The Big Con, Review. Great Iceberg For Thelma And Louise


A half – way, half – age film, we analyze a fun graphic adventure that pays homage to the genre, the 1990s and the world of cinema.

Going forward video store from the nineties and misleads humor, but not Clerks. He does pickpocketing art and yes an ongoing tribute to the cinema, but has nothing to do with Pickpocket. He is staring funny rebellious young woman who travels around the country fleeing the police and learning to be free, but we swear she is not the secret daughter of Thelma & Louise. There are many ways to describe The Big Con, but they would all be like that, with references to the big screen and a smile on the lips.

The game is Mighty Yell Studios a very simple graphic adventure which is around four, five hours and it seems to be a final love letter to the seventh art. His own approach is similar to that of very nice road movie in which we play the role of Ali, a teenage girl who travels around a wannabe version of America with the firm intention of stealing and swallowing enough money to save his mother’s video store from the hands of some moneylenders. What could be wrong with such a trip?

Its execution does not involve too many intricacies. We will go through a handful of cases isometric view and we will do it by solution easy puzzles, most of the style of Where ‘s Wally ?, or what’ s the same, a little more than find characters and objects. When we reach a level, for example, we may want something that belongs to person A, but that person will not want to give it to us until we get something that person B has, which someone will need itself, C, and so on. That way it’s time to explore until you find the final piece that causes the rest of the dominoes to fall.

On the way we can stand behind people and run fast QTE to swipe her wallet, which will allow us to accumulate money to help our mother with her debt. Or search collectibles for a travel buyer who bears many resemblances to La Tienda owner Stephen King. Or do side missions, such as the one that the secret recipe for a particular food intends to discover; a mystery that reminds us of when we had to discover the formula for the perfect spit on Monkey Island 2. To have it, we have the typical labyrinth of Zelda forests (here in a desert in Arizona or New Mexico), of which this is where the case has four ways out and we have to hit the right one over and over again or we will go back to the beginning. We could say that any major challenges or innovations, is not an evolution in its mechanics, but its era and variety prevent us from losing these factors. The Big Con classic, simple and enjoyable adventure game.

The Big Con

The true grace of the game is its setting and above all brilliant script and exceptionally written. His dialogue is a display of humor and humor that keeps us smiling goofy throughout the journey. But we appreciate Ali’s relationship with his mother and best friend. most emotional, warm and comfortable delicacy. It is a road movie with an aging soul. A story that you like more or less its themes and characters, but you can’t put a story on.

In addition, as we have already said in the Fire Tonight Review, it is always a joy to return to a world where walkers reign, the telephone booths, faint packages and cassette tapes (or Vhs). World of power outages (or fuleros), record stores (video stores) and nodes for 8 – bit consoles (or graphic adventures of the 90s). But if The Big Con even tells of the struggles to get hold of the Furby on duty! Is a great 90s site full of details, especially filmmakers about the legacy of Ali, who had worked in her mother ‘s shop since she was a child and brings out numerous references to the billboard of that time.

A valuable example of this synergy with the world of cinema featured in the collections, parodic versions of the most popular tapes of the time. Movida del 76 (changed here to Movida del 78); Back to the Future (renamed Back to the Pasture and now related to time travel to an era in which cows ruled the world); Friday the 13th (with its alternate version, Wednesday the 13th); o Open until dawn (although this time it belongs to vampires that eat corn and is called Hungry Go Dawn). The humor is so great that there is a choice to be placed in the settings of the game canned laughter during conversations, as in the sitcoms back then.

The Big Con

Particular reference should be made in this section of Dani Romo Gutiérrez, Lusimi García Ramírez and Nacho Sendino, those in charge of the location of the game. Because the site is great, but there are references to Superpop or phrases like “Piruli Chachi”, We are already talking about another level. Even the anomalies are delightful, and references here No one lives or Loves in troubled times. Another roll.

It could be said that this homage to the nineties is also nailed at the audio-visual level, ever since The Big Con is just as threatening as those years. All fair colors and garlic, with comic characters and arrangements unfortunately recycling here and there. Its soundtrack has its own great song with the name of the game for the main menu and completes the wrapping of such a product recognizable shame like the great adventures of Cachitos for TVE.

The Big Con
The Big Con
The Big Con


Sure it could be longer, more original, deeper, more challenging and so much and more “more” that today’s games require, but Big Con is a graphic adventure that has the most he excels in his simplicity, in that old – school aroma and that portrait of the nineties is so funny and so cinephile. The game tells a story that leaves a silly and tender smile on your face; a story halfway between the road movie and coming of age that is exceptionally written and as funny as it is in the end. A tribute to the genre and the era for spending four or five wonderful hours with it.

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