

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