Two Point Hospital, Port Review On Xbox One, PS4 And Nintendo Switch


Following its passage on PC, Two Point Hospital on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch begins with a port that lives up to expectations, including most of the dlc.

The horned hospitals on the current platform open their console headquarters. After a minor illness that forced him to postpone his launch to 2020, Two Point Hospital launches on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox One Nintendo Switch with port up to task.

Management and administration outside of the computer have never been a thriving genre. Despite the continued efforts of brands like Tropico or Landing Cities: Skyline, the transition of the genre is not usually a common thing. In the current situation, it’s about two years since SEGA and Two Point Studio landed on Steam, the ideal timeframe for getting a product polished to the ends.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

Stir up the humor? Never!

It might seem from the version that the funny mix in a seemingly serious game can collide. Definitely. For those unfamiliar with this type of formula, Two Point Hospital is the spiritual successor to the mythical Hospita ThemeSix, one of the pioneers of the now defunct productions of Bullfrog Productions.

A milestone in the genre was the work of Peter & Co. in the late 1990s. In the golden years of management, Theme Hospital (and its thematic counterpart, Theme Park) became very popular for its wonderful use of shepherd humor as a remedy for all ailments. That clever, incisive, almost therapeutic humor, catapulted into a game that is still remembered today.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

Several years later, the gathered witness drops toward a conservative, less punctual side, though it has the same effect on the audience. All illnesses are usually a reflection of the recurring themes of today’s society. There is no better remedy to remove the clown than to enter a perfect roundabout of emotions worthy of the Sun Circus. If the typical lighting head is the opposite, you can change your head bulb for a modern human face.

Much of the success of the comedy is the excellent work done by the SEGA localization team in our country. An example of this is the “Guiripe”, a disease which, in the words of the game itself, “It is believed to be a reason to spend the summer in Magaluf”. Or the so-called “Bad Star”, patients who “gag” for believing themselves as rock stars, in homage to one of the themes that defined the Queen’s musical career.

Hospital life

There is little difference between the early bars of the game and when you have the full spectrum of mechanics under your belt. During the initial hours, we found a Two Point Hospital showing a primitive version of the management and administration of these elements. Build, hire and improve a stable chain that is gradually not getting new elements.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

From the general management we learn, we move on to a completely different experience. We see that Two Point Hospital is a micro-management-focused project, in which all aspects of the environment suit our visitors. Not only is it worth diagnosing and curing, but between them is a chain of essential elements.

Elements like boredom, temperature, decoration, hygiene … Designing a logical room structure is no longer validInstead, we need to think about the way visitors think. If a hospital has a large bathroom at reception, even if it works at the beginning, as soon as we buy enough new adjoining we will have to increase its number.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

Rather than maintaining an upward balance financially, our hospitals will have a reputation. The higher the level (measured by the facilities and the quality of the staff), the more customers will come, so the demand will increase, as it may otherwise. Unlike traditional “Sim City”, here the main event will lead us to build the best hospital corporation on this side of Two Point Country. Each center will aim for the three stars of value, acquired after meeting a series of requirements over the years. Once it’s achieved, we can continue to play there for as long as we want, while unlocking things and other things may continue to build across the map.

Management at these levels is fully operational, even addictive. Time goes by when you are forced to reorganize all the rooms because of the poor design of the corridors. But, there are certain functions that are not as well explained as they should be. There comes a time when we are warned that there are patients who have not been diagnosed. What could be like a lack of consultation or separate rooms, during the game we find hidden options in places insurmountable to him, like the hospital. While the difficulty curve is pleasing, the game doesn’t cooperate much in terms of introducing new mechanics into the game. late game. And when it does, it’s late and bad.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

We were a little weaker in our original Review: “The genre experience and passion released by Two Point Studios is a reflection of how entertaining and wonderful we look on screen. A refreshing game that moves away from the usual canon of the industry and gives us memories of sharing and news to others. A concept that improves, albeit a bit repetitive, with its technical finish and accessibility ”. After all, repetition is intrinsic to its nature. Their problems focus on those discussed above, in addition to defects in artificial intelligence, such as people who don’t use things from the stage, patients who don’t come to the entertainment venues properly, endless queues at places that work fast …

Port on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Come Two Point Hospital for the current board consoles, it opens the door for all users to access their formula. Apparently, designing a control designed for commanding a mouse and keyboard was not a difficult task. Due to its low play speed and build mode design it is easy rath of the move.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

The version that enabled us to access the PlayStation 4 version responds. Controls are easy, intuitive, the axis of movement works as a charm. We have a cursor in the center of the screen that we can move near the camera. To access the menus we only touch the square button, where the selection goes directly to the tabs controlled by the crossbar.

The IS shortcuts they make life through the menus much more bearable. As we build, we select the object and change its location between two locations: by squares or half of one. As it happens on a computer just built to the stick. With R1 and L1 we can change its position; If we want to stay free on all four axes, the “magnet mode” is unlocked by pushing the touch panel, allowing them to rotate freely.

Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Hospital Two Point Review

Creating rooms is very simple: we draw the number of grids while pressing the X button. If there are gaps to fill, the course can add individual locations without getting into the draw. Everything is measured to a great extent so you can build with quick access.

The version for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch include two of the three additional additional content that came some time later: Great cost and Pebberley Island. In total, we talked about 68 new diseases, 19 of which were visual, new challenges, areas and themed objects. A unique package that leaves only Close Encounters behind, launched last August.

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