When The Past Was Around, Review: A Beautiful Journey Through Memories


We analyze When The Past Was Around, a short and quiet storytelling experience full of puzzles and a story of loss, pain and transgression.

It seems that Indonesian developers Mojiken Y. Toge Productions they wanted to focus on the short stories and the silence, allowing the player to recreate their own experience and open the emotions wide. After A Raven Monologue and Coffe Talk, they wanted to present When The Past Was Around, a beautiful point and click puzzle game about love, loss, pain, sadness and all the transgression behind it. On September 22 it could already be enjoyed for PC and in mid-December it reached the rest of the platforms, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game offers quiet storytelling, introducing music as the main feature of the magazine and creating great depth in every scene they present. Despite being a captivating and melancholy story, it is a relatively short ride that we can only enjoy for an hour and a half.

A couple in love with Eda and Owl that fate wanted to unite them, though not forever. She was lost in life, she wanted to achieve her dreams, to achieve true love and she did it, she met Owl, an anthropomorphic owl with which he acknowledges his passion, finds the flame of the relationship and learns that he has a broken heart. Love stories are like any other story, and in When The Past Was Around they wanted to present the reality of breastfeeding with this young woman and her lover, and that, despite the pain, the time the real remedy to accept. and overcoming pain. The game tries to overcome the past and find the self without remembering what makes us suffer. It will be set in a dream world with a particular desire to it will be a way of expressing, feeling and communicating the telling of this story.

It’s just an acceptance of the pain

At first we see Eda walking slowly towards an obscure dark man locked in a cage. When we interact with it we can release it, causing it to rise, a door appears and disappears behind, but not before inspiring us and inviting us to join us on a journey full of feelings and emotions that surround the past and the present. It may seem strange, but with the development of the story we will end our understanding of what is involved and explain this metaphor. The later scenes will be a journey through all your memories together, highlighting the small everyday pleasures of your life, your passion and your love. However, each of them will have a relationship and connection that we will not confuse telling the story at any time.

The whole story is driven primarily by solving puzzles and understanding all the puzzles presented to us, although they are unlikely to be challenged. Composed of several levels, its gameplay will not go beyond a static image where we can move laterally and interact with the environment. It’s still a classic point-and-click adventure, where the mouse pointer will be the one to express those things that allow us to interact. However, if at some point we cannot find out what object action can be taken, on the upper right hand side we will have a drawing of a light bulb, when pressed it will pay attention to the access points of all important elements in the scene. we do located. In addition, if the object we are using is far away, the game itself will zoom in so that we have more knowledge, we can put them together without much difficulty.

When The Past Was Around, Review: a beautiful journey through memories

Between room and room you will need to discover and discover different cluesEven more than one occasion we will have to write them down on paper as we will use them a little later. We will open a safe chest, we can prepare a perfect afternoon tea, we will even do the laundry. There will be various puzzles to solve and some mysteries to discover in everyday objects and activities in the lives of Eda and Owl. All the things we collect and add to our small inventory will be used and we will never accumulate or use unnecessary items, that is, between level and level the game starts from the beginning. It will be possible to move back and forth between different scenes, but we will never control the main character, so that emotional impact of trying to lead the game leads us to get a little lost along the way.

On this occasion and more remarkable is the wonderful sound and soundtrack that When The Past Was Around presents to us, it establishes a beautiful atmosphere with a violin song where he will be with us on this short tour where there will be no dialogue. You will finish this melody and be able to be a companion to every musical note with which he plays in the bars of this beautiful story and for which you will have to solve a puzzle on more than one occasion. Undoubtedly, the melody will be a common thread throughout the story and will have something very deep and meaningful. On the other hand, the visual style of the backgrounds and main characters is very beautiful and may remind us of a hand-drawn cartoon. The animation of the characters and the short scenes are simple and with a perfect color palette, making everything whole of the felt as if it were a story.

A few measurements to release the past

When The Past Was Around, Review: a beautiful journey through memories
When The Past Was Around, Review: a beautiful journey through memories
When The Past Was Around, Review: a beautiful journey through memories

Soundtrack as a common thread


With a bittersweet story, When The Past Was Around is a very short storytelling experience in which it brings us love, pain and loss so quickly that it becomes difficult to assimilate it. The story is quiet, but it is true that it does not need words to express all the stored emotions and the clear use of the common thread is the obvious example, to be quite elegant and memorable. Along the way we will find some puzzles and they are not challenging at all, on the contrary, they are intuitive and easy to complete. The visual style is another of his charms and as a whole it creates an exciting experience.

THE BEST _____

  • A fascinating story.
  • Very beautiful violin soundtrack.
  • Attractive visual style, it looks like a story.


  • Challenging little puzzles.
  • Not being able to control the main character.
  • Very short length.

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