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The galactic saga classic returns without multiplayer and in a version closer to a port than a remake.

Some of the old Star Wars titles have a second life on today’s platforms. Aspyr has worked on console adaptations of classics like Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 and 3 or Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Next on the list is one of the most remembered video games in the saga, Star Wars: Republic Commando, a product born a few years before George Lucas and Dave Filoni launched The Clone Wars series, made by gave personality to the various clones in the service of the Galactic Republic.

In a way, Republic Commando did something similar, as this first-person shooter originally released for Xbox and PC has a clone squad with a lot of personality. Now, players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch have a chance to revive their adventure, however not in the same conditions, as we will see in the Review.

Delta Squad, well differentiated clones

It all starts on the planet Kamino, where a storm surge is produced, which is then educated and trained for use by the Republican army. Using Jango Fett’s DNA, they succeeded designing excellent specimens for war. In fact, their main task is to follow orders and fight to the death. They’ve barely developed their personalities in the movies, but this Lucas Arts title is starting to set out the idea that no, they’re not all the same.

In this case, we handle a Delta Squad leader, Delta-38 (better known as the boss). This is followed by 62 (Scorch), 40 (Fixer) and 07 (Sev), each with their respective special roles. For example, Repairer He is a specialist in everything to do with technology, and Sev He is the ideal person to shoot the sniper rifle. If the discussion of control requires a controlled explosion, no one is better for the job than ScorchOn an aesthetic level, they don’t look exactly the same colors or the same armor.

Star Wars Republic Commando, Review

History of the video game Geonosis begins, the planet inhabited by insects and serves as the starting point of the Clone Wars. There are two main rivals in this warlike conflict, the Galactic Republic and the Separatist forces. Still, both sides are chess paths in Palpatine’s master plan.

As a first person shooter, Star Wars: The Republic of Commando gameplay is obsolete, which means we are not facing a title worth playing. Despite the passing of years, his proposal is still very pleasing. As the game has already come out on console, the basic controls are adapted to the command, although Aspyr was in charge of making the relevant optimizations in all versions. With some archaisms, since it’s still an old title, this port handles relatively well.

The port on Nintendo Switch can be improved

There is nothing revolutionary about the formula itself, not even when it was first marketed. Combine the shots with several weapons (one mains and one secondary, which can be attached) and grenades some tactical options. As the leader of a Delta group we can instruct our companions to perform various actions. In the case of destroying a wall we resort to Scorch, but if we want to cancel a door mechanism, the right choice is to use the services of Fixer. Just point to the right place and press a button. Then we also have the option to give extra orders to the squad. In this way, we can focus the fire on a specific enemy, deploy team members on the battlefield, etc. The system is not too deep, but it fits perfectly with the proposal that they put forward.

Star Wars Republic Commando, Review

Is it worth buying Star Wars: Republic Commando on a Nintendo Switch? The answer depends very much on the needs of the user. If a portable experience is what you are looking for to carry in your pocket then it may be the perfect choice. Overall, the Kyoto version of the hybrid machine is far from keeping up with the others, making it difficult to recommend it.

While it’s a game with many years behind it, we’ve experienced it many slow down so much with the console connected to the dock as in portable mode (it feels like it works better in a laptop). On other platforms it works at 60 fps very smoothly. In addition, the resolution is also lower compared to the rest of the systems. A future update may improve performance, which affects the gaming experience without being disastrous. For this new edition, Aspyr has distributed the multiplayer mode.

Star Wars Republic Commando, Review


Star Wars: Republic Commando retains all the quality it already had in the original product, but this time it adapts to the needs of Nintendo Switch and other systems. It does not introduce any novelty other than certain optimizations, as well as the possibility to play it in portable mode. However, if we compare it with the rest of the versions developed by Aspyr, the Japanese hybrid title is the worst. It does not reach 60 fps and has performance problems and certain frame drops.

THE BEST _____

  • Certain graphical improvements to the original game
  • The ability to play the classic in handheld mode
  • Deepen and differentiate clones


  • Poor performance on Nintendo Switch
  • He hardly has any news
  • Multiplayer was removed
  • Control is a bit obsolete



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Good, but can be improved.

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