Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas, Review


Competitive gaming headphones to enjoy multimedia content

In these defensive days at the COVID-19 Many of us try to complement our listening experience at home, whether watching a movie, playing video games casually, or competing with others online. I would say that due to the customized level of the Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas. Then we leave you our impressions.

These hearing aids feature a plastic chassis with a flexible metal band with 50mm headphones protected with comfortable pads that allow them to be used for long days of play. They work wired with PS4, Xbox One, Edit and 3.5 mm cable telephones included. To use them 100% you have to use them wirelessly with a PC via their USB transmitter, though they are Mac compatible too. It’s important to note that the removable microphone comes with a pad that minimizes hissing while speaking, which is undoubtedly something streamers will be appreciated.

Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas, Review

And for storing the USB transmitter, a compartment under the pad inside the earphone is right.

When using them with 3.5 mm the sound is moderate without having dominant sounds in calls and listening to multimedia content. It is important to note that when using a smartphone or console, volume controls are completely disabled, so they must be controlled directly with the device. The bass balance is discreet, but is actually presented in a balanced way, while listening to tracks of high resolution sound, we have been able to detect many of the sounds although not for these types of formats, classical music may feel a little bit like a box, but in general all types of music are heard from it wonderful.

Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas, Review

At wireless mode we have another story and this is where the sound takes another level because of these headphones PC support software Control Studio that you can modify to taste. Whether you configure them for games, music, or multimedia content, Turtle Beach’s Atlas Aero Elite benefits greatly from this program, despite its relevance to this section NX waves, it offers a sound immersive experience that is comparable to other high-end headphones. Classical music, for example, changes significantly if we use it in this way. As for the gaming aspects, it caught our attention Superhuman hearing, which you can customize to prioritize steps, shots, etc. In other words, with just one button, you can have a competitive advantage over your opponent. Another thing we liked was the customization at equalization level which you can calculate in macros with the keyboard.

The microphone provides an inscrutable quality that can be used for streaming or recording sound in general, for communicating in-game, speaking at a conference or hands-free on a smartphone.

He Turtle Beach Control Studio lets you make the sound you want, input has four default modes:

Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas, Review

Conversely, the microphone has presets for game / chat, Game Boost Boost, Game Dialogue Level, Treble Game Boost, Microphone Volume, Noise Gate, Superhuman Listening Volume and Variable Mic Monitor.

For him, the Superhuman Listening button can be pre-selected with 3D sound, Console Boost, Game Bass Boost, Game Dialog Level, Game Spatializer, Treble Game Boost, Master Mute, Noise Gate, Super Human Listening and Variable Mic Monitor.

Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas, Review

Function 3D sound you can modify it with values ​​centered on:

In the second, music is seen as almost high resolution tracks, in fact, we evaluate it Idagio with files FLAC and we got incredible results.

Turtle Beach Aero Elite Atlas, Review

Eventually you can modify the values ​​of the equalizer to 10 bands and program your macros best position.

Depending on the type of use and volume when used wirelessly, these headphones can last up to 30 hours on a single charge.


Looking at the price point and its competitors in the same category, we can assure you that Turtle Beach’s Atlas Aero Elite is one of the best choices, in terms of build quality, sound and above all for the software which allows unique customization.

THE BEST _____

  • Computer software
  • Sound great
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • A compartment for storing the USB transmitter
  • Microphone quality


  • Software is not compatible with Mac
  • They are not Hi Res

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