The Ramp, Review. Skateboard Model In Your Pocket


This sophisticated skateboarding game proves that simplicity is sometimes the best formula for a great game.

Skateboarding is a sport of perseverance, balance, concentration, technique. Feel one with the table. Those involved in this discipline are delighted with the launch of the Olympic skating programs in Tokyo 2020, whose relationship with video games is as fruitful as it is. Tony Hawk’s name comes to mind for all of us; either in three dimensions or in two dimensions. And perhaps the latter is best suited The Ramp, a video game that expresses itself on the basis of simplicity and inevitably depicts those evenings when Tony Hawk Pro Skater emerged on Game Boy Advance.

That milestone, which was only so technical when it adapted the gameplay to a console that was so technologically discreet, created a school. It was exciting to have so many tricks, abilities and possibilities in your pocket; as well as the Ramp, which is a proposal cool and its resulting conceptual simplicity a very effective and addictive title. Paul ‘Hyperparadise’ Schenf He signs this solo title, available from August 3 on Steam, and defines it as “a digital toy for skateboarders. Clean flow, nothing else ”.

The Ramp

You, your band and your music

And nothing less. Sometimes you do not have to overload things with content, subtasks, and extra tasks to enrich the whole. Schenf would prefer to focus on the manageability of the character, which is not exactly easy at first. It’s like everything: when you understand the times and take control of them, everything flows. Only.

The Ramp has no challenges (other than Steam achievements), nothing to unlock, and no different attributes or stats depending on the board you choose. Here you create a character, touch on some aesthetic features and choose one of the four available scenarios. And it’s over. There are no seconds to lose, and no hurry. The wood is waiting for you.

The Ramp

Not as deep as Lonely Mountains Downhill, another title with the same philosophy, it always achieves its mission; because you disconnect from everything and immerse yourself in that little atmosphere where perseverance is paramount. It’s the perfect video game to enjoy while listening to a podcast, or when you forget all the accessories and just follow the rhythm of its calming soundtrack. Minimalist by definition and executed.

As we said, learning how to play is simple, although it requires a lot of practice to do depending on what tricks, for example table slipping. The cases are of the type of three-dimensional models when height, weight and gravity have a decisive influence on speed. The most complicated thing is to internalize the moment in which you should flex your legs; When you are done you will find yourself going around and around in the air until you are able to perform amazing tricks.

You Put The Game Over

The mechanics are as simple as it sounds: with a button you flex your legs and, when you release it, you stop bending. It’s just before starting to climb the ramp where we have to stand up, ready to move the right stick, which is the one we do the tricks in conjunction with the left stick for direction. And it works like a charm.

The Ramp

Each case is more focused on a particular type of technique and, as you can imagine, more is missing; but we do not believe that it is fair to ask for more now, given the constraints and resources used, but to value what we have. The design of the cases would result in whole numbers with slightly more space to move. Sometimes it feels a little limited because you don’t take much speed. In the same way, and this is a positive thing for The Ramp, its base is so strong that it opens the doors to endless possibilities. From the aforementioned customization to visual filters, other types of music or an integrated performance system. Otherwise, the gaming sessions can be transported due to the complete lack of load times. Skateboarding is a sport in which you fall sharply and in slightly troubling ways; Fortunately, this work does not understand that black fades, you have just come back and continue.

Since we really liked it and recommend buying it, we hope that if the sales continue, the creator will review more scenarios and develop content. The gameplay is a great virtue, a type of game that calls out for the adaptation of a portable platform and, for its price (5 euros), can only recommend. Devilish to play.

The Ramp


The Ramp is a nice surprise. As if it were a toy model, Hyperparadise seeks to convey the pleasure of skateboarding in a simple video game with no achievements or objectives, but to enjoy the ride, let this sport flow through your veins. And he gets it. First, because it feels like a video game thanks to the polish of its mechanics. Second, for the good taste in its artistic direction and design success. It is a great pity that there is no more, that the sanctuary of this tranquility is not even more astonishing. Meanwhile, one of which we will not be tired of recommending.

THE BEST _____

  • Its gameplay: simple but very effective
  • Great sound design
  • Its ability to transmit tranquility; just let yourself go


  • The size of their steps, too small
  • More content and options are missing



It meets the expectations of a good game, has quality and does not present serious flaws, although it lacks features that could take it to higher levels.

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