Tormented Souls, An Review Of A Bizarre Return To Classic Horror


Dual Effects announces a return to the more traditional Horror Survival with a game featuring some of the most amazing puzzles of recent times. Although some shelters too.

There was a point during the Tormented Souls review process that we thought we were not going to finish by the release date. It did not happen due to lack of time or anything like that, quite the opposite. There were only many moments of complete locking up when one did not know how to proceed. Either would give us an answer for hours or the next step was not seen despite the area being thoroughly combed. But in the end, we managed to move on. And continued. To, after more than 15 hours, finish it. Tormented Souls is a game trying to evoke the classics of Survival horror from the late nineties: Fixed cameras, puzzles everywhere, exploration, examination of objects, combat reminiscent of Resident Evil and a plot built primarily through documents of all kinds.

There were moments of it frustration, in many others you can see the limited budget and of course you have debating decisions. But when we finished it, we thought hIt was worth it. And that’s important for a game like this. Tormented Souls is sometimes a tribute to Resident Evil, Silent Hill and so many others; other times it gives him the luxury of being as great as they are; in a few, it is redundant and ambiguous enough to be able to bore the player. But overall, indie gaming is your kind of horror game that still works and is worth checking out.

tormented soul ps5 review

Who you are and who they are

It all starts abruptly, with a girl, the main character, receiving a letter with a postcard from two girls who say you forgot. Without further ado, we show up at an abandoned old hospital where we are supposed to know something about them, and that is where the terror begins. They unconsciously hit us and show us up in a tube with tubes and one eye missing. Tormented Souls Begins. And he does it by drawing subjects, only to know if he’s going to convince the player behind the screen, It will be for other reasons.

The first thing that stands out is the stage. An fixed cameras changing planes is a declaration of intent. And the general aspect of the cases fulfills in a remarkable way: they are well-arranged, detailed and put you in a position. Soon after starting we will get a lighter, necessary because if we are in darkness, he will take us in and kill us. And one more thing: it’s time to explore. Already in the first moment we will examine things and manipulate them so that they will be useful to us, we will find documents that will give context to where we are and where we need to start walking around, to explore.

tormented soul ps5 review

How to recover light of the plant in which we are to move forward. Note that there are certain doors with symbols that we do not know how to open. Others do not have the energy to do it. Others are closed on the other side. All this happens in the first half hour, where we meet an interesting Father who gives us some signal. And after a few paws, some enemies were killed with a nail gun (we shot as was Resident Evil classic but without focusing on different heights), we reach the large hospital hall which will bring a significant amount of material.

Developing the game bases on three keys: exploring to find objects, switches and elements that allow us to progress; combat, firearms or melee to defeat certain enemies that will never fall again; and the puzzles, there are many, very diverse and very demanding.

High level puzzle

Mar puzzles are precisely the best title, Without a doubt. There are so many, and some of them raise the bar of what we have seen in recent years in any major production. Sequences of logic, interpretation of symbols to find solutions, combinations of objects, secret codes in front of us that we could not see, connected by sounds, rhythms, being mindful of our environment, some of which need to interact with previous objects . .. We do not engage in gutting, but they are very powerful, varied and always given a twist. When you think you have everything to solve it or to move on, the game bothers you with a new enigma, a new hole to fill. And start over there. Clock puzzle, floppy disk, monkeys, TV, record player. There are many that we will remember.

tormented soul ps5 review

Unfortunately, brightness is sometimes exceeded in many puzzles: solutions very ambiguous in some cases, contested in others, it’s not always an agile game. And frustration is easy to get rid of because you tried everything and in the end, the answer was something that is not clear enough at all. And that happens more than once. The map doesn’t help either, you have to access it from the menu and it’s not very intuitive. But while there were many moments that we slowed down the game, we did not stop thinking about what was missing. And it was a great pleasure to finish it.

This feeling is also present because Tormented Souls contains many unanswered questions in the form of doors, clear (yet) unused objects, accessible places and everything at once. There is a time when we have so many open faces that it can be overwhelming. But everything makes sense, and you end up connecting, going back, opening up that impossible place, and discovering new places. Because the design of the hospital is remarkable: complex, secretive and thoughtfully connected. And what we have left then, we will say exactly. If all this adds up to it adding that it has trips to other dimensions, even to another minute in time – which is good but little used -, the result is a game with powerful structure and ideas, though not he always executes them perfectly.

tormented soul ps5 review

In fact, a brave decision that is of save system: can only be done manually on tape recorders and limited edition tapes that you find. There are no checkpoints, so if you are blocked for an hour, and you die, it’s time to load the game. While this may be frustrating at some point (there are not many tapes), in the long run the experience is more satisfying to overcome than with immediate checkpoints.

Everything we see in the setting and in the scenarios and most of the puzzles diminishes when we start comparing the general packaging of the game. The action with some of the weapons it is unsatisfactory, not so much because of the point – and – shoot system – a classic smell – but because the enemies are not very diverse andu very residual need. As we said at the outset, when we are dead we will leave the stage as a wasteland, so the tension reduces many degrees to a point where we will have a slightly more annoying visitor, but not much. Only in the latter part will we have the feeling that we have to manage something with the ammunition we make and that we know how to avoid enemies that are bigger than us. And maybe that will happen twice in the whole game. Until we reach it, we will have gone through huge puzzles, finding endless areas, gone back again and again, read all kinds of files and shot some enemies. And almost everything on a good level, despite its modularity.

tormented soul ps5 review

On the other hand, the design and animation of the character, especially the main character, is far removed from the consoles of the new generation and the current ones, to which we add some relatively loose video scenes in every way. That is, but there are important contrasts between the settings and the setting with the rest of the audio – visual proposal (actually, we had some sound glitches during the game), poorly polished. We also suffered a few drops in the skeleton although they did not affect us at the in-game level.

Inevitable action and some low cost

That comes completely translated into Spanish PQube is a strong and respected bet: we have an infinity of texts, documents and reading elements that build a story for us that you certainly know where it is going, but that does not mean that it does not stop of being certain types of script at the end. they are big. Because of this, reading documents and especially reading between the lines will help us solve puzzles. Sometimes of course. And for classic lovers, then you will have classic challenges, worth the redundancy: a trophy for another end, a trophy for completion before three hours, unsaved and / or without the use of remedies. There’s a game for a while.


Tormented Souls is sometimes a tribute to the traditional Survival Horror, at certain moments it is possible to observe those classics directly thanks to brilliant puzzles, and other times it sees seams of modest project that do not reach everything that is intended. Be that as it may, we are facing the revival of the late nineties horror games that is entirely recommended to lovers of the genre, with many puzzles, a well – measured complex structure and many nodes of the past executed with grace: camera fixed, reconnaissance and a combination of things, documents everywhere, well – settled situations … a weak combat and enemy system, how ambiguous and complex it becomes at certain times, as well as certain technical problems, the experience as accurate as it could be. to be. But it ends in immense satisfaction. Like those of yesterday.

THE BEST _____

  • There is a wide range of puzzles, some of them brilliant
  • The arrangement and the arrangements
  • Hospital Structure
  • Winks for the classics: fixed camera, documents, examination of objects …


  • Fight and enemies, below the rest of the game
  • Sometimes they are too long and ambiguous in solutions
  • Technically you have problems in many ways

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