Total War Saga: Troy, Review


The Iliad makes the jump to the video game in a new installment of the famous Total War saga. Because Andromache has to feel our passion not only in bed, but on the battlefield as well.

The saga Total War it is worth studying. Years go by, games go by, and they are all as fun and entertaining as the first one out. They may not innovate practically anything, as happens to this Total War Saga: Troy, but they are so well known for their strengths and weaknesses that they do not need to go up to the upper floor of the building, but clean the one that they lived at the time very well.

Because this Total War Troy builds the playground of what was previously seen in the franchise, especially what has been done with Britain and the Total World War that was more than excellent, and takes to its terrain is, located between myth and history. and the amount of game Рnever said better Рthat can be brought to the battlefield. And now, in addition, with 7.4 million players from day one. Aquiles and H̩ctor meet. Very wonderful.

Total War Saga: Troy, Review

Two Troy

When Creative Assembly was proposed a few years ago create small editions of the Total War franchiseThe one of us who loves your studio would raise a bug: would this mean a drop in quality in your next work? Is it a way to take advantage of the goose that lays the golden eggs? Behind the official statement was the intention to address historical periods that may be deeper than the best known, but which, in his view, may have a hole within the saga.

This is how Total War Britannia came about … and the doubts were cleared. Britannia took almost everything from its predecessor and brought it into that historical context with a few small implementations. Then Three Kingdoms landed and brought in significant news – other than history – to make the big leap. Take that rhythm where Total War Troy now sits.

Total War Saga: Troy, Review

By using the Iliad to make a video game, it is necessary to enter a relaxed terrain where reality and myth take place, two kisses and a “wizard who made it” where nothing goes. And in Total War there is this symbiosis of it reality and mythology, because you can control as many minotaur on the battlefield as you can control the best of Achaean slings.

The game starts from the premise that it will enjoy a number of campaigns that control the main characters of Homer ‘s work. Each hero is assigned a level of difficulty, from easy to difficult, a bit like how everyone was positioned in the poem contest.

From now on, Total War Troy builds on the basics of every game in the saga: a other strategic social and military division. In the strategy we need to improve our cities and settlements, create troops and manage the areas we control economically, both socially and diplomatically. If the latter fails, we go to war and enter the battlefield.

Total War Saga: Troy, Review

We have always been very interested in the progress in the diplomatic part of the saga of the Whole War. However, with Troy we had that feeling that you are leading the game to battle, as if it were practically impossible to establish such peaceful relationships. Perhaps because of the “shorter” duration of the campaigns and the mapping, what is being sought is precisely, that is, the player going to battle and deploying his troops.

Don’t let this be misunderstood, careful. The game continues to rely on its strategic vision through spies, priests and the classic array of arrays to improve population points, but sometimes this seems to have been reverted to a thinner plane than seen, for example, in the Britannia, where relationship between the crown was most important (And we’ve chosen Britannia for that spin-off character he has as it does with Troy).

Total War Saga: Troy, Review

Maybe something else is overlooked, but in return it gives us battles with a more diverse component. When the Fame arrived as in previous installments (in China already bet more than ever), mythological elements are added and even help from the Hellenic gods. This may sound like the most purist fan in the saga that seeks truth, but we are talking about myth and reality, so that a blurred line in the video game also crosses. For us, success.

Tape? Well, they left without naval battles. Given the historical section in which this installment is set, it would not be bad to see Hector and Achilles inside a ship giving orders. The inclusion in the branch of A Total War Saga led to this cut in the resources allocated to the game, resulting in naval battles.

Total War Saga: Troy, Review

Needless to say, the title works masterfully again even on resourceless devices. The game was tested on two PCs: one with a GTX 780 and the other with 1050, both with 16 GB RAM (from different generations) and i7 (from different PCs too). In both they were able to play without problems, throwing almost everything in “High” in the most powerful team. Once again, Creative Assembly shows that he is still king on the level of optimization, even if his subsidiary develops the title in Sofia.

Total War Saga: Troy, Review


Total War Saga: Troy meets, plays and keeps us glued to the computer again for dozens of hours. We’ve said it before: it doesn’t innovate practically on anything, but it doesn’t need it either. A good new iteration where the only negative note is the lack of naval battles and that particular conservatism that some may attribute to the A Total War Saga model.

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