The Middle Review, PS5: Getting In Touch With The Spiritual Plane


We go through The MEdium double reality again with augmented immersion thanks to the DualSense

There are games. And there are games. There are titles that load more inks in the play section, and others that prefer to add a little more weight to the story. Call of Duty is just as Life is Strange, Assassin’s Creed is like Detroit: Be Human. Neither of them compares to the other, they are simply… different. The Middle is among the latter, those of the storytelling force.

The Media, announced in 2012 but released 9 years later, had to push the impossible in the absence of Halo, one of those titles that taught what the Xbox S / X Series was capable of launching. Even when it was delayed until January 2021, The Medium was still under pressure to become an exclusive title – at least temporarily – that demonstrated the benefits of Microsoft ‘s new hardware.

The Middle Review, PS5: Getting in Touch with the Spiritual Plane

The weight of the earth

And it is, albeit well, the work of the Bloober Team – the authors of excellence Fear Series and of what has certainly been achieved Witch Blair– You may have had to make expectations that some of them failed. But of course, having replayed it in its PlayStation 5 premiere now that its temporary exclusivity is gone, it’s clear that it doesn’t want to be a console vendor, but a narrative experience as well as the other Bloober Team.

Since the PS5 version is the same in quality, development, ‘walk’ and graphic length, we refer you to the Review of The Medium that we published 6 months ago. For those unfamiliar with it, The Medium is a game of exploration, puzzles and (some) fighting, which builds its strength more on its story and solving tests than on fighting against the enemy. Her pace is slow, her story is sad and her atmosphere is absolutely dreamy, so if you’re looking for shots or something like that, try something else. But if you like the Layers of Fears or Blair Witch tone, you’re just here with an air of both classic Survival Horror – 5th and 6th Gen Silent Hill / Resident Evil school- and current -Until Dawn, The Dark Anthology Pictures.

In this PS5 Review, we’ll tell you the differences / additions in the game, which one reduces but is very significant: Taking advantage of what the DualSense remote is capable of, Since Team Bloober, as has happened in other recent versions of titles like A Plague Tale or Metro: Exodus, has been trying to take advantage of the PS5 pad.

For example, in its very tough introductory kinematics, the vibration makes us part in the horror of the girl as her murderer approaches, set by the DualSense with a sharp vibration striking in the lower right part of the pad – after the time it is in the lower right part of the screen where the man appears- every step which he takes towards her. Or in moments like when Marianne, the main character, rides a motorcycle to a place, where we feel the vibration of the vehicle in full, even moving from one side of the control to the other.

Quiet Simulator

And it continues like this until she turns off the engine and the vibration of the DualSense is slightly reduced until it stays like a tiny vibration which is like the heartbeat of the character watching the stage.

The Middle Review, PS5: Getting in Touch with the Spiritual Plane

When Marianne is in crisis and the split between the two game worlds is stimulated, the ruler literally declines. When we have to overcome obstacles, it vibrates according to the actions, for example in going with the back against a wall and moving alongside it, in which the vibration goes from left to right in the lower part of the pad, simulating the Steps. When a gale suddenly hits us, the regulator frames higher at the top and smaller at the bottom. The studio is always playing with the full spectrum of aseptic feedback provided by the DualSense

Other uses are used when enemies – strange moths – wake up on your character, if you have the spirit shield activated. you’ll feel dozens of them ‘crashing’ in your face. Or the superb one when Marianne takes her astral projection and goes out of her body: the vibration rises pulsating ton which warns you when you will return.

The Middle Review, PS5: Getting in Touch with the Spiritual Plane

Of course the game too use adaptive triggers. You can notice them with the current command, although there is even more when you do other actions such as charging the Spirit Burst, the character’s offensive ability, in which the trigger will initially stand only sIt will be released gradually until it is completely depressed, which means the blast is fully loaded and ready to be released.

The Medium takes advantage of everything DualSense has to offer, from the touchpad to the motion controls and speaker. Although one of the functions we liked the most was use the pad light bar, which will start flashing red whennearby enemy.

At the graphic level we don’t notice any obvious differences with the Xbox version, if there are some sudden scratches or drops but very specific things. But we would like to take this opportunity to revisit the work of the master of the studio in terms of video planning, with a set of preset cameras in continuous motion – crossing, sweeping, chopping, panoramic, zenith- positioned in such a way that visual fluency is stable. And the direction is reminiscent of that exquisite M Night Shyamalan from his early work.

Feeling the ether plane


While there are still those points for improvement that we reviewed in the Xbox Review, The Medium hooks you up, for its excellent work in voices and for its super-audio-visual stage – as well as not being Akira Yamaoka on the soundtrack. Mixing the patina of the two schools of Survival Horror – the classic Silent Hill and the modern Until Dawn / Layers of Fear – is not terrifying but creates its own atmosphere of tension. Everything the DualSense has to offer is a point that adds a lot of immersion, from the adaptive stimuli to the aseptic vibration, which allows you to feel, almost touch, with what it feels like. and Marianne likes it. I look forward to The Medium 2 soon showing the potential we see in his proposal.

THE BEST _____

  • Including DualSense, which immerses us in a brutal way in the universe of the game
  • Camera Game: It’s been a long time since such a store was seen in terms of default cameras
  • If Akira Yamaoka is on the soundtrack and Troy Barker is on the dubbing, you know they’ll be fine
  • The atmosphere that creates between the two worlds, with that mix of classic and modern survival styles without looking for terror for terror


  • The studio’s occasional abuse of using the vibration of the controller to boost a ‘jumpscare’ free moment.
  • Take advantage of this version to include a manual only for those who want to find all the hidden objects.



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, although it lacks elements that could build it higher.

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