Turrican Flashback, Review. Shooting Or Dying


We comment on this compilation which includes four of the most representative games in the Turkish Universe

Talk about Turrican I’m not talking about a retro game anymore, is not a journey back in time but to reconnect with our youth or expand our boundaries as players eager to learn the classics. Talking about Turrican is about speaking of technical and creative excellence, about games that sat on the technological throne of important machines in the history of video games, on the living legends of the environment that are in the power of their powers.

The history of the series, a real giant of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, is very interesting and to this end we invite you to read the full review of it by Joaquín Relaño in one of his Returns to the Past, although we will not use ourselves to speak in it. this Review of some essential points of the saga to put this compilation into its proper context. The first thing to establish is that we are not talking about a full annuity, which removes something valuable from the whole. Specifically, Turrican Flashback offers us four titles: T.urrican I and II (in their Amiga versions), Mega Turrican from Megadrive and Super Turrican from Super Nintendo.

Turrican Flashback, Review. Shooting or dying

Welcome to Turrican

The selection, while representative and with great titles, is far from complete and it is far from what a compilation should require to convey saga wishes to new generations that preserve their memory. But there are singular circumstances that make the situation a bit confusing. On the one hand this “Flashback” which offers the four titles mentioned for € 29.95 on Switch and PS4, on the other hand and separately we will also have Turrican Anthology this year, in a compilation published by Strictly Limited which is physically split into two editions (at € 35 each) and includes more choice: the three Amiga Turrican, the two SNES Super Turrican, Mega Drive Mega Turrican and the two “Director’s Cut” with Super Turrican and Mega Turrican with content restorations lost in the original releases. More complete, but at a higher price.

It’s true that the saga is 30 years old and there’s a chance to celebrate it and it has to be done, well he deserves more than he deserves, but the circumstances seem a bit confusing. We would have no intention of trying to see a more harmonized effort, although there are certainly considerations to be taken into account in light of the saga ‘s controversial trajectory. None of the compilation efforts include the two Turrican emblems on Commodore 64, flagship games that took advantage of the 8-bit PC to unquestionable limits thanks to the magic of Manfred Trenz, the work’s original creator and true legend of 8-bit programming. In a truly documentary endeavor, the original version of Turrican on C64 and its sequel to that machine should be necessary to be rooted and given its place as one of the best games in system history. Also prominent is Super Turrican from the NES, a game that is different from other versions that combines elements of C64 titles to create a great adventure in the 8-bit Nintendo game (also created entirely on its own, including graphics and sound, a feat cementing Trenz virtuosity ).

Turrican Flashback, Review. Shooting or dying

After commenting on these features, we focus 100% on the content of this Flashback, and all four titles are mentioned. Of the two Turrican de Amiga there is little to say; The first one builds on the origins of the original C64, that worthwhile fusion of Metroid and Contra, brings with it all the colorful graphics possible on a 16-bit PC and takes advantage of the added ability to add a full soundtrack to Chris’ experience. Majestic huesback (the C64 version only has sound effects in much of the game due to the machine being pressed to the bottom). It is definitely a great game, with massive multidimensional mapping, action in abundance, many secrets and a special setting, an excellent title that also serves as an introduction to the masterpiece that is in Turkish 2.

Undoubtedly the version we get here of the second part, the Amiga version, is the best, a real gem of the legendary computer. Rainbow Arts, which would change to a Factor 5 that is always remembered, worked on Trenz’s pillar to put all his resources and talent into creating a game that raised the previously set bar. More levels full of secrets, more variety of enemies and scenarios that made exploration more satisfying, excellent visual work, impressive end bosses and even mutations as Shoot ’em Up space steps executed perfectly. And to top it off, one of the best soundtracks in video game history, the soundtrack that earned Chris Huelsback’s immortality, which makes Paula (Amiga sound chip) look like an unsuccessful twin, with various records and overall quality that was not maintained at the highest level from start to finish. I said, a jewel master that you have to play and stay young before any 2D action-adventure game in our days.

Incomplete choice

Of course, neither of the two Amiga titles is easy or precisely accessible. They are not the hardest of the time at all and Turrican 2 is easier than the first one, but the level of difficulty was not 35 years ago as it is now. In addition, Turrican has some characteristics of its own in these versions, such as no contact or missiles generate any reaction or impact, nor does it create windows of temporary inviolability to give us a break. If we allow ourselves to be in a state of damage for a few seconds, the crop of our lives will fall sharply and it is not that there is no lack of waves of enemies or unfavorable terrain situations to make things difficult for us. For those who want to move faster, Flashback includes the ability to save at any point and the option to “rewind” the action and reversing fatal mistakes on our own. They are very useful tools for those who do not want to go through the spartan routine to master the levels and situations we encounter. Those seeking a challenge will have the “Trophy” modes, in which we can try to unlock the tests put together by the team (yes, without tricks).

Turrican Flashback, Review. Shooting or dying

These options include Mega Turrican and Super Turrican, two versions that reached 16-bit Sega and Nintendo consoles respectively and show a clear change compared to those computers with a more linear and arcade approach, although they retain identification marks. different of the saga and creating in the process two other great titles with some of the best graphics and music on their respective platforms. Due to the greater linearity and certain considerations that the console user takes into account these games are a bit more affordable, but they are still tough nuts to split authentic Run’n Gun classics, with a more significant Contra impact than Metroid on with the versions of. Amiga.

All four adaptations were made with care and taste, with a very clear interface and a redesigned control system that works very well. Graphically they stay fresh thanks to work that has an ongoing impact today for a whole generation of indie developers. First of all, the roots are noted as the original title of Commodore 64, but in Turkish 2 and in the console versions, Andreas Escher’s entry as a graphic designer is noted, leaving games aesthetically brilliant, among the ones best they could then offer machines. The emulation is unreliable and incorporates a filter with highly efficient and configurable scanlines (including screen curvature and various types of matrices) that will allow us to make that extra touch of authenticity depending on how our screen and our tastes are. own.

Turrican Flashback, Review. Shooting or dying

If for the sake of the quality of the games, Turrican Flashback is excellent because its four games are and remain valid in our day. They are four masters titles and as enjoyable as they are yesterday as they are today. If we analyze Flashback as a compilation, it is clear that it is not close to the level at which other examples are on the market, in terms of content and documentary support. Returning to what we said at the outset, the situation between this Flashback and the future of Anthology, which will come out in a few months, is confusing, especially if we do not know whether Anthology will have a digital version. We understand the theory that Flashback remains the “free” and accessible version so that a larger community can access it, leaving Anthology for fans, but the difference in content between the two offerings is high and that leaves us the notion that many people would be more convinced about a more intermediate offering with a larger range of games (at least Super Turrican 2 included to complete the pentalogy).

Great games, better music


We are lucky to have these reissues of Turrican. The case with the saga has always been very sensitive about licenses, with serious disagreements (to put it mildly) between some of those responsible. It is a small miracle that the rights to Rainbow Arts could be bought from the ashes of THQ, especially the strange case with the Resurrection Factor 5. The truth is that Turrican was not very lucky, year after year, and his status as Legend is not supported by its luck in the market, adapted by wild piracy in microcomputers or poor console distributions, so it doesn’t seem appropriate to be too exquisite now that we have a chance to celebrate. The games are well worth it, the whole is well done and the four titles will give us many hours of high level fun and better music, especially if we go for the trophies. It’s a representative example of what makes the saga great, with exceptional titles. We can only trust that Anthology can achieve the digital format and does not stay in a small physical address, since it offers a more attractive and better set of titles, even at a much higher price.

THE BEST _____

  • Four masters games and history
  • Good imitation, with well-designed options and a clear interface
  • A great excuse to enjoy Hülsbeck ‘s hymns


  • Inadequate selection, at least Super Turrican 2 should be considered
  • With no documentary content and celebrating the saga
  • Confusion with the presence of Antrim



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, although it lacks elements that could build it higher.

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