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Tetragon is the new title from Cafundó Estúdio Criativo that will challenge PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC players through mysterious puzzles.

Mathematics is not usually the strength of those who devote ourselves to the art of writing, but something always stays with us. For polygon shapes, Tetragon The name is commonly known as square, so the name was already more than enough to grab our attention and get into the recent project of Cafundo Estudio Criativo Eirel.

Tetragon it challenges more than 20 puzzles and invites us to discover the feelings of a father who recently lost his son. The lumberjack will venture through an unknown element to meet him Tetra-Gen, a kind of polygonal god who promised to help him with the aim of recovering his dead heir. The base is good indeed, and it manages to capture you with that mysterious aura which surrounds you from the first moment but, unfortunately, dissolves in the first minute as well out of frustration or lack of interest by the player.

Manipulate the square

The idea of ​​how the puzzles should be solved Tetragon It is alright. Ingenuity and a desire to create something innovative, but the execution is not good enough. The main way to solve them is to move a series of pillars around the stage and help us achieve the goal of continuing to move forward. The problem is the selection of these columns is slow because we have to do it one by one and, while not a problem at first, when the whole situation is full of them it becomes exciting and slows down the pace in a game that is, in general, easy and very accessible for those who want to enjoy a few puzzles.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas because they are easy. Some pillars return to their position when we deselect them and others move as a function of gravity, that is, the rotate which we call the stage. This movement can only be done in very specific places on the map and we believe that it limits the creativity of the player solve puzzles, since it does not allow the stage to rotate to one place most of the time.

Tetragon, son, boy, forest, lumberjack, protagonist, pillars

One of the things he does best Tetragon is the implementation and a combination of mechanics. While it is true that there are not many to choose from, there are few who combine them with ease. Unfortunately, it’s not a constant thing and you feel like the game progresses in that same mechanic very quickly, sooner or later the awful feeling of the monotony in an adventure that barely reaches two hours ré. It’s not worth saving the only combat in the whole game.

In setting aside the puzzles we would like to pay special attention to the animation the lumberjack. Yes, we have found some bug in which our character is towards recognition moon, but otherwise we found a very good movement. They are fluid, very natural and especially good compared to a general finish Tetragon. In the same bag we have to put the atmosphere, as well art design that covers you from the first moment also thanks to its soundtrack.

Like painting

We also met certain failures in Switch control (tested with various controls without the terrible stream) in which our character acted alone and forced us to repeat a puzzle more than once from the beginning, which is not appreciated in this type of game. Also, the interface is, say, wrong and more like a basic mobile game. There is no design or taste selected, that is simply a basic type of font ugly main menu and pause menu.

Tetragon, switch, ps4, xboxone, computer, jump, wall, castle, figure
Tetragon, switch, ps4, xboxone, computer, guardian, forest
Tetragon, switch, ps4, xboxone, computer, castle, bullets, lock, movement, lumberjack


The general feel of Tetragon is not good. Everything it offers is mitigated in the first minute and the indifference arrives sooner than expected. The idea is good, but new mechanics come into play as quickly as they disappear diluted in a sea of ​​frustration due to poor control and delay in the process of solving the puzzles. The interface is neglected compared to the rest of the visual elements such as the selected animations or design, but when the play fails, the rest falls under its own weight.

THE BEST _____

  • Very good animation.
  • Good ideas …


  • … poor execution.
  • Slow and maddening speed.
  • Monotonous: you feel like you are always doing the same thing
  • Unmotivated puzzles.

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