Superman Red Son, Review


The coronavirus could not counteract Krypton’s son in CDMX

Despite the cancellation of its premiere Mac Dearg Superman in New York for the coronavirus, Warner Home Video Entertainment Latino it premiered around a very particular way in Mexico City, while improvising an event at the Coyote Drive-In.

In this way, not all the helpers could expose ourselves when we were locked in our car and enjoy a story that a son tells Krypton within the cold war of Soviet union.

Superman Red Son, Review

Rating: 8

The approach tells us a iron man who decides, after discovering his powers in 1946 as a teenager, to put them in service I├│sif Vissari├│novich Dzhugashvili, better known Joseph Stalin being able to carry the Soviet ideal beyond its own borders. The setting and the play will allow us to Wonder Woman as an ambassador for Themiscira within the territory of Russia. But Lex luthor within the United States as a competitor to Superman, that Lois Lane as a journalist who plays a fundamental role, as usual, in the story and i Batman Russians, too, in an antagonistic role that will surprise many.

As an adaptation of the comedy this film may be short, but not because of the level of production and plot, but because the result is not fully developed, so we highly recommend reading it for the wonderful purpose of the original comedy know.

Superman Red Son, Review

The humor of Superman The Red Son it became very popular in 2003 by hand Comics DC And now the film is available on almost every digital platform and on March 17 it will be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Superman Red Son, Review


Undoubtedly Superman Red Son is a great film that could remind us of the tensions that existed between the United States and the former USSR with some types that would not be expected by connoisseurs of classical history, but without no doubt that is an original approach well worth the same era

THE BEST _____

  • Great adaptation
  • Good animation
  • Good English dubbing


  • The raised end in the comedy was missing

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