Streets Of Rage 4, Mr. X Nightmare: Beat’em Up Infinite


Streets of Rage 4 is clearly in doubt with the first expansion to become a new Beat’em Up classic

Streets of Rage 4 has been with us for a few months now, so those of us who were waiting for it as water in May can already judge it with a little more distance. There were many eyes behind him, since many fans were pleading for the return of the beat them up more classic: lifelong players who are, so to speak, everything that came after Castle Crashers fell a little short. Fortunately, this time it was a resounding success: the title developed by Guard Crash and promoted by DotEmu has received unanimous applause, making it clear that single queen at the top of a certain rebound of “me against the neighborhood” in Double Dragon style, even if this is a trend with suggestions for Fight’n Rage, River City Girls or The Takeover. There is some continuity in the genre again, but the truth is that they are all games much less round than the last episode of Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. We forget, of course, in the last fiasco, to Space Jam 2 where things could have gone much better.

Streets of Rage 4 came very well as a standard, valuing an unusual replay value, a feature that is sure to be handy for sale in the long run. Anyway – since there is nothing that lasts forever – DotEmu has entered a post – launch DLC trend with Mr. X Nightmare, the first downloadable content for one of these neoclassical games in its it is becoming a reference from every time it is done. better things. It is what is in front of us an extension of good thinking which is a reversal in itself, since it plays exactly the sticks the game needed to be one of the best beat them up classics of history and – now there is – challenging their grandparents from the salons. Plus, it does it with the elegance of those who know change everything in the background without much notice on the surface. In fact, the most notable thing after installing the update is those three new characters with which we can enter the story mode, but the real story goes further, and we put them out when we look at the result from levels higher demand. So much so that the new game expansion gives us from the moment an intervening current concept that is handy for this genre: the randomness. I was crying for him and here it is, as anyone who has already been beaten more than twenty or thirty times will know.

Champion edition from previous

The whole star of this Mr. X Nightmare is a mode of survival that we take through randomly generated battles in which anything can happen, as if we were suddenly in Dead Cells or Hades. Likewise we find ourselves fighting where a huge ball throws people into the abyss we are facing with versions lite of the final leaders, armed for the event with unexpected effects. Obviously people want to go crazy – in that we find ourselves handing out cakes with a sword as a weapon – but the truth of the matter is that the bet is roguelite –With its random rewards after each level, of course– and incorporating the effects of electricity and poison into our beats that make the game look different. Much more crazy, yes, the “bigger and better” maximum is applied without complexes, knowing clearly what it’s playing. The other icing will be found with the movements that cannot be unlocked that each character can get as they progress through the new infinite mode. Anyone who has played minimally with the genre knows the revolution that means something like this for its beat them up. It should be recognized that all of these new gestures are about to change, but the combinations between them offer more than important variations in the way certain characters are played. With all these novels, this expansion it represents a change like that Champion Edition since 1992 for the old Street Fighter 2. Then we saw how the ultimate mythological bosses became a controllable character to become superstars of the game, and the truth is that they all made the jump as well in this Streets of Rage 4.

These three bosses are great characters that we can now play with to take advantage of that roguelite who changes everything and gives – why not – a few more turns to story mode. All in all, they are very good news because of the very different emotions they transmit, although the heart of the game remains the same. Estel is a very versatile character with beats that adapt very well to any situation, although his loaded kick seemed too unbalanced to us – although it allows you to connect fun combos with together. Max is the usual strong character, who has graphs to complete anyone and a few very powerful attacks that can hit enemies from afar. But the honorable reference goes to an old acquaintance that we could already control –cheat through- in Streets of Rage 3: Shiva.

Streets of Rage 4, Mr. X Nightmare: Beat'em Up Infinite

Third on our list is a character that will catch the eye of any regular street salon Arcadian from the nineties. Impressively lively, his combos have an exquisite level of depth as soon as we begin to master all their possibilities, developing martial arts dance that anyone who has ever played the classics in Final Fight, Alien Vs Predator and the others will love it. We seemed to be the most suitable character to take advantage of this expansion, although you have to train, and fortunately there is news on this front as well.

As the variety of play styles is starting to become important, the last great novel of this expansion is a training method that will allow us to simulate some of those crazy situations that we can experience in the method. surviving, but also it teaches us the advanced tactics of each character in tutorials similar to those seen today in any fighting game. Undoubtedly it is a very interesting thing for those who are just starting out with the game, as this expansion assumes that a level will rise which will end who else or less celebrating to attack the highest difficulty levels or – if we dare – the new Mania + mode: the difficulty levels are over arrangements they were already very well designed in the original game, but now that we see what they were up to, everything is much clearer. Garda Crush has shown that he plays in a league of his own when it comes to feeling the beat them up. Streets of Rage 4, by itself, clears up all doubts and is already one of the current games for those of us who like the most retro experiences, which is far more than worthwhile these months. And that is, little by little, the classic genres go through another of those moments with high – level releases that add crowds to our libraries. Streets of Rage 4, after this expansion, is one of the most compelling realities of this trend and, who was to say it, an instant classic of a genre that refuses to archive.

Panic mode, infinite

Streets of Rage 4, Mr. X Nightmare: Beat'em Up Infinite
Streets of Rage 4, Mr. X Nightmare: Beat'em Up Infinite

Max, Estel … and Shiva


Streets of Rage 4 touched on more strings than those already related to nostalgia, but with this expansion it’s one of the best Beat’em Up ever. Rather than going deeper – which it also does with the new movements – the experience is infinitely increased. Between the roguelite mode and the new characters, this is already one of those games that is hard to get tired of.

THE BEST _____

  • The survival mode thing is crazy
  • The three new characters and the versions of the existing ones
  • new musical tracks


  • Moving on to the real interesting could be faster in survival mode
  • Some movements and characters still need tweaking so that they are not overly powerful in less intense modes of difficulty
  • Some of these new movements do not change much as they did before.

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