Stirring Abyss, Review. Terror From The Depths


Lovecraft’s Universe and turn-based strategy come together in Stirring Abyss. We analyze this combination to discover the hidden charm that goes with it.

According to a study, only 5% of the ocean was explored although only 20% are mapped. Are you curious to know what is outside the seabed after you know these figures? Stirring Abyss firizes about in a game that lets him unite the Lovecraft Universe with a turn-based strategy. Jump with us in Salem Salem and join us to discover the mystery of the deep sea.

When we mean Lovecraft is inspired by something it’s about it everything that man does not know, in space or, as in this case, the seabed. Stirring Abyss enters an underwater abyss in the North Atlantic during the Cold War.

Lovecraft and a unified strategy

As one of the crew of the USS Salem, our goal will be to meet our companions, gather material and set the submarine to escape from the terrible creatures that live on these lost lands.

While we were playing the feeling lingering on reading a book to choose your path. In fact, you need to decide what to do with some artifacts you find on your trips, and get different results depending on the option we have chosen. But, sometimes they will the dice will determine whether the outcome of your decision is favorable or hurtful.

Stirring Abyss, Review. Terror from the depths

Each character has two action points to spend on attack, movement, use of objects or abilities, so it is essential to think about our next move to ensure that we survive in a demanding game in itself. Don’t be afraid to put the game in easy mode (recommended by the developers), the usual difficulty was an experience as rewarding as it was.

Proper content rationing and prior strategic planning are essential to our survival. Stirring Abyss is a game it takes a lot of patience because your front door is high enough according to the amount of variables and numbers you have to deal with. He has no empathy for the player, especially if he is not experienced in these types of genres. Fortunately, SlitherineGames has come up with a solution to help anyone who wants to get into the deep sea.

Difficulties of the unknown

However, Stirring is Abyss difficult what is just and what is necessary to warn you that it will not be a walk. And if something goes very well, your constant feeling is that you will regret it later every time you make a decision. We not only talk about situations in combat, but also about the manufacture or use of USS-related Salem facilities.

Stirring Abyss, Review. Terror from the depths

Our operations base is where fundamental issues are resolved such as arranging rooms to access other functions, leveling or unlocking passive skills by using hints, a feature we will achieve as we chase down enemies and discover lost objects from the USSR submarine.

In addition, in the USS Salem we can start the objectives and decide which crew will go. The side missions are very important, but they are very functional and repetitive. Most of them only serve useful materials and then their importance lies, but they do not add anything to the story or deepen it other than one that unlocks one of the two territories.

Stirring Abyss, Review. Terror from the depths

In addition to the missions, the enemies are constantly repeated and there is hardly any change, an aspect that we have greatly failed in considering the universe in which it is based. The final enemies, however, are another world. They are very different from each other and enjoy it a terrible design worthy of the Cthulu Mythos.

And this is where the quality of Stirring Abyss enjoys. The fight against them they are very tactical and it takes patience to chase them, because if you target them you could be surrounded by their minions or fall into their trap. They are so different from each other that the strategy and items you have to use are crucial to ensure your victory not to let a member of your crew down.

Stirring Abyss, Review. Terror from the depths

Of course, you shouldn’t worry about your life alone, since maintaining hygiene is also a priority so that they do not lose control of that character. Running out of oxygen, waiting a long time in combat or some attacks from the enemies, our character will have to go crazy, lose control and attack the first thing they see, friends included.

Prepare for the trip

To avoid this, the game always offers you other options, though They are never very nice to the player. For example, while it is true that they allow you to carry medical equipment, these are only effective in repairing some of the damage received with the last two turns. That fine font you should always read on Stirring Abyss it is crucial not to take any last minute surprises.

Stirring Abyss, Review. Terror from the depths

Believe us when we say that it is very important that we use all the things the game offers us and not focus on one. Similarly we need to implement this as well mutations. These will modify our body to get unique abilities or stats, so that each character feels very different from the rest and specializing in support, melee, range or tank.

One of its most notable sections is the immersion education that SlitherineGames has created. The graphics are excellent and you could not choose a better one. You have the constant feeling that you are immersed in Lovecraft illustrations with a very strong style. The shapes of the world around you, the movements and the color palette they use are among the best decisions to provide a little feeling of hardship.

But that’s why the thing doesn’t end here, since the soundtrack performs at the same level as the graphics. Don’t expect songs or anything like that, since it’s very environmental and its main purpose is to make the player feel immersed in his life, which he achieves perfectly.

If the 15 hours of the campaign are not enough and you win both finals, there are infinite mode in which the death of the crew marks the end of the game. This mode randomly generates maps and enemies, making them ideal for players looking to continue exploring the abyss.


Lovecraft connects with the strategy genre with Stirring Abyss to bring this universe to video games with a great setting. It’s a strategy game that has nothing to do with the most jealous and, while we notice a greater variety of enemies and scenarios, fans of both genders will be amazed as they solve the mystery of the ocean abyss.

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