Wasteland Remastered, Computer Review


We take on the game from which Fallout was born, in a remodeled version that doesn’t cover its old-school air

Over time, computer role-playing games have become an interactive version of classic board games. The player was scrolling across a map with many dungeons and hostile creatures. They also had certain places where NPCs lived to interact with them using commands. The graphical interface of these titles was divided into several spaces to provide the character sheet, the gameplay itself, and a text box to tell locations and contacts.

This model was firmly followed in the 70s and 80s with games like Waste land (1988), a post-apocalyptic episode developed by Interplay and published by EA, immersed us in a world punished by the radiation inspired by nuclear war. The title included in its mechanics classic patterns of the board role of that period, and even at certain times the player was asked to read an item from a book that came inside the game box.

Wasteland Remastered, computer Review

‘Patrol’ the desert

The Rangers represent the last remnant of U.S. justice. In the south of the country they work offering protection to civilians and threatening to neutralize threats. Its headquarters are located in an old prison, where the player begins his journey by creating wardens, or by selecting four predefined characters with balanced traits and abilities. Highly recommended for beginners.

When outside, the group leader takes the form of a human sign and is located on a desert map where various places are seen. This large program is navigated using the keyboard and simulates the movement of the tile by the player. If we keep talking based on the role of the board, the text box on the screen would indicate the GM prompts. Wherever we cross, new data will be generated from the terrain and the inhabitants of the desert.

Wasteland Remastered, computer Review

Within the locations, we will find settlements of all kinds where a good number of specific missions will be carried out, many of them with decisions that will have consequences in an ongoing world. These items are not surprising today and are widely used by studios, but when Domain was released they were certainly innovative. Returning to the question of locations, inside and outside of these points of interest we find random contacts with bandits and wild beasts who can change our desires. Life in the desert is cruel and ruthless, warden.

Wasteland Remastered has not been changed beyond the refreshed audio-visual part, which also introduces narrative sequences. The mechanics are a classic, and this can confuse the player who had no contact with the original. It takes deep learning and effort here to solve the simplest actions today with the click of a button. For example, there are NPCs that do not encourage dialogue when confronted, but if we use the “touch” action (usually used to engage in manual combat) we can start a small dialogue. These results are not always obtained, however, and sometimes they will lead us into unwanted confrontation.

Face to face against classic mechanics

Another example of ‘old school’ mechanics is seen when the user is asked to type keywords, or to use attributes on an individual. The complexity continues with us in delivering things, where we have to choose it first terrible menus (you will be fed up of using menus for everything) and then press with the direction key where to deposit it. Although not always easy, and on one occasion we had to put it on the surface so that the NPC could respond and execute an order accordingly. Using the action and how to do it on a mission is part of the complex puzzle in the title, and this can turn more than one student upside down. Tip: when in doubt, consult the game aid.

Wasteland Remastered, computer Review

The Remasterd combat system is based on turn. We choose to attack and pray to the landless gods for some effect. Initial contacts can be frustrating, as we feel attacks in a row and, to make matters worse, our weapons get stuck, resulting in spell and bullet-bearing spells. Exactly the same if we have to recharge. Health points are recovered over time, but we can speed up regeneration located with the “camping” option. Without limits, unless an enemy comes to disturb our rest.

Features of the game high doses of random contactsEven when we are inside establishments, we will harass thugs who want to fight. And in the end it takes no one’s patience. Our alternatives? Fight or run away. If we decide to fight, it is a waste of ammunition, as these subjects rarely drop things. On the contrary, if we are to flee, we will have to horribly lead the group out of the bully’s radius of vision, and the truth is that shooting while moving away is a hard and ineffective task … Hint : always save the game. It is not pleasant to lose companions in ambush

Wasteland Remastered, computer Review

Domain Remodeling Code provided by GOG.

System of transition and hope


Wasteland Remastered rebroadcasts the 1988 classic with a new graphic and audio section in keeping with our times. By exploring the wasteland and its background we immerse ourselves in the universe that Interplay created so wisely and ended with Fallout later. The mechanics of the original are unchanged, and it is at this point that the player’s tolerance level is measured when he has to face missions with a feeling of being very helpful. Turn-based combat creates difficulties during the first hours of the game because it has an inexperienced group, but once tanned we only have to worry about factors like ammunition or reloading our weapons in combat. However, random contacts are constantly occurring in places where we want to have time to explore without difficulty.
Wasteland Remastered is not an intuitive or easy-to-digest game today, but there is something nice in that chaos. It is perhaps the romance that evoked the ancient period of the genre, where the origins of the role of computer were built that survive today in many titles. While it may also be due to the feeling of satisfaction after solving some of the most likely missions the game presents. Be that as it may, Wasteland Remasterd is pure RPG archeology, a title that inspired an entire generation and returns at its best, just as its third installment is about to come out of the oven from Inxile.

THE BEST _____

  • Strong background
  • Immersion sites and missions
  • Numerous decisions within an ongoing world
  • Pure video game history


  • The original complex mechanics can cause disorientation in the player
  • Random contacts in places delay exploration
  • Minor bugs



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, though it lacks elements that can be built to higher levels.

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