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Davern King Eryk must strike a perfect balance between the well-being of his reign, his authority, and the happiness of his family.

Interest in medieval fantasy has been revived over the past decade thanks to the rise of the grimdark, a subgenre defined by writer Adam Roberts (Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy) as an anti-Tolkian tradition that underpins the concepts of the warrior magazine. Instead of the eternal fight between good and evil, combined with the ideals of a supernatural universe, we have a cynical world full of scenes as everyday and naturalistic as they are unpleasant. This movement has transcended literature, in which most people have portrayed it as First Law (Joe Abercrombie), Ice and fire song (George RR Martin) – with its corresponding television adaptationÔÇö and the Geralt de Rivia saga (Andrzej Sapkowski). For video games, titles like The Witcher – based on the aforementioned Polish novels by the Polish writer – or Dragon Age have revolutionized the media with a new way of understanding fantasy with a hyper-realistic and bitter prism that depicts our society, without the magic and the presence of dragons.

In this way, the British studio brings us Brave At Night Yes your grace, his first feature in digital entertainment published for No More Robots Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In this telling episode of strategy and resource management we will put ourselves in the shoes of King Eryk of Davern, and find out that control has not always been an easy task, as we have to strike the balance between authority, the well-being of the kingdom, the keeping unions family and justice.

To be a good or just king?

Yes Your Grace draws strong inspiration in the Reigns saga, but with a comfort-based approach point & click and in a comment that rejects the loop from which Nerial’s card game was sin. Thus, Eryk’s day takes place in a certain palatial routine that is interrupted by unexpected events. Our journey will consist of going to the throne room to meet the requests of our subjects and other lords of neighboring lands, and consider whether we should fulfill their wishes. Some gold coins or supplies are usually the result of resolving others’ ills, or delegating the task to one of our agents (the general, the witch or the hunter). However, whether our commitment is goodness or despair, It will not be easy to measure our elections, and not just because we expose ourselves to the possibility of being attracted to some exploited vassal. If the people are not happy with us, they will pay less taxes and, if we are too generous, our kingdom will fail and this is the end of the game. Also, our agents may be needed for other missions, so we can’t send them to every need.

During the game we will have some long-term goals that will change along with the progress of the Eryk regime, as well as events where our decisions will be subject to a time limit. So, in the first step, we must prepare for a war against the barbarous kingdom of Radovia as we solve a crime that has taken place in our fort. In another step, we must prepare to withstand an invasion with its corresponding siege. On the other hand, the continuity of each of these steps is maintained with excellent coherence which adds further difficulty to our strategy: with every decision, we will vindicate loyalty both at home and in our allies who can demonstrate its consequences even sometimes later.

Sea Your Grace Brave At Night No More Robots medieval fantasy strategy management grimdark Microsoft Windows PC Nintendo Switch Xbox One pixel indie RPG art

In addition to serving requests, we have manage the royal coffins at the end of each turn (one week within the game). At the end, we will see a list of expenses and profits, as well as a series of additional investments that we need to consider that should be added to: castle reforms, agent contracts, troop supply, etc. Likewise, we should not neglect alliances against other lords of kingdoms, we must send invitations to our court and evaluate their needs, which may conflict with other potential coalition interests. A priori, it may be complicated, but our faithful adviser Audry, who acts as a guide in-gameit will always remind us of our present aims.

The happiness of our family will also be an important mission in the game: taking care of our wife and daughters is crucial, and many times we have to talk to them and resolve various personal issues that will have an impact also our duty as king. So, the queen will act as an adviser, and the princess’s autonomy will run counter to our concern as a monarch. In addition, we will have secondary missions about our family, such as receiving a gift or performing a fertility ritual, that will shape our relationship.

A story already told

On an artistic level, Yes Your Grace is committed to pixel aesthetic Nice and prolific in details, but it does not stand out over other titles indies. However, the soundtrack itself is more prominent with its songs country catchy that gives the charm of a heroic story. We also draw attention to the invented language of the characters, where the tone varies according to each individual’s intent and mood. Unfortunately, the texts are not localized in Spanish, so we can only enjoy the game if we speak any other available language, such as English or French.

Sea Your Grace Brave At Night No More Robots medieval fantasy strategy management grimdark Microsoft Windows PC Nintendo Switch Xbox One pixel indie RPG art

So Yes Your Grace is a management adventure that elegantly arose from the downfall facing other titles in the genre: the monotony of tasks and missions. On the other hand, one of its major flaws is that, if we fail to leave, we will be forced to load up and continue the day we started to make our mistake, without the possibility of familiar scenes already omitted. In general, it is easy to correct our regime, because each turn is saved in a different slot, making it impossible for us to stagnate in a game where the only save was made too late.

The story is another of Yes Your Grace’s upgradeable features. While the rhythm and development of events will keep the suspense at a good level, the plot content is limited on the line that separates the tribute from plagiarism. So we will see many very stereotypical, albeit effective, characters such as the rebel princess (Asalia) or the adorable and innocent girl princess (Cedani). And on the other hand, a redundant references An Ice and Fire Song and The Witcher anchored the title in an entertaining episode, but lacks a personality full of predictable tights. Thus, we find ourselves on a continent made up of seven kingdoms in search of a way to defeat someone who is all Ramsay Bolton tracking with fanatic fascination.

Sea Your Grace Brave At Night No More Robots medieval fantasy strategy management grimdark Microsoft Windows PC Nintendo Switch Xbox One pixel indie RPG art

But still we will enjoy the Yes Your Grace story despite its lack of originality. The uncertainty of doing the right thing will accompany us for about the 8 hours the game lasts, and leave us wanting to re-play our monarchy adventure to experience other decisions give us another end. And, contrary to the precepts of the grimdark, a happy ending can be found that leaves the door open for a new delivery we might expect.

This game was analyzed in its version for Windows PC.

Sea Your Grace Brave At Night No More Robots medieval fantasy strategy management grimdark Microsoft Windows PC Nintendo Switch Xbox One pixel indie RPG art


Yes Your Grace is a management adventure in which we must maintain the balance between our authority as monarchs, the well-being of our kingdom, justice and family union. Their game system adapts to the progress of the magazine and so runs away from the monotony that sinks other titles in the genre. All decisions have short-term and long-term consequences, and the doubt that we are doing the right thing will always be with us. However, while effective and entertaining, it has its quirks, predictability and references to other grimdark works, which derive from its originality.

THE BEST _____

  • A complex and variable management system.
  • The freshness provided by various events.
  • Complex decisions with well-measured consequences.


  • It is not localized in Spanish.
  • If we lose, we have to make some twists again without being able to skip events.
  • Excess of cliche and references derived from originality.

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