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We’ll tell you our final conclusions about The Ascent, the cyberpunk march that kicks off on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Hostile world.

The Ascent plunges you into a cruel, place world difference between living and dying it can be a school, a frown, or just getting into the wrong territory. The cyberpunk experience that the Veles world offers us is great for a team like Giant Neon. The studio, made up of senior shooters like Bulletstorm, transmits talent when it comes to creating a believable, vibrant setting. The conflict between neon and steel is what fans of the genre are looking for.

As the first dive, the result it is generally positive, but at the same time there is room to round the product. There are edges that can be too heavy over the hours. Logical for a start; optimistic for the future. We tell you what we thought of one of the big independent titles during this summer framework.

The Ascent xbox PC series review

Cyberpunk Paradise game

As we said at the beginning, The Ascent ‘s main muscle goes through it wonderful world. Vesel is the image we all imagine of cyberpunk par excellence. A hard, dirty place, where mankind has already found in technology what it has never achieved in biology. A process of progress that leads to a complex photograph of questionable morality.

The visual cases are reloaded, full of details; in fact, it is common to see how the visual effects relate to the passage of the activity. Shots, grenades, abilities… everything leaves track on stage in real time, and keep its performance at the target rate without any problem. The Review is based on the Xbox Series X version, so in this sense it is a solid technical adaptation for the user.

The Ascent xbox PC series review

Our environment tells more than the codex itself, a summary of all the characters and stories we encounter. The truth is that the story is hard to follow. We do some commissions for mafia caps, we cater to warlord type requests … but a clear plot line never reveals: it’s all about normal bullet exchange; we want it to be a little more homogeneous in this sense, as it is easy to get lost in the long explanations and speeches.

The Ascent shows the best side of it when you pull the trigger. As a top-down shooter he is almost flawless, frenetic sometimes, the RPG elements feel really good. We are talking about a progress curve marked by the level of your character against the enemies scattered throughout the action zones. It’s easy to go below mission level; in fact, performing secondary tasks is crucial to enlarging our muscles.

lead storm

If you are at that point, or at least at a similar level to your competitors, the game leaves a little help on your finger. Being able to fit your skill chain, as if he were a juggler, is an ongoing challenge as we strive to maintain our health at optimum levels. There are even times when we have trouble with spikes, especially when new archetypes are introduced into the formula.

The Ascent xbox PC series review

One of the keys to why shooting is fun goes through the various stages of the action. Not only can you fire your hip, you can raise your rifle above the cover or cruise to let the threats hit you below. Therefore, more than ever it is necessary master of the hedges and understand when it’s best to take cover, keep a duck, or shoot. It should also be pointed out when we talk about coverage we do not mean in the strict sense the third person shooters, but as an obstacle between your position and the bullet enemy.

Character development is measured between different values, such as evasion, weapon handling, body battery and critical hit rate, among other things. As we level up, we gain skill points to invest in, which will improve our ability up to a certain limit. That’s on the passive plane; however, the prostheses and the weapons themselves are included in the assets.

The Ascent xbox PC series review

Credits, the game ‘s main economic source, they are usually the quickest way to get new implants, physical enhancements that act as active abilities. One, for example, allows us to perform a melee blow that makes a tooth in armored enemies, while another launches a small robot that diverts the enemy ‘s attention in combat. There are many options that help to cope, but they are not as big as we would like, since the variety is not as wide as seen in its initial stages.

The Ascent leaves an irregular residue in some decisions. Rather than a general repetition of the structure of the game, Navigating the world seems a bit difficult to tackle. Although when we select an objective we are shown in real time how to approach it, it is quite common to walk hundreds of meters in a straight line with the only alternative of a group of lost enemies.

The Ascent xbox PC series review

You take out the map and it is not clear where you are, how many floor levels there are and where you can find the cupboards. It suffers from a stretch of land that is too large for the useful content it offers the player. Despite the fact that unlocking a taxi allows us to travel fast from any point and without a fight, the main objectives go to areas you have not yet visited, resulting in the long kick that we have shown. Sometimes it pays to know when you need to hit the brakes when designing your global structure.

Less is more

The sensations do not improve much even in cooperative, where you can share an adventure with up to three other friends, but at least it becomes lighter in the company of others. There are no level or finish restrictions, which means you can participate in any session and play, but if you are below the host level you will be playing against opponents far above you. The good thing is that you can contribute whenever you can, without pressure. We need to focus on the excellent stability of the online game, but not on the bugs found, especially in terms of localization to Spanish. Although the texts are in our language, it is common to read conversations that do not appear to be completely translated.

The Ascent xbox PC series review


The Ascent provides a platform for cyberpunk makers to unleash their steel and neon dreams. At the controls we find a visceral, forceful shooter who plays with the site to survive the hordes of bloody enemies. Being able to bend and raise the arm is a combination that gives depth to the elements around us, since a simple fast food stall, for example, can be a parapet where we can breathe and continue to face fighting. However, the stage has more to do with vision than with structure. It is common to eat nondescript long walks until you reach the goal, so during the 12 hours it can take to complete the main plot; if you want to complete the secondary tasks, the duration is just over 20 hours.

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