Tetris Effect: Linked Review, PC. Unique, Beautiful, Eternal


This new reimagining of the classic puzzle game is not limited to being one more edition, but it breaks all our expectations with its beauty.

Tetris Effect: Connected a is a game it gives us exactly what its main mode promised: a journey. A journey through scenes we did not expect to see, but which surprise and fill us with admiration. A unique experience in which we put pieces together in the old fashioned way, as we have always done in so many other editions, but in a whole new way. An experience that enjoys the night, without lights, with exploding music and graphics at an epic level. the evolution of the already amazing Tetris Effect.

And is that your levels are loaded with inspiration. Already the first one immerses us, never better said, in an aquatic theme with a song in the purest techno style of the 90s, but more cool. Wherever you look, everything is beautiful: the backgrounds? It’s so beautiful to see and enjoy. The pieces? They enjoy a life of their own, moving on their own, enjoying, interacting with the stage. The movement? Fluid, immersed, agile. Exactly what Tetris should be. The tethers are designed according to the theme of the story we are playing, and the backgrounds and particles floating around us will always take on a completely unique game experience.

And the best part is that the excellent soundtrack is a plug – in that includes no pain or glory in the gameplay. Nothing could be further: the way we move the tiles, the way we spin them, the combinations of layers we make, everything evokes sounds, melodies and symmetries that surround us and allow us to feel part of of the game. The player is not just a passive viewer of what the programmers have designed, but the sender of the ever – moving world.

If you are one of those people who enjoys watching a show instead of taking part, you are also in luck: the cinema mode allows you to absorb a cascade of sounds, images and particles that accompany each scene. Ideal if you want to relax and enjoy a beautiful view while playing the keys to enjoy the Panorama and the various effects it offers us. This modularity makes you feel like a real DJ.

Tetris Effect: Linked Review, PC. Unique, beautiful, eternal

The challenges we face help us feel part of the world that unfolds before us. And the point is that they go from objectives as simple as getting a certain player level, to others that are as awful as reaching the SS rank 50 times. If you are truly passionate about this type of game, you will have many goals to achieve, and dozens of hours ahead if you want everything to be finished.

And what about how it looks on a computer? Already the arrangements There are plenty of basics and leftovers to enjoy the experience 100%, because you donÔÇÖt have to be ambitious to build everything this game has to offer. But If you have a powerful computer that can meet the highest demands, you will be completely immersed in a world of colors, symphonies and fun.. This game gets the most out of the game with the graphics at an epic level, though leaving nothing low to be desired.

The Methods of Effect they are perfect if what you are looking for is a unique gaming experience, according to your mood. For example, you may want to relax by the seabed, or you may want to play it in a mysterious way where anything can happen at any time. From removing all the tiles from the board to getting the highest score, these modes allow you to customize the game so that you have the fun the way you want it.

Tetris Effect: Linked Review, PC. Unique, beautiful, eternal

One thing that happens to me is that the variations in the difficulty level can be frustrating for players. This changes in the middle of the screen, like the rest of the elements, going quietly from level 5, easy and simple to tackle, to 13, where the pieces fall to the ground before you have time to remember that you there. In ordinary cases this is not usually a problem, as the goals are easy to achieve and we can overcome them without the need for more than a few repetitions. However, the final screen of the single player mode is a real nightmare in which you have to get 90 lines while the tetramines laugh at the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, and us, as they are. Can it be overcome? Yes. Will it bother you to destroy your PC in the soul of the creators of Tetris┬« Effect: Connected? Too. Above, the music theme asks you questions as relevant as “What might you be afraid of?”

Tetris Effect: Linked Review, PC. Unique, beautiful, eternal


If a video game is an interactive work that aims to immerse the player through all the senses to capture it and persuade it to play more and more, without rest but without trying to build it , TetrisEffect: Connected is one of the most perfect media shows. Constant fun, a challenge tailored to our skill level thanks to the various difficulties, the full interaction with all the elements that are part of the game … An experience that reminds us what video games should be: interactive, and loaded with fun.

THE BEST _____

  • A whole new way to play enduring classics
  • Impressive soundtrack and graphics section
  • Full interaction, the player feels some of the scenarios


  • The level of difficulty can be frustrating, but it can change



A benchmark title of its kind, which stands out above its competitors and will please you from start to finish, probably again and again. A game that is destined to become a classic over the years.

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