Turnip Boy Analyzes Tax Evasion, The Right Turnip


We enter the land of vegetables and fruits, justice and corruption, Turnip Boy will be a fun and resourceful adventure.

If we are sure of something, then it is not very satisfactory to pay taxes. We are not the only one who thinks this way, Nabolino, an adorable and stormy turnip who lives in a town surrounded by unfair taxes, has decided to evade them and face justice. With the Mayor of Cebolla at the helm, various vegetables and fruits as inhabitants of the world and a short lively tour, we will try to solve this problem with some guaranteed laughter. Developers bring Snoozy Kazoo to the Graffitti Games distribution of Tax Evasion Turnip Boy Commits, an adventure clearly inspired by classic titles like Legend of Zelda and RPG-like gameplay. This was released for the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms on April 22nd.

Nabolino is finished with everything and has decided to stop paying taxes, as a result of this they have kidnapped him from his house and now he is on the street. From here we will embark on an epic, surprising and engaging mission to pay off the huge debt He has this turnip with Onion scope, but we feel promised because he only uses us as a messenger. This will prompt us to look for certain things like a fork and a laser pointer as we search for dunes and kick off the forests full of aggressive creatures. Marked as a ban, we come across a few documents, including WANTED signs or unmarked invoices, which we can tear up during our adventure. All of these papers work as a collectible type and we can see them in a list within the pause menu.

Treacherous onion

And as this short episode progresses, we will run like a turnip in a glorious quest to kill animals and make some exchanges, and that is the only acceptable way to pay our taxes. Although we are now a complete threat and a small torment to some, we will begin to expose a dark government conspiracy with a very treacherous mayor. Within the story we find a relatively simple puzzle solution, as well as the inclusion of humor with various references that will sometimes try to confuse us.

We will start exploring the newer areas close to our home and talk to all the residents to collect missions, listen to some funny phrases and give us information that is sometimes relevant and not so much for others. What will be important and worthwhile is to talk to all the neighbors we see, otherwise we will miss the opportunity to unlock the next dungeon. Each mission has a puzzle, which asks us for something and we will have to look for it and find it somewhere. As we meet more characters and perform their respective missions, sometimes we have to go back to other places to complete a task or even solve a puzzle. With the latter, the game would benefit from a mission log, just like all the collections in the pause menu, to see what tasks we have and have not completed, as well as those characters associated with it. those missions.

Turnip Boy analyzes Tax Evasion, the right turnip

Not only does the gameplay stop then, as in Turnip Boy, our little turnip learns new skills and acquires new elements that make it even more powerful. We will have a water can that will help us grow bombs or grow mobile blocks that initially appear as plants. This will be complemented by boots to kick those bombs in the direction that will benefit us and your gloves to push the blocks into empty spaces. We will also have the tool to defend ourselves, a sword that will be necessary to kill our enemies or even cut tall grass and open the way for us. Another thing we will have later is a kind of bucket of water that will allow us to create entry and exit portals, a way to tele-transport ourselves and things.

The controls have to be polished in various aspects, for example, switching between the elements is a problematic task and becomes tedious, on more than one occasion it may happen for us to wait for the wrong object and irrigate the enemy instead of killing it. It also happens if we teleport on a block and only see it near a wall, If we don’t have the grab mechanic, we can just push it and it will force us to exit to restart the map again. However, the opponents are simple and fair, but with the bosses if we can get frustrated on more than one occasion, since our rhythm will be based on the movements and actions performed by the enemy himself. However, these are presented in a playful way with a very funny concept and that will give us that feeling from such a misunderstood fight.

First of all, you have to be a good neighbor

Turnip Boy is a colorful 2D action adventure with graphics that will aesthetically appeal to those nodes to classics like Zelda, for its striking color palette and idealization of every detail. The whole work of art is also a wonder when striking characters, with charm and personality, have been created in their food products and which gives serious funny humor. Nonetheless, some screen movements move at different speeds towards where our character is going and in some fights this can be uncomfortable because it targets you badly and makes you feel clumsy. Music is a fundamental complement to our journey, it is enjoyable, engaging and encourages us to slide through all of its maps, as well as learn more about each inhabitant.

Turnip Boy analyzes Tax Evasion, the right turnip
Turnip Boy analyzes Tax Evasion, the right turnip
Turnip Boy analyzes Tax Evasion, the right turnip

Striking aesthetics with pleasing music


Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion shows us an adventure with very atypical characters, delightful landscapes and funny dialogue, though its usability is wrong with changing objects or obscure camera movement. While it may not be on par with some clearer examples of RPG, with its short length it is fun and gives a very entertaining and excellent story, with characteristic and fun characters, as well as driving the story with solid foundation. active search for objects to complete missions. Get into this little adventure, become a turnip, face the finger onion and discover all the secrets with a funny touch.

THE BEST _____

  • Characteristic and funny characters.
  • Great work of art.
  • Humorous interviews.
  • Nice and attractive soundtrack.


  • Simple and fair fight.
  • Sometimes clumsy gameplay.
  • Short length.
  • No access to mission log.

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