Wonder Boy: Asha In Monster World, Nintendo Switch Review


Wonder Boy comes to life with his fourth installment, Asha in Monster World. Remake 16-bit classic landslide on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

One of the sagas dearest from the late 80s and early 90s, it’s back on consoles with reimagining a classic cult; Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. Or what’s the same, the fourth chapter – the fifth franchise – of a brand that began its journey in arcade format.

And it is something to celebrate, since the Wonder boy iv original, exclusive to the territory of Japan, it was perhaps the most complete and well-designed adventure of the whole saga, and now we are fortunate to enjoy a completely renewed and all that has made it so great. maintained by him. Prepare the duffel because we are back to full entry great adventure both on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, the version we analyzed.

Asha Tour

We’ve already revealed that Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World kept everything previously seen in the original game released in 1991 for a 16-bit SEGA Mega Drive console. This means that the story is the same too, with Asha, an ambitious young hero, as the main character. After passing a small dungeon as a tutorial, Asha becomes a defender of her homeland, although events close to this event mean that she must be a hero of the entire Monster World, the world in which the saga suite.

Your journey begins in Rapadagna, the heart of Monster World. We have to see how the four elemental spirits were captured and it is she, at the request of Queen Purapril XIII, who must liberate them unless she wants a dark force under the control of the world. Asha will not be alone, however, because Monster World has some strange creatures called Pepelogoo, and one of them, of a different color from the rest – blue -, will travel by her side to help her on her episode.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

During four scenarios – six in total if we count the final prologue and surprise – with a linear development and characteristic of time And with her bosses at the end of the dungeon, Asha will visit environments as diverse as a frozen Egyptian desert, a palace in the sky or the interior of a volcano among other things. These environments have changed little other than the new and important graphical update that has undergone this redesign. Platforms, doors, chests or enemies are positioned as they were in the original title. There are no additions and subtractions in this regard, just visual updates.

In our particular battle Asha will be able to equip herself with swords, shields and bracelets which will improve your statistics, which can be found through the shoppers of the capital. The swords also have new features to the original title since they can be magically charged and then handle a more powerful blow to the enemies. Wings, on the other hand, provide magical protection to elements and sometimes some act as a magic shield that prevents elemental damage.

Monster World today

The IS vending machines potions, elixirs and roots are also back. They are strategically located in each dungeon and offer small reliefs to the player on a small number of coins. They are very useful in either of the two game modes – easy and normal – especially in the most difficult part. It is a very affordable adventure, however, and it should not be a problem for any player to finish it.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

Another difference to the original of Mega Drive to comment is that Asha will lose a characteristic movement she had in 1994; the run or “Dash”, As they say today. Thanks to today’s analogue controls, this movement was not necessary since according to the force we print on the “mushroomAsha will move more or less slowly.

Our Gorm peepelogoo will again be of paramount importance in our deed of heroes because this hairdresser is able to give us an extra jump, extinguish the fire, turn into an ice block or give us the ability to glue across the stage. And not only that, a certain moment of the episode will be of particular importance, so it is very easy catch him fast.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

Unfortunately and even without playing the original title, the era of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is short. We are talking about about four hours to finish the game almost perfectly and six at most if we want to get all the collections. Fortunately and unlike the video game enjoyed by the Japanese in the 90s, when a dungeon is finished we can return to it to collect everything we have left as well as save the game at any time.

As an addition, the physical versions of the video game provide a copy of the original despite not having found it in our offices, we were able to enjoy it and use it to compare how the video game has evolved 27 years after its launch for the 16-bit SEGA.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

The first thing that stands out is that the video game, which was originally in two dimensions, uses the technique cell shading with usability 2.5 D. to display both scenarios, the building or the characters that appear on the screen. And it’s very beautiful too.

Following the criticism received by the first trailer of the video game, the developers were involved in offering her a vision that was a little more stylized, more colorful and with a unique charm. It’s not such a visually beautiful remake Wonder Boy: Trap of the Dragon But it is strong enough to enjoy itself.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

For the first trailer they posted, Wonder Boy: Asha has changed dramatically in Monster World. Now the color palette is brighter, with more shade and the shaded scenes are better. The character and Asha designs remain, only the animations are much better now than in the first sketch shown.

There are more details, new visual elements in the cases, for example, and in the case of the capital, it is not divided into different sections – the rooms or buildings are assumed – as in the Mega Drive. The size of the map is, of course, the same. Between the course and the event of the story, small animated scenes are intertwined with the game engine, which is very funny, although in most of them they have poor performance.

It should also be noted that The Dragon’s Trap was a remake and even the title set in the saga Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, they do more work than Asha ‘s in Monster World, but for that reason it has not made us “hard to see”.

In terms of sound it has also improved and, again, it is not on the same level as the previous ones mentioned. The whole soundtrack has been reinterpreted by Shinichi sakamoto and retain the essence of the original but with new arrangements and instruments. There is also room for nostalgia in the sounds that come from special effects or menus. The explanations are beautiful, high quality and easy to identify. It is not a department about which we can complain too much. It also gives the actor a Japanese -in voice Ai fairouz, which lends its interpretation to the main character of the game.


Wonder Boy: Asha returns to Monster World on current consoles with an improved three-dimensional version and minor changes to its gameplay. However, it respects the original as much as possible and the additional changes add quality to a memorable title. It doesn’t reach The Dragon’s Trap remake level or the level of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, but it retains the type very well and is still recommended.

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