The Longest Road In The World, A Good Routine Review


We analyze The Longest Road in the World for one of the most intimate and intimate home adventures with a unique soundtrack.

The indie industry covers the territory more personal and intimate from the developers themselves. They deal with taboo subjects and invite the player to reflect, showing that the video game can be something bigger. The Longest Road in the World is one of the low-budget hometown titles funded on Kickstarter. Raw Fury Team it invites us to reflect through everyday stories such as riding a bike, collecting shells on the beach or mapping the mop.

The Longest Road on Earth It is a very special title and shows up at every level. The game tells us five stories with no apparent relationship between them that is absent from epic, reflective or emotional moments. Her story is normal, every day, as if it were a normal human day. There are no special powers or tragic deaths, he is a person who is going to work.

Five lives, five routines

It is there where the player has to add his grain of sand so that The Longest Road on Earth effect. There must have been a previous prediction as we go from one point to another doing small actions. The only characteristic incentive they provide us with is an original soundtrack created by the Madrilenian Bicycle, singer and songwriter it gives life and feeling to the video game itself.

His songs gain prominence as we go along The Longest Road on Earth. There aren’t many moments when we don’t hear any of his songs resonating through the streets of the 60s-70s. A soundtrack accompanying the storytelling with ease, though not always with the same accuracy or leaving a moment of reflection for the player. We miss moments at a break or with ambient sound where you can observe the landscapes in detail and the the streets were bustling, as you reflect on what is happening at that moment.

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It’s a soundtrack that seems disconnected from the world presented and, at times, doesn’t seem to be part of the video game itself. Don’t get us wrong the store is right and follows a very strong rhythm that captures and creates a reflective environment for the players, but we think it would be good to integrate it in the world so that image and sound would be at the same speed using, for example, other instruments is a characteristic of time.

However, voice Bicycle He is beautiful and you can see the feeling he offers in each of his words. The most expressive tones are on the rise The Longest Road on Earth as we move through a video game that offers a different atmosphere and moments in each chapter. We start in a house far from the city, quiet and serene, and the final chapter shows the simplicity and happiness of a child, so this express change It fits like a glove.

Feeling of voice

The only problem we can find is that there is no increase in the tonality in favor of the rhythm of the game, but instead the full store of the large scales is reserved for the latter. The rest follows a very marked style that can be monotonous, since the scenarios that our main characters go through are very routine, so it’s not a storytelling problem, but the organization from the same. The main theme is particularly noteworthy The Longest Road on Earth, which fits perfectly with the video game itself and the message it intends to convey. It’s exciting, exciting and hard to forget.

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The visual aspect of The Longest Road on Earth it is incredibly lowered in the background if we compare it to its soundtrack, but it manages to deceive us. The landscapes are beautiful and have a great level of detail. In the long distances, as well as the nearest ones, they were very careful and took care of every place as if it were really special. And you feel it that way, there are no small places, but they are all given real importance and create a more dramatic atmosphere.

At first we thought that grayscale it was the wrong color palette, as we couldn’t tell our character apart from the rest. But then you realize that this decision was the best they wanted to show. The idea i The Longest Road on Earth nor is your character one of thousands of others. You are no more important than the rest.

Overall, the game lasts a few hours it gave us reflection in some aspects of everyday life and the way to feel and understand the basic concepts of our history. However, this reflection need not be correct. They already express from the first minute to they don’t want to be bombastic or something they don’t believe, but they try to show simple stories and that everyone interprets them as they wish.

This is a controversial decision, since it is understandable that it needs something more to understand the specific aspect that should be considered. We believe that The Longest Road on Earth he asks too much of the player himself. Yes, it’s an evening game with nothing waiting and coffee in hand, but we need a plus to understand it what should be transmitted to me every minute because there could be someone who left a bitter taste for a game he doesn’t deserve.

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One person, one story

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