Star Renegades, Review: Pretty Original Tactical RPG


We analyze Star Renegades, a three-dimensional strategy in roguelite style and RPG game, based on tactical twists and fights along with it.

This role play debuted September 8 for PC on the Steam platform, and has since expanded to other platforms such as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the last few days ago on PlayStation 4. Developed by Massive Damage and edited by Raw Fury, Star Renegades is that video game inspires a lot of interest, but you need to fully immerse yourself to know its essence. Combine elements of all kinds, from that RPG and roguelite genre to the specialty of establishing turn-based tactical strategy and graphics that stand out at a glance. It will encourage you to start a race towards the end, where your victory will depend on your strength and where your failure will destroy a good experience, until that moment. And it is that we are facing a roguelite where we will fail and repeat over and over again within our plans and, thanks to this, we will ensure that the game shows continuous development and very good strategic gameplay in which each game will be unique and deceptive.

If we want to focus on history, this is short enough, without much information and ends up being filled with no significance. Once the game begins, it welcomes us with a brief cinematic in which we can see how our main character, young Wynn Syphex, escapes from an under attack galaxy. After several years, he has prepared himself and is about to face an ongoing struggle to survive. In a very futuristic and time-changing world, a service robot named J5T-1N We have reached the feature to warn us that a huge force, called the Imperium, is about to destroy everything and especially the Star Union army. The surviving fighting stars will try to regroup despite pursuing relentless enemy squadrons, so the fight for survival will be necessary.

A bare and filled story

Our campaign will be based on emerging missions generated in a procedural way, namely, I will grant that our experience in each game is completely different. However, we will have to create our warrior army to stop the Imperium and thus not lose hope that we will return to normalcy. As soon as we succeed, we will have to send all the information we are recruiting to J5T-1N so that, with everything we have learned, it can help a new group of heroes. To do all this, we will have access to the Imperium, which will be a kind of throne room, where we can consult information about the hierarchy of the Imperium and its leaders, as well as mark those enemies we already know. . From time to time they will then take us to see events such as deaths, promotions and presentations by more members of the Imperium. as with the adversaries. These are elite soldiers, stronger and tougher than the others and will have unique skills and attributes, as well as different personalities.

Despite the fact that the fighting and mechanics of these people are the strong point of the game, our own character will play a significant role. At the beginning of our game we will have the possibility to go to the opponent with three heroes, better known as the Forsaken, and during our adventure we will be able to recruit more and even they will allow up to six to join the fight, creating a squad. Each will be different from each other, with complementary skills and unique movements associated with their respective class. On our journey we will move in a group around the map world, we will fight, level up and give ourselves weapons and armor, but we must remember that we are facing roguelite, so. all the progress we achieve will be reset when we return to the Forsaken base and let ‘s jump to a new dimension, that is, to a new game.

Star Renegades, Review: Pretty original tactical RPG

To level it will be through a component called DNA. When we have enough we can use our hero to make him stronger, though we will have to decide who we want to balance. Leveling up will increase health, damage, and may grant a new power or camp card. But what is this camp about? Well, this journey around the world will be a three-day countdown and, day by day, we can rest, heal, reap benefits and increase squad member relationships through our own camp. Each hero will have their own set of cards, which they can use on themselves or other heroes, and each card will cost a different action point. Thanks to this we can raise the affection between different heroes, strengthen relationships and in this way we unlock conversations and bonuses, such as combos powers and even new heroes. However, training, equipment or inventory will be the most important options to consider. so that our squad can become even stronger.

The combat presented by Star Renegades is complex and accessible at the same time. At first it’s pretty overwhelming, there are many statistics, basics and concepts to learn, but once we get used to all these elements, the fight is a challenge in which we will win a very satisfying victory. It’s a turn-based combat, but it’s considered decisive, where we have to be mindful of a schedule that shows the actions of the enemies before they do them and, in this way, we plan our strategy to kill them. Each action appears on the schedule based on when they will be performed exactly, rather than snapshots. Each round lasts 60 seconds. Another aspect to consider are the status bars of our heroes: the shield, life and armor. It is important to know that the shields are regenerated at the end of each opponent, and the armor can only suffer damage if the shield is previously removed. However, life and armor can be repaired in the camp by using cards or a world with medkits.

Rebuild a much stronger weapon

Our strategy will include critics, laziness and interference, essential damage and betrayal. The second is considered to be the fourth bar, which will begin to regenerate when critics and enemies are interrupted., this will allow us to use it to perform special actions or combo maneuvers and achieve catastrophic effects. As well as knowing our enemy’s attack, we can know their unit and purpose through the inspection method, this method will give us information on their weaknesses, strengths, resistance and immunities . Once we take into account all of the above, there will be an incentive for us to attack first and each move is more tactical than the previous one, of course, preventing the enemy from defending itself.

Star Renegades, Review: Pretty original tactical RPG

Where many roguelites create a learning curve around the memory of our character and the time they developed, In Star Renegades we will learn based on all their systems and how to exploit them. As we mentioned earlier, as soon as you die in a game, you return to the Forsaken base and practically all the progress you have made with the heroes (level, equipment, inventory) is completely lost. If we managed to promote a lot in the game, our failure will be severely punished and frustratedSince the streaks in Star Renegades are quite long and a lot of time and energy is invested.

The essence of roguelite comes in letting us eliminate resources and information we gain by eliminating enemies, and that will allow us to unlock new Forsaken upgrades, equipment, new android and get to know the enemies better. The base obviously represents the beginning and end of a game, but it was neither used nor removed to serve us in existence. There will be a canteen, whose function I do not yet understand, an android lab to activate and get the added benefit of a mission, the arsenal and the synchronizer, the latter will be a tool to unlock a new Forsaken. When we are ready we can begin our mission to liberate the galaxies again, we can choose those Forsaken that we want to engage with us and can use change according to the strategy we want to use, as well as be able to change the difficulty.

Star Renegades, Review: Pretty original tactical RPG

Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing and remarkable features of the video game is its pixel art in particular. It is fully detailed and decorated with RPG touches and allows us to enjoy a colorful world surrounded by small particles. We add all this to the fight, they have a very well designed visual style, with a vague background and attention to the characters that end up being quite appealing. The ice cream animations are the great work they have done, they manage to fill the screen with light, color and vibration with all the action they try to show with each skill, let’s not talk about the combinations. As for the sound part, it is focused on the space and environment that Star Renegades displays, because it is sometimes perfect and sometimes repetitive, in addition to losing dialogue and cinematics with a voiceThanks to this, they would have gained more depth in the development of the characters or at least would have felt more immersed in the story.

Star Renegades, Review: Pretty original tactical RPG

A different fight in which each movement is important

Star Renegades, Review: Pretty original tactical RPG
Star Renegades, Review: Pretty original tactical RPG

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