Super Meat Boy Forever, Review. It Was Not The Sequence We Wanted, But The One We Deserved


The sequel to one of the best 2D platformers in history is a game full of controversy and change, but just as challenging and addictive.

When a developer doesn’t send you code for Review (or send it late) and your text comes out after the rest, let’s face it, any writer feels a Metacritic breath on the neck. The loss of interest in your piece, from that criticism that anyone will have been able to read before in 1,200 other sites, is bad enough, but on top of that you have to go with leaden legs to not to see the notes of the rest and not to be influenced from what others have said before. It seems easy, but it ‘s not. You often remember what your parents said: But what difference does it make to you what other people think? Well, look, mum, most of the time it comes to me, but there are other people where it does, it affects me and it matters. No matter how much armor you put on and no matter how many walls you build around you, there is always something that hits you from the inside. Imagine suddenly falling in love with a game like Super Meat Boy Forever and, when you come home and preach your love to the world, you go and find that you are Montague, Meat Boy a Capulet and your relationship, an impossible thing. Because that is how society ruled it. Because as you start talking to him in verse, or walking around the balconies, they will look bad on you on forums and social networks, you will start listening an joke briefcase and many will ensure that you have set aside the credibility of your magazine. Not to mention the lack of respect and persecution. Be that as it may, who would not be affected? While it may not be tempting to look at pages like Opencritic to take advantage of it later, get out of trouble, number it and exit let the text speak for itself? Everyone, absolutely everyone. But of course, that’s where professional deontology comes in, also known as the great ending to Ratatouille, who taught us “writing and reading negative reviews is fun, but there are times when a critic has to take a chance to discover and defend something new ”. And that is what we are going to do today. All this spiel was all about gathering courage and telling you, despite the consequences and still being aware of the 4 broken ones by users, We really liked Super Meat Boy Forever and we are to protect it tooth and nail. Because we are late, just want to fight.

The good thing about showing up late for the party is that we could cut off the chase. By this time we all know the host and, to a greater or lesser extent, we have heard about it the controversies that accompany it. In review on the fly, Super Meat Boy Forever has been bombarded for five reasons: He is a self-runner, uses only a few buttons, it was designed as a mobile game, levels are procedurally generated and developed without the creator of the original Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen. In the Meta-zero museum, most of the exhibitions reveal these reasons as justification for everything. We will not deny that change is capital and it takes a while to get used to it. Super Meat Boy Forever realizes it can’t beat its predecessor. At the end of the day we are talking about one of the peaks of the platforms in two dimensions and one of the titles that broke the glass ceiling of indie games. Surrounding it is already myth and reality. Therefore, instead of following him and condemning him to death under his long shadow, Super Meat Boy Forever chooses to rebel against his father and find your own way. If you’re kind of conservative with the sequences and don’t make the changes well, this installment is going crazy for you. It’s almost better to stay with The End is Wash, McMillen’s great bastard son, although it also has some differences, it has much more in common with the original formula. But if you are willing to give it a sincere chance (no, from the heart) with the news, you get into it Super Meat Boy Forever another fucking scene. You may not have to swear by this type of text, but this is a game in which there is more blood than in a Tarantino movie and where more combs are made than is sometimes called fuck in Scorsese movies. And hell is the softest thing you’re going to let out of your mouth when you die forty hundred times.

Sequence involving controversial decisions

Are you an auto-runner? If it is. The character moves forward at full speed automatically. What’s wrong with it? It is one more proposal within the genre of platforms. Bit. There was also Trip Runner 2, which is a great game. Also, in the first Super Meat Boy there were many levels of style. Steps where we had the edge of the screen as a finish, it moved and forced us to pull forward yes or no. Not to mention the amazing levels of music of the latest Raymans. The rejection of all automatic runners by decree is as absurd as deflating a platform from being in three dimensions. If that was bad, then still, but Super Meat Boy Forever is perhaps one of the best auto runners ever. Just use a few buttons? Right. But that’s what the whore said to the embarrassing sailor: “Hey, handsome, it doesn’t matter what you have, but how you use it.” With both of its buttons, Super Meat Boy Forever more movements, objects and mechanics than the original (which is enough to push three ways, let ‘s not kid ourselves). Was it originally a mobile game? That’s right, and that’s not why you have to look over your shoulder. Then we offend when someone from outside the sector does the same thing, when they treat videos with an air of excellence and exclude them from art and culture. When you generalize. Let’s not do the same with the iOS and Android catalog. Everything is there. Titles born on mobile phones and later won on consoles, such as the Horizon Chase saga. Others went the other way, like Plants vs Zombies and that second numbered installment. Or the original of the platform, see Monument Valley (see who the heartless heart makes a mess with). Whether it is a game for mobile influences its design and approach, real, but to an extent it is incredible. Not to go too far, Bit series. It is a reference to a journey into the world of auto runners and was born on a desk. And anyway, no matter what concept you had no matter. Super Meat Boy Forever decided to make it out on consoles more than three years before its launch, so most of its development has been discontinued.

The rest of biases and criticism come under their own weight. Do you have procedurally generated levels? Not a lot, but he does something similar and he’s lucky. The first Super Meat Boy was very long, but thanks to the dark levels and the plasterer collection (we unlocked more and more characters, secrets and extra stages). Nowadays the truth, however, about the commonality of mortals has not gone far beyond the luminous world. Difficulty took care of him. In the sequel, and thanks to this novel, the little stumps will have as much light level as games believe. Its lifespan is skyrocketing. A “global generator”There are a lot of hoops to be seen about it. It is not true, for example, that you can play a hundred levels harder than the rest of the game. There is no way. The worlds have tutorials that are practically identical for all players and gradually increase the length of their levels. In addition, everyone has their own mechanics and progress. Contains explosive crates, hooks, Extra Extra Gems, Teleporters, etc. Always visible at the same height. What changes are the design and order of several screens, but they usually have the same difficulty as they come from the same mixed bag. It is also not true that the levels feel neglected and that the difference with those “hand-designed” is noticeable. Basically because all of the Super Meat Boy Forever are also handmade. The game doesn’t create anything, it doesn’t design. Select the screens that appear (and in what order) from the screens previously created by the studio. And they’re so great and well executed, if the game itself really made them, the design days would be manually numbered. The latest charge against Super Meat Boy Forever is Taliban McMillen, which launched a crusade against the work on the fact that its original creator is not cooperating there. It is true that McMillen is like King Midas and it turns everything related to gold (The Binding of Isaac), but that doesn’t mean there are more people with talent and ideas. Some have to believe that they are taking revenge on them and doing favors, when in fact they are the author has no hatred for Team Meat. “I wish the team the best of luck in the world and I am very interested to see what new and amazing advances they can make with IP,” he announced at the time. Why did he give us this? personal vendettas, purges, cancellations and witch hunt instead of sitting down to have fun and enjoy?

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews

In the world of cinema, theater or series, the most important thing in a scene is the conflict. At least that’s what the script and drama gurus say. Conflict, conflict, conflict! Their mouths are filled with the little word and they even distinguish between external and internal conflicts. They explain that choosing between having a pizza or a hamburger for dinner is not a conflict. If you go through the forest, you are attacked by a wolf and you have to fight to the death to save your life, that is not a conflict either, but an obstacle. The conflict is when you have to choose between two things And, whichever you choose, you are going to lose. It’s something that breaks you inside. For the wolf there is no conflict because the choice is clear: kill it and save your life. It is a very interesting subject with many studies, explanations and debates. And it is too the key to understanding Super Meat Boy Forever. Because despite the changes, there is the soul of the original: impossible jerseys, accuracy and speed. Or what is the same, difficult and addictive game. With that he created his own formula for Coca-Cola, his own generator of fun and happiness. Because if a challenge seems impossible and you overcome it, the greatest satisfaction is (impossible jerseys). If you fail but feel it was your fault (accuracy), you want to try again. And if the resume gives you a new chance in a few seconds, you take advantage of it (velocity). The art part and its stage are very cool and very good, but in terms of defining what Super Meat Boy is, we all trust the same: a very difficult, yet addictive platform as it is by itself. That is the soul of the first, the soul of the saga. Team Meat probably came to this same conclusion when they started working on the sequence. Super Meat Boy Forever harder and more addictive. However, in order to achieve what this sequence was all about and surprise at the same time, the team had to give up what many fans wanted (which is more the same). They had to choose between the play and the audience. Between public praise and feeling that they made their mark and did what they believed in. Dead end. Decided they were going to lose whatever they chose. CONFLICT. In the end they chose to take a risk, get out of their comfort zone and go on their way. For that reason they made the changes that were so widely criticized. Super Meat Boy Forever It was not the work we wanted, but it was the work we deserved. It is faithful to the spirit of what we once loved, even if it doesn’t look like it at first.

The increase in difficulty is due (in part) to its status as an auto-runner. We no longer have time to think about how to go from one point to another. You have to get it out on the fly and improvise a route. First they will probably kill us before they get it. Well, the first and the second and the third and … We die more times than ever. No more waiting quietly to draft a plan, the danger goes or a saw is located where we need it. Now we have to face platform parts under conditions that we did not choose and that are, of course, not in our favor. What’s more, we are forced to be aware of more things. Before it was about when to jump, how hard and where we could bounce and land. In Super Meat Boy Forever our attention is divided between new moves, objects, enemies and the need to find places where Meat Boy can slow down, or at least make a change of direction. It’s another reason we say it’s the game we deserve. We live in a time when difficulty increases, thanks to titles like Souls (among other things). We are all pro-gamers and no-hitters. Super Meat Boy Forever is a cure for humility and shows that we only like challenges to a certain extent and that we set the rules, that is, if we choose when we reveal ourselves and when, at school, we are small eggs and it’s not worth it. Remains extremely fair, accurate and satisfactory, but the game takes control of the user and leaves him naked, demanding things from him that he is not currently used to. There will be people who call them frustrated before they adapt. We remember that the same thing happened with the original in his day. He had the gloom and impudence as a breath of fresh air back in 2010. If this sequence were limited more than a decade later to asking and praising the same, we are not going to seduce you, it would we were a little disappointed. We are glad to see that there are still games that can mourn the champions of difficulty, for those with a store of 106% in the first installment. As for accelerators, it will be the next GOTY. It couldn’t be better news that it surprises and invites everyone to improve.

Disassemble the revised bombers

It was one of the greatest strengths of the original respawn ridiculous That brought us back to action in a few seconds. Super Meat Boy Forever keeps it going, but it eliminates the precious habit of snorting and pointing fingers with the doll standing, while we think about whether to continue playing. The sequence determines us, because as soon as we start it puts our main character already running. There is no time to say “another”. What is there is another. And another, and another. The way to consume its content is more extensive if possible. It seems like such a simple (and stupid) approach that it shouldn’t work, but it works. Here’s what you don’t think, you act. No doubt, it is played. Incredible as it sounds, it can be more addictive than the first one. Not only does it add runner auto to this, but also the way to measure the levels. The feeling of being solve puzzles floats in the environment. Most of the screens are broken by doing something concrete that we need to remove. And of course, since our first time on every level is just flashes, snapshots before death, we find little by little solutions and we have them a comfortable sense of progress. In its predecessor, many times you reached a screen and understood everything. It wasn’t criticism, far from it, it was immediate and intuitive, great. But when you wanted to stop playing, you went into the transition level, took a look at it and will see it soon. In this one you don’t have an overview of the situation (the planes are more closed) and you don’t know when it’s activated, so you often don’t know what’s involved. For this reason, you are not only trying to overcome a level, but also learning how to overcome it. This is new approach to puzzles It may not have sat well with it (and in fact, as we’ll see later, it takes a toll in a few ways), but most of the time it ends up trapping in our networks. How does that object work? And here’s what to do? This is impossible!

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews

The rest of the ingredients that made up that first love potion are still in place. Bandages are replaced by pacifiers, but the rest are the same. We have dark worlds, warp zones, and over fifteen characters that can’t be unlocked. The number of minigames, secrets and references remains intriguing. (Don’t miss this video with all the video games it pays homage to). There is always something to discover, something to do. When he’s not going over a level without dying, he’s getting an S degree. It is complete at 100% suitable only for the brave. On top of that now it looks better than ever. It retains its distinctive flash appearance, but still more effects, color and definition. It exudes personality and is a joy to see in its cinemas. Same with their location, enemies and ultimate bosses. What ultimate bosses! As amazing as they are difficult, the kind that gives you nightmares and rethinks if you were ever good at a video game. The soundtrack is well-intentioned and works well, but after so much repetition, it weighs a few pounds. And by itself, the story, while a story, is headstrong and funny. He picks up where the previous one left him and yes thirty minute sequences (Thirty!) Which, as we said, is a real joy to see.

Looking at the Review, anyone would say that we liked it more than the first one and it seemed like a masterpiece. Let’s not forget it either. It is true that we hastily defended their approach, simply because we find a method in his mind and many of the criticisms that threaten the future of IP seem so unfair to us. Super Meat Boy Forever There are obstacles and things that can be improved, but most of them are not to blame. On a technical level, for example, steps slow down with a cluster of explosions and on-screen enemies. Light and punctual, but delayed. Therefore it is true that the respawn is a little slower And it doesn’t make any sense, now that all levels are made up of multiple screens, there is no option in the pause menu to restart them from scratch. If we are to overcome a step without dying as we ascend, we will have to go out on the world map and re-enter that level to start again. The same thing happens with the minigames when we try to hit their maximum score. You have to leave and re-enter. it is something a little gifted, uncomfortable. At the same time, no game is as diverse as the unlocked characters as diverse as those in the first place, almost reduced to skins, and some like Brownie or Relationship Goals make us think of that. a few markers, ghosts or a cooperative mode would be nice. The game is a fit for himself. They are details, small things that take it out of perfection. So far nothing is too important. But there are a few questions and problems.

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews

We let them get an insight into the paragraph in which we talked about their approach to puzzles and the lively new amount of content they are treated with. Now there are a lot of puzzle-oriented screens in which we need to do something concrete to move forward. You need to find a solution that is not always in plain sight. it is pure trial and error. The first life of each platform division is spent in trials and experiments, finding the way out. When we do, as we said, we will not stop until we hit it. The feeling of progress is very comfortable and we get a bigger bug than a bug over the first Super Meat Boy. But this approach also means that the game hides and loses one of its keys. Because often, these puzzles have only one solution (when we were in the original we could carve our own way). Sometimes we even complicated our lives with the persistence of finding a particular place based on bouncing and chapering. Here we find many levels that are solved by pressing the action button at the right time and a specific number of times. Time ends with too much weight. In the final boss, for example, it’s a matter of figuring out what it is and memorizing it (by the way, it’s not an easy thing). There are fewer roads, fewer solutions. Not that the other person had enough, let’s not exaggerate, but the sensation of the boots was not so urgent. When we talk about trails, we also mean that jumping could be done well, badly or regularly, and depending on that, the next one was more or less difficult. Small changes that, when accumulated one after the other, made our journey between blades and dangers something unique, something different from what the rest of the players had. Here are our moments when the jerseys come out or not, do no more. We do it as marked or it is finished. It’s not a fault that’s going to ruin the game (we’ll only notice it in the last few days), but it is.

Strangely enough, the explanation for this problem is not only detached from the fact that Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-runner, but from its level design. The plane is usually more closed (the camera is closer) and the deck sections are shorter and more horizontal. The verticality and dimensions of the best stages of the original were lost, whose design was top notch and impressive. And after all, this is because now each level is much more than a screen. Before each world had 20 levels, Super Meat Boy Forever is for the 5 levels per world. In return, each of these five has a number of different sections that in the first game would be considered a level for itself. That is to say technically, Super Meat Boy has more stages on its first level than in the previous full game world. Why does he do this? For his new “global generator”. To make sense, each level must be made up of several, and in order to fit, instead of growing upwards, vertically, they must grow on all sides, and they must be small and manageable, so that they are interchangeable with each other and make everything different. The reasoning is a mess, wow, but it explains a decision that It has its pros and cons. Among the first, the game is even faster, harder and more addictive, changing every time we create a new save game and offering a great new sense of progress. Unlike, the title more guided, it depends too much on the timing and the size of its parts the game is shorter and doesn’t delve too deeply into your thoughts. The latter is a great shame, because the display of imagination and originality is wonderful. At each new level, Super Meat Boy Forever performs try to surprise us with new objects, mechanics and movements, many times pay homage to the history of the platforms, from which he rescues his ideas (the pipes from Super Mario, the TNT boxes from Crash Bandicoot, the ring to slow down Braid time ….). It never lets us get bored. But of course, with such a short combination, he barely fiddles with these contributions and doesn’t use two at once. It doesn’t give him time, it stays on the surface. Not that the game is short either (about 6 hours the luminous worlds), but by going faster, having less path and playing at the same time, it lasts less than the previous one and its rhythm and level design prevent you go deeper. If I ever did … Oh, if I had done it!

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews

The key to understanding Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews
Super Meat Boy Forever reviews

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews
Not entirely procedural, the game has a global generator with its own seeds, la Minecraft.

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews
The final bosses are memorable. Impressively maddening.

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews
Like the previous one, the game is full of secrets, extra stages, minigames, collectibles, characters to unlock … and so on.

Super Meat Boy Forever reviews
Metal Gear Solid 3 or Super Meat Boy Forever? The title is full of references to other video games and a tribute to the platform genre.

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