TURAS PGA 2K21, Review. Putt To The Hole


We’re getting into the most serious attempt to bring golf back to the video game, after years of ostracism.

More than 15 years, to say the least, has long since passed the appointed day of the games of golf. More than 15 years ago, Electronic Arts entered the PGA Tour license and its franchise player Tiger Woods at the time. But annual delivery after the annual delivery, its quality narrowed along with the interest of the players, until it was decided not to continue the saga. HB Studios, which had worked collaboratively with the California giant, took over the franchise in 2014 with The Golf Club and in 2018 2K would come to publish it. With this year’s installment, PGA TOUR 2K21 transitions to a 2K sports family official hoping to bring an updated game to the sport’s fans that lasts to the present. And somehow it has been achieved.

Of the set that is a PGA TOUR 2K21, there are 3 major groups: the things that work very well, the things that have good potential and the things that need to be improved. When we were presenting the game a few weeks ago, the question MeriStation asked the development team was: “After 2K arrived and saw that the core of the game was already working in the Golf Club before, is it logical to think that much of the effort was focused on the accessory part (presentation, production values, etc.)? ”. The answer was moving: yes, indeed. Well, there is still a long way to go in that regard and it is undoubtedly the least sought after in the title. And that is because the essence, The essence of what makes this game a good game of golf is.

TURAS PGA 2K21, Review. Putt to the hole

The basics work (and very well)

Above all, there are two crucial points that must fail: how the feeling of a game is transferred to the player – with all the possibilities on the pitch – and that physics responds to what we are seeing. on screen with what happens in a real field. Perhaps a humble handicap 24 as this subscribed writer will indicate that he is not the best player in the world but it is enough to be able to understand whether what the game transmits to us is adaptable, saving the lengths, for what he has experience on the street or in the lawn and we were very pleased with that. To the point that we are sometimes more excited to finish par savings on the 17th hole, if we didn’t make a hole out, it would complicate the classification at the end of the season than many of the perceptions of the real course. And that, which reminds us of many of the long nights we spent touring after a competition with old Tiger Woods installments, it is a very good sign.

For those who have not tried any of the previous 3 versions of The Golf Club, this is a golf simulator. Simulator compared to the EA versions, very well presented but also more arcade, and with the added value of not to lose an iota of accessibility. New custom modes were added to the game experience we enjoyed even though it seemed a bit simple playing in “normal”. From the Pro, things are already starting to get tense because the pendulum has been redesigned (something we need to master as soon as possible) and you need mouse control and fairly precise timing to nail those birds. .

TURAS PGA 2K21, Review. Putt to the hole

And since golf is one of the most complex sports out there, the number of options available during the game seems overwhelming for the new player. Nothing could be further from the truth because PGA Tour 2K21 is in itself gigantic encyclopedia compendium understand how and why things work on a golf course. From the different inclinations of the driver to the differences between chip and flop, how to go against the wind by changing the angle of attack on the ball, why a hybrid allows you to get better off the grass or understand the specifics of the lawn (the that green carpet where they meet from time to time but mostly miss games) … everything is perfectly illustrated in the game and their behavior is in line with reality. This game not only teaches you to play golf but also teaches you to understand golf.

All this adds to the great physics of the ball and a good representation of the pitches, at least on paper. It is true that we have never had the opportunity to play in any of the 15 licensed courses, but fortunately the comparisons from a bird’s eye view give us a very close insight into the high loyalty to their digital counterparts. We never had the feeling that anything that happened in the game was an invention or a mistake; every time we threw a ball into the water or sand it could always be attributed to human error and that is fundamental. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t frustrating sometimes: a few times the flag played us a trick on a putt when we couldn’t remove it, for example, but as a general rule great care was taken to ensure that the action is represented. clear and honest.

Find out a resource

One of the things we were very curious about was the content of the emerging competition as we compete on the Tour. The game is proving our own nemesis within the classification we will be fighting with almost during the race. This is in some way part of the progress system that accompanies us in campaign mode, along with unlocking sponsors and the possibility of changing clubs with different characteristics from different brands. While the permissiveness of a club with swing errors is usually a value that is highly regarded by beginners, as we perfect and advance our skills we will be able to find content that enhances the length or effect. who gets the ball sacrificing others. qualifications. There is no club or set of clubs that provides complete net advantages over the set given to us at the beginning, but we can adapt our bag to our particular style of golf.

TURAS PGA 2K21, Review. Putt to the hole

Career mode is the main mode in which we spend most of the time while playing alone; just remember it has nothing to do with the one that shares other 2K franchises like NBA 2K20, for example, and is a simplified version of a season of the PGA Tour. We can choose the level of professionalism in which we start and climb the steps quickly until we play chestnuts against Justin Thomas or Jim Furyk among other things. But if we want to play against others, online associations of the black hole where hours and hours of sleep fall. At the time of writing this review, the official association barely had 11 members, which is logical since before the game was launched. The clubs basically act as hubs where you can organize events, competitions, ratings … and why not find other golfers with whom you can share games. But, like everything else, it is a functionality that is highly dependent on who and how it is organized.

The second thing we think has a lot of potential is the pitch builder. PGA Tour 2K21 allows 15 real courses and the rest is created with the same tools where all users can make their creations, according to the program recommendations or edit holes from scratch. Again, when this review was published, users have not created any domains but if we can extrapolate from other versions, there is an endless sea of ​​possibilities where the most creative minds can show off their skills to enjoy and enjoy the rest of the users. Unfortunately, this is an area where we especially lack expertise and with good judgment we let others enjoy it in this regard. Both would be companies and a publisher It should extend the life of the game Aside from what it sells at launch, waiting to see if this franchise will officially go to the 2K denomination annually, biennially or whether it will be a basis for expansion.

TURAS PGA 2K21, Review. Putt to the hole

And as we already mentioned, there is a set of attributes that are required with varying degrees of urgency. the attention of the developer team. One of the highlights is that despite the fact that there are 12 licensed professional golfers that we can play against, we can never manage them. This is what caught our attention and while it is not capital – and certainly due to some licensing issue with the PGA Tour – it made us rummaging through the options because we looked so weird that we were afraid that it would push us high. It would be like buying FIFA and not being able to control Messi, or buying NBA and not being able to shoot with Lebron or Harden. We know there are advantages because they appear from time to time on the programs or in order during a game of great drama that happened on another hole, and nothing more.

Technically the game complies and the park designs are doing very well but there are details, like the community, that completely take you out of the situation because of how bad they are. Again, it’s not something that’s part of the heart of the game, but it’s part of the costume, of those production values ​​in which much of the budget we’ve been told has been invested. Commentators Luke Elvy and Rich Beem add color to the broadcasts (although we preferred the duo Gary McCord and David Feherty) especially better during the first few greens, until the comments were repeated several times . After a few hours it is usual, in our case at least, to put a playlist on Spotify or YouTube and turn off the sound completely. This usually doesn’t speak well for a title soundtrack but, as we say, is a common practice for many users (ourselves included) in this type of game.

TURAS PGA 2K21, Review. Putt to the hole

Great room for improvement


We are very happy with this PGA TOUR 2K20 and it can be said that there is no better golf simulator on the market right now. Sometimes it seems like it could be a little more polished, that we’re facing a Porsche Carrera that they left unfinished, but the gameplay sensations are hardly better. With very strong foundations, a way forward with good expectations and the possibility to create and play user-created courses, this is a title that guarantees that if we like the sport of golf or good simulators in general, long hours of fun, locally or online with friends. Hopefully in future installments we can enjoy the level of tweaking that other 2K franchises enjoy and we could be ahead of the best sports simulator overall. Hb Studios is on the right track.

THE BEST _____

  • Representation of the fields
  • Physics of the ball
  • Online companies, creating domains
  • Competition and mode of career


  • The technical aspect is not a pointer
  • Lack of pitches, players and the possibility of playing with them.

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