Waste Land 3, Review. InXile Takes The Leap In Quality I Was Looking For


Discover the frozen wasteland in Wasteland 3. Inxile’s latest work breaks from its roots to attract all types of players to turn-based role-playing

The isometric role denies event. All you have to do is look at suggestions like Wasteland 2, which brought together the myriad RPGs that awaited yesterday ‘s gameplay. A long pilgrimage into the ruthless post-nuclear world where justice is served by decision-making and turn-based combat. His good work made the CRPG we’ve been waiting for for years.

Fans of the land not to mention the incident started to become small investors in 2016. The revenue of more than three million on the Fiq platform ensured many of the intended objectives for Landland 3. After the launch, Brian Fargo plans to hang his dust boots. and so close his long step in video games. But something unexpected hindered his retirement plans: Microsoft acquired Inxile. The giant had no intention of going into the design, it only provided extra money along with a simple request: “do what you do best.”

Waste land 3, Review. inXile takes the leap in quality I was looking for

Strangers in Colorado

Wasteland Remastered highlighted the wait by recalling the background of the waste. Anyway, you don’t have to have experience with previous deliveries. Wasteland 3 is designed to appeal to all types of players. And now we’ll see why.

Colorado, unexplored and hostile land. A tour of 50 wardens then heads to discuss a character who is respected in the area, the Patriarch. However, the frozen waste ground prepares them an unpleasant welcome: a lunar group lies with them, significantly reducing their troops. With no time for burials or sobs, the Rangers have to do a few favors for the leader immediately if they are to get resources and support in Arizona. The problem is, those favors are meant to earn his three rebellious sons, who are part of dangerous factions in Colorado.

Waste land 3, Review. inXile takes the leap in quality I was looking for

From the “Deluge of Fire”- as the people of Colorado call the bombing – the 100 families had rebuilt the state on a fragile thread. So they achieved peace in the midst of chaos. After a few years of relative calm, the first disagreements about the concentration of power in the figure of the Patriarch began to emerge. As a result, tensions broke out in the region. The Dorseys put themselves out of the coalition and started violence. In fact, we have to face them in the first few hours of play.

The introductory part of Landland 3 corresponds to the tutorial. We are in the middle of confusion after the trap of violence. But before we start the chase through the flames, the game sends us to create our character sheet. We need to select or manufacture a pair of wardens with their respective characteristics and abilities, as well as appearance. This installment is presented higher level of customization look and some novels related to weapon and armor upgrade skills. Creating and changing wardens is always fun, but voice actors do not always support them in dialogue. Comrades, on the other hand, are those who enjoy full interpretation. They have a very strong personality and react spontaneously to events.

The most sadistic waste land

Upon reaching the Rangers base, the first volunteer is offered to join the group. The soldier has a good hand with rifles and persuasive skills (“licking ass” in this section). Of course, we gladly accept it and head to Colorado Springs, where the first big mission awaits us. Upon his arrival, our new ally makes the first funny comment on a handful of Dorsey hanging in the square. After a while, in the Marshall building, he surprises us again by having a brief conversation with the leader. This comes naturally; they meet and greet each other as they normally would. Later we look at a similar scene with a young woman who comes to us to discover a personal matter that worries her. His investigation ends at the end of the first major mission, at which point he threatens to become acquainted with his abuse. He defends himself by saying that he thought, at one point, that she was the best. And well, which side are you on? Here’s his first important decision in front of the player: shoot him, let the teenager get his revenge, let him escape or bring him to justice. She pressures her to fulfill her wishes, and it may be a good idea to accept her if we want to continue to enjoy her services as allies. The decision is up to the player.

Waste land 3, Review. inXile takes the leap in quality I was looking for

Some decisions like this have immediate results in the plot; there are others that are deeper in the long run and as a result we will not return. After all, Landland 3 is a RPG StoryMany unfriendly situations can be dealt with through the word – and with a suitable skill level. Every decision will have consequences on all sides. For example, I once decided not to eradicate some thugs despite a warning to a citizen in distress and used the skill of “lick” to persuade them to leave. Then they warned their hens and swore some prisoners. Remember, Colorado is a cruel place and forgiveness is sometimes expensive.

One way to see how our journey is going is to look at reputation. The known factions are told and what they owe us. These levels will affect your dealings with wardens. It is also possible to be lukewarm and achieve neutrality. The purpose of Wasteland 3 with its story is that the player could adapt the game of their choice. Not to judge the morality of our actions. In the end, all our actions will lead to one of multiple outcomes.

Waste land 3, Review. inXile takes the leap in quality I was looking for

The wasteland of Wasteland 3 climbs a few turns gloomily. The numerous gangs leave a trail of corpses behind. And not even the big cities get rid of it the ferocity of survival and control. We have left behind the stories of refugees who have left their homes because of the violence of the groups that work in the state. However, we are also seeing the other side of the coin: citizens whose state of the world has helped them scrap their positions and live a comfortable life in disarray.

In cities, the word justice has emerged tit for tat. There is no second chance for those who make mistakes. These wonderful sites are a meeting point with the weirdest varieties. We don’t forget the gossipy neighbor the Marshalls called any prostitution (and then we were pissed off). They all show something unique and unique in their personality and, thanks to the great work of the cast and vocal actress team, feel alive and believable.

Waste land 3, Review. inXile takes the leap in quality I was looking for

Moderate visual changes will benefit the player immersion education in the world. The busy interface with intact steampunk motifs says with the aim of taking more elegant lines that will allow you to see a greater percentage of the area. The dialogs also throw out the worn elements and now flow as subtitles for a narrative title. The first-person attitude reinforces this approach to the plot through the use of more complex animation.

Turn-based dynamic combat

Between viscera and subzero temperatures, the complex humor De Inxile emerges at the most unexpected moments. The dialogues of NPCs that are activated when we go around it are a sea of ​​entertainment. My wardens almost broke their teeth more than a high-born gentleman because of their “views” on our costumes of road warriors. hope! that we can also take on the role of comrades and expand the interviews that select the funniest phrases. In fact, the headshot (blessed autosave) was well worth it. The humor spreads into our garbage heap, so keep an eye out for the laughs and the nostalgia.

When we talk about accessibility in Wasteland 3 we are not just referring to the interface or combat, but to the design basis of the installment. First, the inventory is divided and without weight limits. Then loot the fallen enemies where all looted, looted one. However, where separation from its roots it is in group skills. If you remember, in Landland 2 we found closed boxes with traps. To open them safely, we had to execute various steps with the wardens assigned to those tasks. That is over, if you have selected the group, and click on the object, the ideal ranger will approach it and complete it automatically. Clean and fast, just the way we like it.

Evil has a human and mutant form. When we engage in combat, a grid is activated by default that provides information on limits and actions of movement, designed to avoid wasting valuable action points (APs). One of the novels around this is organizing shifts is no longer a feature for our stewards. As long as the members have PA we can manage their actions as we wish. Another important point is to implement three options to take advantage of the remaining AP: save them for the next turn, prepare an ambush or defend yourself.

During the encounter, the enemies take shelter in cover. The player must do the same if they do not want to feel the feel of the Game Over. The way to act from this is to defend a position, or go on the offensive and let the opponent out. It is important not to lose sight of the terrain, as there are usually beneficial things like fuel tanks and equipment that damage your status. And what happens if we die? Well, we don’t have much time to raise the character. In order to make our way in the toughest fights, Rangers have special abilities that require some loading time. When activated, they deliver catastrophic blows. One of my men specializing in hand-to-hand combat would jump hand in hand and turn his hammer into the teddy bear’s head, sending a shock wave that hit the people around. Authentic wreaths can be created by combining weapons, abilities, and stage items. One last thing, if we come across animals, they will attack independently. Each with its inherent talents. You see, it won’t be about ways to resolve contact.

The trips to the various locations on the map are made by off-road vehicle. As we travel through the icy trails we unlock settlements, new cities and small loot areas. While the usual random contacts will interfere with our exploration. The positive part is that our armored vehicle serves as an additional unit in combat. Missiles are perfectly fired, but even better to run over. But watch out, the others will not be short on your metal monsters.


Wasteland is steeped in Inxile’s love for giving all viewers the most classic role. Much more intuitive and polished in its mechanics, getting rid of lengthy procedures that made the player dizzy. Freedom of story continues to work very well under the premise that every decision will have consequences during the adventure. And, of course, we see on our own feet that even the most trivial option leads to surprising results. The Rangers face a new chapter of survival with a much more dynamic fight thanks to the various implementations in the shifts. We have plenty of tools so that no fight is the same. Our vacation in Colorado ends with the suggestion to visit their lands and thus enjoy the best narrative role in turn.

THE BEST _____

  • Mechanics updated to the new times
  • Addictive plot with multiple decisions
  • Reversibility


  • Minor bugs
  • Wardens lack dubbing work

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