Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review


Evolution of Miscellaneous Wireless Console Headphones

Beach turtle It is characterized by having full linearity for both consoles and computers Aero Elite Atlas and this time he tries to surprise enthusiasts with the Stealth 600 Gen 2 for console. On this occasion we had the opportunity to judge those who match them Playstation 4 and we were pleasantly surprised.

Because of the pandemic we are more careful with the choice of our gadgets, especially since many of these devices now, we use them for work and for our entertainment activities. Undoubtedly the designers of this second generation have taken it into account because of the versatility of these headphones.

Unlike the first generation of Stealth 600, These helmets have been considered by the users who wear glasses, this is felt while wearing them, since they do not tighten where they go, which makes them more comfortable and in fact the shape of the helmets. pad closer to the shape of the ear. The materials on the other hand allow you to stay fresh for long hours, so you can use them to play games, listen to music, have video conferences or watch content. Compared to other models, these do not have a 3.5 millimeter cable input, they are 100% wireless through a USB Transmitter which is also smaller than the one in the previous version. The bars that support the headphone band have been reinforced, since the previous ones were thinner and tubular, now they are wider and compatible with the overall design.

Another change is that the power button is now on the edge, along with the one for audio modes and the mic and audio volume tarts. The charge is now charged via cable USB Type C. and this reaches its fullness in an average of 2 hours.

Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review

The material is quite opaque but offset by the exterior design of the helmets, the details of the folding on the sides of the headphones give it a very certain touch.

The headphones generally have good sound balance and can be customized in 5 modes, the first one is the one already known Super human which emphasizes sounds like paths, reloading a weapon or when someone is approaching. This is very practical for competitive games and is activated by quickly pressing the power button. The other 4 modes are activated with the stand-alone button that stands out from the power button and identifies each with different beeps:

The sound power is thanks to its 50 mm headphones that illuminate all the content well, we occasionally evaluate music, movies, video games and even attended a few conferences with them and we had no distortions .

Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review

Its microphone has 3 positions, when it is down it is activated and the other two that have already been raised are deactivated, it has also been enhanced to reduce ambient noise, and minimize those sounds during our games. What surprises us the most is that we could level the size of the microphone with the headphones themselves, since this calibration will be heard when it is active in the headphones themselves.

The PlayStation 4 recognizes the Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2 without a problem by plugging the transmitter into the console’s USB port and actually automatically deactivating the sound of the TV or surround sound system just by turning it on, this avoids you are removing and replacing this device.

Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review

One of the things that surprised us the most was that they are compatible with the Nintendo switch by plugging the transmitter into the USB port on dock mode and computers with Windows. They may be updated with Pc via the app Turtle Beach Audio Hub and in an interview with Mac marshall, brand and communications director, as well as Erin steele, product manager and designer, we were sure these will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and its new format of 3D sound.

The average duration is estimated at 15 hours, but may vary depending on usage and volume used.

Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review

Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2 for PS4 will be available from August 16th and your version of Xbox One the September 20th In North America, both versions come in black and white for $ 99.95.

Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review
Turtle Beach Sealth 600 Gen 2, Review

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