Subnautica: Below Zero, An Review Of The King’s Return


We analyze Subnautica: Below Zero, the sequel that enhances all that has been seen before and shows us maritime beauty through great survival.

If Subnautica did something very good then in 2018, it was the evolution of the survival formula to another level. It added a layer of depth to a genre that looked stagnant and created an underwater atmosphere never seen before in other games. So others like the remarkable Breathedge were born, but now the king is trying to reclaim his throne Subnautica: Below zero. After going through early access, designed as an expansion and later as a standalone game, the Unknown Worlds team wanted to capitalize on what they had learned and invest everything generated to bring us another. an inadvertent underwater adventure.

Subnautica: Below zero or Subnautica 2Its name does not mean that it is a different game from the original. It may not provide the same freshness or the news effect is comparable to the original effect, but it is not a small delivery at all. It is noted that it is the original idea Subnautica: Below zero It was an extension that went out of hand, but first we can tell you if you like this it will be even more fun and entertaining thanks to the general polish they have dedicated to it.

Subzero Living

We will revisit the habitable people now planet 4546B looking for answers about where Robin ‘s sister is. His story has a very irregular rhythm in which we can progress a lot in a few hours or not progress in a total of eight. The reason for this is Subnautica: Below zero it gives few clues to progress in its history and forces you to explore if we want to finish the game. It’s a concept that many won’t like, but the only reason to do such a thing is because they know where its origins really live.

Personalization and exploration are crucial to living as Subnautica: Below zero. There is a large amount of biomass that we collect materials that we do not find in others. That specificity it also applies in its topographical and visual design, ending its world with a very appreciative variety that creates a luxurious setting that will delight lovers of the maritime world. During the almost 20 hours of playtime We will look at a series of landscapes that we will soon immortalize thanks to careful lighting and a carefully selected color palette.

subnautica below zero, snow, water, anemones, diving

It’s common to forget the location of these beams on such an extensive map, so the game itself provides us location elements which is necessary to save time when we need to go to a specific location. Also, they let us personification each beacon with its own name, as well as a unique color. This type of game requires organization and the Unknown Worlds team knows it, allowing us to customize vehicles, beacons, lockers, our base … almost everything. They even let us have it incorporate your own music in the game!

While you play Subnautica: Below zero you feel an unstoppable continuous learning curve that increases with playing time and is accompanied by visible features of improvement. We went from needing oxygen every minute to piloting a Seatruck in which we can manufacture or storage our resources without worrying about air. This happens in other elements like the massive collection and the attack with the PRAWN costume or the creation of our own country, which at first looks like a hovel and, little by little, will create it.

Positive buoyancy

A very built and maintained map retail. They have created a great depth that will competently affect us in oxygen, hydration or hunger and we will notice how a new place could be explored under each rock formation with a new designs and materials. We can find everything on every voyage, from massive constructions like stratified ships to exploring its labyrinthine interior or exploring the deep caves that will reveal the mystery of the planet. It is practically impossible not to dive without something new and discover that plays a lot in your favor.

subnautica below zero, jukebox, custom, base, ship

Ar Subnautica: Below zero we need to take care of our inventory to be more efficient. There is a lot of it tools available which occupies that space and whose only limit is a battery, a feature that we can recharge at the corresponding stations or by creating again. The vehicles are also not exempt from it and, apart from the battery, have to be repaired from time to time, though they will not have major problems for us in either case if we are well prepared. In addition, the PS2 Dualsense will respond to the use of the tools as well as other elements.

Fortunately, we will not always be blind. Subnautica: Below zero It gives you options to find resources or think about the topography of the place with scanner rooms, for example. We have a huge number of options available to facilitate our work and each of which is useful in their own way. They are amazing in their ability to give us so many things and, without being necessary, you would use them to speed up your trips and be more efficient. The more you use, the more you understand what the game has to offer.

Subnautica below zer, quartz, suit, collection, PRAWN

You have to dedicate one item to the interface because it is so accurate to the big world that it recommends us Subnautica: Below zero. All menus are very well integrated and are generated with agility and style. Prioritize visual functionality and integration making everything more accessible and fast and, in some places, the interface is part of the game itself. It is well cared for at all levels and generates better immersion than its prequel.

The most obvious difference between the two was delivery Occupy Unknown World by providing us with action on the ground. There is a clear evolution in the appearance of puzzles and small challenges, but they do not offer the immersive and rewarding experience you have underwater. While you also have a vehicle on land to speed up the movement, its mapping design as well as the new outdoor weather conditions they contain only paperwork. The only reason you land is to promote certain parts of history.

subnautica below zero, laser cutter, boat, locker

On the other hand, this alien world is full of creatures that are far from everything known. Believe us when we tell you that in the first few bars there is some tension that will dissolve over time, but it will continue due to sound effects that are too good and will always keep you alert. We regret, yes, that the main enemies of bug meat are due to animation that is not far from achieving the general standard. Nevertheless, the finish Subnautica: Below zero much better than the one who offered his first installment and kept the 60 stable frame most times on a computer with RTX2060 as a graphics card. If you suffer from motion sickness, we can confirm that you can usually play it in long sessions.

Flowing through the maritime world

subnautica below zero, biome, algae, scanner
Subnautica below zero, snow, greenhouse, moon, landscape

subnautica below zero, biome, algae, scanner
The scanner will be very helpful in locating certain objects.

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