The Son: A Wild West Tale, Review: A Stealth-based Strategy Game


We analyze The Son: A Wild West Tale, where we have to embark on a very stealthy journey to explore, hide and find our mother.

A title that undoubtedly arouses interest and suggests as soon as you see it was located in the spaghetti-western sub-region, presented by the PC Gaming Show 2019 and, since then, no relevant news about this casual game has appeared until its launch on December 3rd. The German studio developed The Son: A Wild West Tale Honig Studios together with Quantumfrog and comes from HandyGames, a subsidiary of THQ Nordic. A story that deals with reunion, we must be as careful as possible to find a way out, sneak out and find our mother, who wanted to protect us by moving away from her, but it was not the best decision í. Between monks and bandits who go towards us, we will hide, we will explore, we will be naughty and without violence and with a great escape we will all escape from them.

A mother’s love for her child can be an incredibly great love, and that is, in this game we can be the main characters of how protection and affection for a child is above all else. It all starts when a bandit on their farm attacks this small family, destroying the whole thing and forcing them to flee, a true story from the Old West honestly. In this case the mother decides leave the Son in a remote monastery in order to protect him and make her feel safer. However, she does not know that her son, a six-year-old boy, is the most misleading, courageous and courageous person who will risk his life to decide to escape the dangers of his life. As you overcome your challenges, you will gain self-confidence and cunning, getting more ideas to overcome all your enemies.

A picture is worth a thousand words

In El Hijo we will have to learn to be as stealthy as possible, where violence is not present, but if the strategy knows how to hide and throw completely not known. This game is a clear example that we do not need to see cinemas with dialogue lines full of content that try to tell us the whole story, but instead of every image that it presents, the context in which they present us and gestures of each character are enough to put us in the game. Still the story is as it is don’t expect any unexpected tights or more tracks to appear, but help this mother and her son and enjoy an adventure in the west.

In this game its greatest usability is with all those mechanics that allow us to be as strategic as possible and achieve our goal. Being stealthy is not an easy task, but if our environment is in our favor we will take greater advantage. This is how Honig Studios El Hijo wanted to present, as well as help us enjoy every map we come across. Our walking route will always be stealth, but if we try to arrive on time we can run without looking back, although that will attract much more heights. But, the eye sight of our birds will help us to discover the sight cones presented by the protesters and to be able to see useful things that are nearby. There are certain ways that no one will see inside a jar, jump over obstacles, get into a car, even move at the same time as a bison.

The Son: A Wild West Tale, Review: a stealth-based strategy game

Thanks to the linear scenarios of the monastery rooms, they will help us find a mechanic who will reward our hiding place, the lights and the shadows. We can blend in with our surroundings, thanks to which the enemies can see us in light, but in the shadows we will be completely hidden and his field of vision will not reach us. However, if we are fully aware of our enemies, sometimes semi-transparent cones will appear which suggest that the obstacles in front of them partially obstruct the vision, so that we can duck and go to stealthily to the next point. Undoubtedly, in each level we will have to study the whole area to plan our strategy and make progress without being seen, for this the game will help us with many highly valued control points. Also, we will not be alone and we are not the only child seen on the map. As collectibles we will have the “youth inspiration”, a It will be about finding the children who are treated as slaves, and encouraging them to reinforce their will and sometimes they receive small gifts for our mission.

Not unnecessarily adding new mechanics, the game develops naturally and other skills are gradually introduced to combine them and increase the challenge. However, this challenge is not gradual, that is, throughout the entire level there are new challenges before the game, but the difficulty level goes up and down and sometimes you go from an easy easy level, you go to you have another level. I love the area in order to move on. We must not forget that we handle a six-year-old child (and sometimes his mother), so we will have toys as tools to distract and divert the attention of enemies. In our the pocket of the slingshot we reached with the monastery cannot miss, and no doubt that is the tool that will help us a lot, since unlike the others it is not consumable and we can throw stones to break lamps or vases one after another.

Merge with your surroundings and learn to be stealthy

In the pocket there will be more space for other toys which will no doubt sometimes be necessary to tiptoe. We can find a winding toy to attract the attention of nearby opponents, but always taking into account where we sent it and in what direction, because if we do it wrong, it may find out for us. On the other hand, we have the cactus flowers, a kind of pollen cloud that will make it easier for us to get into it to hide and be invisible for a short time. And finally the fireworks, which will mislead the enemies and break fragile objects that may block our way. Obviously the game becomes much more interesting despite the difficulties with these tools this is sometimes seen when we are trying to manipulate our character, since it gives us slightly unconscious controls due to the perspective and use of the keyboard and mouse.

The Son: A Wild West Tale, Review: a stealth-based strategy game

The Son: A Wild West Tale stands out for its visual style and refines the indie character it comes to portray, with many attributes and details that undoubtedly set you in the west. With a recent twist on the Desperados III, shows that have a graphic representation that fits perfectly with the world you want to show stealthAs well as being simple and with a color palette that would fit perfectly. Of course, we’ll be addressing AI that is a bit artificial and easy to avoid, with no information going to more than a few dolls moving from one side to the other. Plus, the audio part is something far away, but not from the Wild West. It will consist of a piano melody that will be repetitive at times, but it is fairly flat, trying to create a spaghetti – western atmosphere with western music, but it needs more depth. While a circle with a question mark will appear above our enemies if they think they have come to see us, our character will continue to fight to hide and we will only hear a scared or worried grimace. Once we are found, our decision may be to run and get nervous, but the game does not. Do not create tension or nervousness by not getting caught, on the contrary, there will be moments when we are in constant silence that relaxing instead of getting tense.

The Son: A Wild West Tale, Review: a stealth-based strategy game
The Son: A Wild West Tale, Review: a stealth-based strategy game

With misleading tips you will get rid of it

The Son: A Wild West Tale, Review: a stealth-based strategy game


Undoubtedly this exciting stealth game called El Hijo: A Wild West Tale is one of the missing novels of the year, with very strategic moments and some impressive mechanics, despite the unstable controls that AI puts in a bit of boring already present. It is a game that punishes those who are impatient, because if we do not wait they will find out very quickly, but if we can wait, the greater the satisfaction the victory will be. Undoubtedly, it is a game that is a mix of levels, with highly adapted puzzles to the existing game, with difficulty that is different, but that makes you feel immersed in all areas. Also, submit a story in which you are willing to make progress to the end of knowledge, but for this you will have to try it for yourself and enter this old and far west, full of bandits and monks.

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