Terminator Review: Enhanced Resistance, “(Un) Marked For Determination”


Skynet gives us a second chance to rewrite our view of Funny Resistance Reef.

When Polish studio Teyon and publisher Reef Entertainment announced that their next game would be based on another mega-recognizable cinematic IP as Terminator, practically all of us were keeping our heads. Because if the same study that ‘perpetuated’ Rambo The Videogames, defending that ‘horror vacui’ INVESTMENT – and seeing who subscribed to this full Rambo fangirl – would accept the James Cameron franchise, what would come of sin?

With everything against it, in October 2019 Teyon released Terminator: Resistance. And while its average marks were relatively discreet and the general opinion of the specialized critics was not very favorable, it was of little surprise to Skynet Resistance fans. Here at MeriStation we analyze it from top to bottom in its FPS Campaign mode, and we gave it a 5.5, scrambled, approved model.

Terminator Review: Improved Resistance,

“They set our destiny in a microwave”

Why then the ‘little surprise’ thing? Well, because Resistance is that example not of a bad or failed game no more, but of a good proposal on paper, and ambitions to try to do something more complicated than the typical licensed game, taking advantage of the first premiere of a new film – in this case Terminator: Dark Fate. Resistance, workers, and gameplay has a good story that hits here and there to create a mix of gunplay, looting, RPG, stealth, crafting, linear + open advance scenarios, in which you can go to sack in 10 hours an hour or so.

But in the end, Triple-A’s ambitions hit the Tier B budget, and the set failed on all sides, especially in an outdated and performance-poor graphics set (on consoles), and effective, fun-to-play gunplay. -use sometimes only a little. inspired by others, along with enemies with a worse aim than Stormtrooper from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Terminator Review: Improved Resistance,

The user community, however, has not wanted to forget it for the past year and a half, rescue it and say “It’s not perfect, but it has good stuff.” For them, Teyon and Reef have decided in this PS5 port to give them the console version they deserved after a much more stable PC port.

Since the core of the game is basically the same, in this link to the Review of Terminator: Resistance on PS4 you can read everything about the gameplay, graphics, plot, etc. In this review we will focus more than anything on the news, starting with a pleasant surprise: Implementation of some functions of the PlaySation 5 DualSense controller in terms of vibration system and trigger.

“There was a man who taught us to fight”

Of course, don’t expect to use as intense an Astro Playroom in terms of vibration, or stimulus resistance as immersive as the Cold War CoD Black Ops, but it has both: Weapons will give you some resistance when burned, and the vibration will help you simmerse yourself a little more in the experience. It is, as we say, something we did not expect but it is there. And you can too disconnect from game options without going through the PS5 settings. In addition, the light on the PS5 controller synchronizes with your health bar and notifies you when it’s lowered.

Terminator Review: Improved Resistance,

The second big news is in a new game mode that runs apart from the main campaign. Infiltration mode was only available for the Resistance port to PC, but Teyon has brought it to us on consoles, which is appreciated since it is pure fan service.

Trying to recreate the look of one of the iconic scenes from the first Terminator, The Departed takes you inside the human tissue of T-800 which must infiltrate human resistance degrees and get information for Skynet. And for the first time in the game, you go from one handler to one of the first Terminators. And yes: you have the famous red vision of the Terminator.

Terminator Review: Improved Resistance,

The downside is that it lasts a sigh – they basically are 40-50 minutes of the campaign– It’s not too great considering who you’re driving, and there’s no more usability after the first game. But it is more detailed that it is integrated in this Enhanced edition.

The third pillar of this Resistance Enhancement is its graphic section. One of the most controversial things about Resistance on consoles is not only the poor quality of its textures and stiff animation of the characters in the cinema, but the performance, since it hit jerseys, frame drops were not only in the moments of the highest load in a screen. Even if you locked the frame rate at 30fps, you were still joking. All of that, or almost everything, was corrected.

Terminator Review: Improved Resistance,

On the one hand, Improved Resistance it now moves at a constant of 60fps, and although it sometimes has ‘scratches’ frames, Is punctual and when the screen is oversaturated with actions and items. The resolution has been increased as much as you can 4K play if you have a compatible TV. In addition, Teyon contributed more graphic effects to help immersion – such as suspended dust particles – better lighting, post – processing effects, more textured details and lots more shading all over the place, enhancing the game’s prudent artistic direction, which completely immerses you in Terminator Universe.

“Can’t reason with him. He’s an exterminator.”

The problem? That said, while the set now delights at 60fps and with higher resolution, it continues to be present low quality textures and character animations indicating your budget. It has improved, and many, but more inclined towards remastering than repetition in this section.

Of course, unlimited kudos to the study for the loading times, since It didn’t improve them, it just destroyed them. The game loads so fast that the loading screens seem unnecessary. And you can play the whole campaign at once without waiting between levels.


We gave Terminator Resistance 5.5 a year and a half ago, and still defended it as one of the best games based on the universe created and secured by James Cameron. And yes, hell, it is. The only thing is, Teyon’s mind collides with his budget and development time. However, having worked on this Enhanced port says a lot about their intentions, about the vision they had from the beginning. While it doesn’t improve enough to correct all of its flaws, it does give it a new visual and performance patina. That is why he deserves to go from quite a significant low and undress from the undoubted extinction. And if you’re a fan of Terminator, give it a try.

THE BEST _____

  • Loaded times, just destroyed
  • Increased resolution and constant 60 fps
  • Inclusion of resistance in triggers
  • Infiltration mode, pure fan service
  • Terminator is still a great experience, loyal and working


  • Textures and animations still need a good refresh
  • No matter how short the Infiltrator mode, it lasts a breath
  • If we didn’t have this version on PS4 a year and a half ago, the game would undoubtedly have been better lucky.

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