The Longing: Review, 400 Days Of Childbirth


We analyze The Longing, a strange combination of idle game and adventure game that will also test our desire for exploration and our patience.


It’s weird to analyze a title proposal so personal how The Longing at a critical moment in our history. And is that despite this hard period of confinement To wage this titanic battle against that horrible invisible enemy that is the COVID-19 virus, this extraordinary independent title gives us precisely exercise childbirth and patience supreme in non-conventional development. What Longing, as his name implies, is all about waiting patiently for the moment to perform the task we were created to do, with the not-so-insignificant specificity, that we must do it wait 400 days, real time, it happens.


The Germans are the ones responsible for such an unusual proposal Stefan Michel, Benedikt Hummel and Anselm Pyta, all of them students of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, who founded the small independent video games studio in 2017 Studio Seufz. The concept behind this video game is strongly inspired by the Kyffhäuser teutonic legend, who speaks of the inertia of a king who is buried, who waits patiently for a moment to awaken. The project’s embryo comes from a trip with Anselm Pyta to the town of Kyffhäuser, and even the moments in which we spend a lot of time in this title are a reflection of the ones Anselm traveled on the aforementioned trip.


Limited shade under the mountain



So this is a title that combines elements of idle game with the development of two-dimensional adventure, controlled with a pointer, and as we have already mentioned, that has the standard of differentiation takes place in 400 days of real time, and as we shall see, the passage of time will be a fundamental factor so that certain events are encouraged and we can go on with our adventure. Although your proposal surprising and many a start, and its previous attractive stage, we noticed that the title I would really appreciate having more places Pay a visit and more tasks to do, since after a few hours in which that proposal is attractive, we move to a stage where the title that its creators were creating achieves: make us feel alone and to question ourselves many things in view of the hardness of the confinement as hard and far as the one before us here. And is that the Longing a exercise creams of patience and introspection, whose proposal is certainly not for all viewers.


The story from which the title derives is simple. A. an ancient king, of herculean proportions and rocky texture, is about to reach its final strength. Before retiring to a drowsy repairer, create a servant, a bit scruffy the shadow of human shapewho will have the task wake the king from his sleep after 400 days. That servant is the character we will be in control of for the long time ahead. Before entering into inertia, the king warns us of that we must not abandon our childbirth in the caves where he lies, and that we must wait patiently during those 400 days that we must awaken our king.

The Longing: Review, 400 days of childbirth

From this point on, it is up to us to decide how we are going to spend those 400 days. We can explore the broad recalls where we are covered, ignore the warnings of our king and find an escape route abandon our childbirth, or decorate a small cave that serves as the home of our unfortunate shadow. The loneliness of our main character is absolute, and at various times he will share his thoughts with us, managing to convey that a feeling of loneliness and supreme isolation, in a combination of cynicism, dark humor and deep regret that will empathize with our sad main character. As we have already mentioned, its creators sought precisely that they achieved it, and in good faith. Longing sometimes takes longer a kind of experience prospective don’t own a game. It seeks to convey the feeling of loneliness, childbirth, but rebellion and questioning in the light of waiting so long and torture.


In our inquiries through the caves we will explore the background information, though such information is scarce and recommended, without ever going too deep, though he manages to weave a halo of mystery into the case. We will also discover certain aspects of our main character through various forms, for example with a kind of diary he keeps in the cave that acts as his home, where we discover his strange fascination with whales among other things. In any event, the story is more of an excuse for an experience than an end in itself, so don’t expect a complicated plot or surprise reveal, though, as we mentioned before, the game knows how it’s going precisely seek to transmit it.


Patience is the weapon


At the playable level, The Longing takes a pointer control, using the left button to move, and the right button to interact with those elements we can do, counting that a single act of interaction in each case. Our character movement is more than slow, showing a massive parsimony, decided to reinforce that feeling of “longevity” and the feeling of time. Saying control might be a little more polished, sometimes it can be difficult to direct our character wherever we want. To facilitate the task of exploration, we can save in menu top down a specified number of locations that they appear to us conspicuous, so that the shadow will automatically select this place. We can also choose to give you that guideline roaming at ease through the complex caverns where it is locked.

The Longing: Review, 400 days of childbirth

As mentioned before, the game lifts us wait 400 days, real time, to fulfill our mission. Time is of the essence in the development of the title. As in any title of the idle gender, saying a time course continues to flow even though we close the game, and of course, when we turn off the computer. As we will see as we walk through the caves, this time period will be critical to developing certain events that will allow us to continue our investigations. When we tackle any of these situations, the main character’s shadow will give us a fairly accurate approximation of the time we have to wait for something to happen. So, for example, it will take two hours for that door closed for eons to open, a week for moss to grow to fall, or a month for that droplet that falls through stalagmite to form a reservoir of water that allows us to climb that elevation that precludes our passage. Of course, we emphasize that these periods are real-time weaknesses.


As we faced the discomfort of waiting, and in the middle of our exploration through the cave, we found vital details, which allows us to change the evolution of time. If we decorate and decorate the small cave that is home our main character, time will flow faster while there. So if we decorate the walls with paintings painted with the various pigments we find in the caves, decorate their walls and floors with curtains and rugs, extend it or even build a comfortable bed for ourselves let’s see, how time will accelerate. . So we managed to accelerate this flow by about 15 the 400 days have elapsed in 35-40 in real time Finally. We even have the option to choose another end and wait for us 400 days, although this also requires a lot of time. We can get too books to read, real and complete, for example “So Zarathustra spoke”Yes, in English. As long as we are comfortable and entertained in our home (note, in our home cave only, if we leave it, the flow of time will return to normal in real time), the hours will pass faster. Returning to the tragic situation we have gone through, there is no doubt that we are facing a rabbit news metaphor. The more comfortable we are in our homes and the more our intellectuals become busy and withdrawn, the sooner this painful confinement to which we are subject will pass.

The Longing: Review, 400 days of childbirth

Having started where the game offers us various exploration possibilities and seems to be entertained for a long time, we’ll see that in a few not too long sessions we will visit almost everywhere, other than those for which we have to wait a certain amount of time, as already discussed. Unfortunately the game nor does it offer us much to do to keep us busy during the stay. In addition, the a rhythm with which everything happens is parsimonious to the extreme, which means moving to an area that is too far away is colossal exercise patience. Also, at the beginning things seem to be happening in the caves over timeSo do our first walks in the hope of seeing what is changing. We’ll find out soon about this it’s just an illusion. We really liked the title proposal, and he made us live unique sensations with a video gamebut you would be very grateful if you did offer something else. Of course, we always have the choice, absolutely valid run the game the first and only time, and return after 400 days to wake the king, although we understand that it would not make much sense. To highlight, the correct translation into Spanish of all texts in the title.


Visuals The Longing is committed to a solemn approach, using octane and stage tones as if it were a canvas. The animations are somewhat robotic and schematic, but they perform their function properly, though as mentioned before they are parsimonious to the extreme. The sound effects help to create an atmosphere in our deep ocean, and the accompaniment is sound melancholy and deceitful, though he ends up repeating himself a little. The technical finish of the title is correct and fulfills its function of serving as a folder for a different and risky proposal. As we have already said, not all of us have a game before us. We are faced with kind exercise reflection and experimentation, nor surprise and take it first, but soon you see something weighing at the lack of incentives and tasks that he gives us the long wait he offers us to withstand. Its purpose is to give us the supreme feeling of loneliness, childbirth and hardship of the past, and in good faith does this.

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