Super Lucky New Story, Review


Luck returns for a completely revamped 3D platformer adventure in a multi-format format; We analyzed it on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

The story of Lucky story He is as curious as he is busy. That said, the development study did Fun presented in early 2016 the first version of the game for PC specially designed for VR Oculus Rift, as one of the first launched titles of the, at that time, novel novel virtual reality device. It wouldn’t be until the end of 2017 when the game would leave its exclusivity with Oculus to reach Pc and Xbox One, thus adapting his game proposal to a more traditional format. At the end of 2019, however, Playful surprised a new version of its colorful title for Nintendo Switch as part of a series of ports shared between Microsoft and Nintendo, now baptized as Super Lucky New Story. And the “New” addition reveals, far from being like a simple, profound marketing move review of the original work, complete an adventure that can be considered almost a whole new game. Now, after its first celebration in Nintendo switch, Super Super Lucky Tale reaches the rest of the current platforms, that is, Pc, PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s see how this profound facelift fit an Lucky adventure and company in our Review.

Once the peculiar trajectory of colorful platform adventureWe’ll see what it has to offer fans of a genre that has recently received more than interesting titles, from the remastering of classics such as Crash Bandicoot or Spyro to new franchises as Yooka-Laylee or Hat in Am, to name but a few examples. In this case, New Super Lucky’s Tale retains much of the original structure of the base game, but as we say and because of the complete redesign For many of its key features, this version can be considered almost a whole new platform, while maintaining its childish character, a title for all ages that will be particularly appealing to the smallest person in the house, for its audio – visual presentation and for its accessibility of its controls. However, let’s learn more about its context before dealing with its novels and game recommendations.

Behind the lost pages of Tome of Ages

At the plot level, New Super Lucky’s Tale keeps its core intact and presents us with a simple story with the figure of the classic blue man and a young hero who must restore peace in his home, rescuing their loved ones. The story is presented at the beginning of the adventure through colorful illustrations animated as little as possible, through an effective soundtrack with well-interpreted English voices with Spanish subtitles. Overall, the evil sorcerer Jinx and his peculiar family called the Bruscar Minina, they chased away the guardians, some of whom were lucky and his family, who were sent to other worlds accordingly. Fortunately, the Tome of Ages, a book that unites the different worlds through its pages, through which the rest of the guardians can return. The problem is that Jinx has torn the pages and our friendly main character will be tasked with retrieving them through a journey through a different and diverse world.

This is how a platform that follows the letter begins with the main characteristics of the great classics of the genre, such as exploring or collecting elements around their world, as well as chasing the shift bosses or solving various types of puzzles and challenges. Therefore, we take a quick journey with a number of objectives to be achieved, such as the page collection of the famous magic book as the main motivated beats along with other extras such as hundreds of coins scattered around the world (some visible and some more hidden and even invisible), diamonds that will provide extra coins, secondary pages or the letters that make up the name L-U-C-K-Y, among other elements. In fact, the search is focused on the pages of the book, since as we accumulate a certain number, the doors of the various boxes will open which will allow us to travel to the next world, up to six, when lost.

Super Lucky New Story, Review

The rest of the collectibles are only used to get one hundred percent of each level, as well as recover pieces of clothing for Lucky in exchange for coins in various stores of the world or at singles settlement puzzle. A typical platform development classic reminiscent of games like Banjo-Kazooie And it works like a charm to keep pace and interest. At the level of play, it is also committed to simplicity as a direct way to play; and Lucky moves with ease, offering the player the typical double jump, the possibility of momentarily sliding on hard surfaces or digging underground on sand or grass surfaces with the tail blowing to destroy enemies, often in the form of non-threatening creatures that will not withstand much resistance. The combination of these elements guarantees a enjoyable and entertaining gameplay, with a good level of precision in the jerseys and general handling of the little fox.

And beyond the three-dimensional levels with complete freedom of movement, New Super Lucky’s Tale also offers lateral scrolling levels which gives diversity to their development. Challenge mode levels that combine gameplay mechanics. autorunner with other cheaper ones in the purest style for 2D platforms; in this sense, we value his intention to get rid of monotony. But, what news does this new version called “New” bring to the original video game? There are actually a lot of changes, from the figure visual aspect from game to level design, in addition to other key features such as the possibility of the camera with complete freedom; in the main levels in 3D only, not in the two-dimensional ones, of course. And it turns out that the camera could not be rotated around the main character in the original title instead of modifying the perspective a bit, and in this case we appreciate it, albeit with a slight setback.

Note that the base game was not designed for this functionality, so we can find out by moving the camera numerous secrets of the levels, since he gets, literally, in places he shouldn’t while rotating on Luck, destroying some other surprise; the same thing happens with the final boss from time to time, revealing attack patterns or other elements that were kept “hidden” in the original thanks to a much more static camera. Where an abysmal jump is noticed it is staged, now much brighter, colorful and with much more on-screen detail compared to the original delivery. And the fact is that the arrangements have been enriched with new elements, objects, new textures and a much more attractive lighting treatment; each supported by a deep level redesign that gives more than remake than a simple review.

Super Lucky New Story, Review

But not everything is ideal, far from it. Due to the graphic jump, the game is suffering from little downs de frame rate, sometimes annoying and that can jump nail or fight to the limit to destroy. A slightly muddy case that shouldn’t happen if we consider that Playful video game doesn’t have a graphical pointer, even in hardware strength of power to move such a title. Another area that could clearly be improved is loading screens too long, as they enter new levels, secret realms or worlds and when you return to the game after losing a life.

Super Lucky New Story, Review


New Super Lucky’s Tale comes as a breath of fresh air for a genre that is reclaiming the best form with a number of recent quality releases and aims to occupy that space that is particularly suited to the smallest house; however, older fans of the school platforms will find an entertaining, fun and easy – to – play adventure, thanks to the practical difficulty level of a testimonial. One of his best assets is his exploration and desire to complete one hundred percent of all levels. In short, a return to the classic formula of three-dimensional platforms that does, while not very ambitious, do what it promised; Too bad those little traps that prevent a Playful game from shining brighter against the competition.

THE BEST _____

  • Entertaining, fun and full of sympathy
  • Exploration with interesting incentives
  • Very determined gameplay and control
  • Numerous improvements to the original


  • A free camera can ruin wonders
  • Frame drops too present
  • Slightly long and heavy loading times



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and does not create serious flaws, although it lacks elements that can be taken to higher levels.

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