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Join Stella in an adventure of an enraptured interactive project, inspired by a combination of genres, and worthy of an audio – visual beauty comparable to the best of the genre. Are you coming?

When Chihiro, with his parents, arrives at an abandoned amusement park full of fancy buildings – with polychromatic facades and winding cobblestone paths – the wind blows through the buildings as Hisaishi piano chords go with their steps. .

It is a calm feeling, however, accompanied by a feeling of uneasiness in the face of the unknown. Thunder Lotus Games uses its direct inspiration from the imaginary Spirited Away and other Hayao Miyazaki films to immerse us in a fantasy world of spot-colors, aesthetic references to our beloved GRAY and character design drawn from French productions. Wakfu and Dofus. And it does so much in a visual approach as in the design of his work animation. This is all very nice on screen, but what does Spiritfarer offer us as a play experience?

Light as a guide

Continuing the references to Berlinae Golden’s cinematographic work won by Bear Bear 2002, when we sailed into the unknown in our newly acquired ship, the keel of the ship breaks the waves of the ideal maritime landscape, we begin an adventure like the new Guide of Souls, and we are preparing to refurbish our ship to host all sorts of charismatic characters: we need to take good care of them, feed the resources of our newly assembled garden, and continue to improve the rooms by manufacturing our own fabrics and managing the final sawmill. .

Little by little, our ship will gain in length, expand its rooms and, incidentally, look more and more like a “bathroom for lost souls” as family life becomes more enjoyable.


Our mission is not without regret. Under Stella ‘s role, we will be responsible for thethe transition between the life of the living and the afterlife is the most enjoyable possible for our private guests. It is easy for us to be the host of death, and to do it with affection as a flag – the simple act of being able to give our guests hugs is exciting, even more important if there is the possibility of their acceptance or not. will be according to their temperament – something that is always so comfortable in the world of video games. Where there are violent dynamics, we appreciate this kind of dishonest proposal.

The game in hand not challenging (It is one of its virtues), it does not offer great confrontation against ultimate enemies (although we will have encounters with gods of biblical proportions that we must protect from darkness), nor is it set in a wonderful three – dimensional world. The lateral development seems to be valuable and suitable for the combination of it Adventure, life simulation, light strategy and platform game lateral progression in an open environment with a multitude of imaginative islands to explore and events that will surprise us.

Playable variety

Because if this highly motivated Spiritfarer has something very inspiring, it’s an exciting attraction towards the unknown: it won’t take long to sail to the next island, even if we find a massive storm (where a minigame is in action to collect lightning bolts), or it costs us a little to be there because when night is approaching it is not safe to move through these winding seas. Ideal time for fishing, interacting with our family on the high seas To make them happy, cook some imaginative recipes or do some work in the sawmill or forge.


These types of games usually lead to monotony, sometimes deliberately in a positive way, and others cause us to abandon it for a more varied experience: in the case of Spiritfarer, the variety of its proposal and what that is well integrated with the simple story that accompanies us, never stop us doing wonders. The simple mini-games provided by the sawmill (where to cut wood follow a pattern of lines) or the loop (where the amount of resources found will depend on how accurate we are when we hit the cursor on also a small luminous arrow that contributes to success.). Thunder Lotus does everything carefully, a studio in Canada that has already proven its worth in Jotun and Sundered.

The edition method will allow us to build new buildings (as long as we have the materials), build land, build new homes to be a good host and, by improving them, continue to thrive in quality and quantity of resources. We can sell them, use them to improve the ship and its buildings, or manage its production chain in a variety of ways. In the game we will visit new places to trade, find minerals in an obstructive cave, meet new (potential) inhabitants of our unique ark and, finally, immerse ourselves in an attractive interactive structure of steady progress. .


While it is true that the game is important with some things that could be improved, because the lack of complex puzzles eliminates a missed opportunity to raise the title to greater heightsIn addition to the ever – changing interest in the missions of our friends (some are entertaining, some are empty and lack charisma), Spiritfarer is a pleasant surprise overall.

Another factor is the sound factor that precisely contributes to keeping the episode as charming, with so much personality. Piano chords lost among ambient soft melodies which will remind us of the compositions Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata, and Hajime Wakai for Breath of the Wild, sound effects that enhance the feedback of our actions (specific traffic when our ship collides with wrecks and lost resources at sea, which will give us solemn treasures) or simple unintelligible voices to give personality to every inhabitant of the world.

And, to finish as we have finished, what I like most about this Canadian production is its unique stage. The scraps of Art nouveau, elements of anime Japanese, clear devotion to Studio Ghibli and animation worthy of the best Ankama products, Spiritfarer’s intoxicating aesthetic makes sailing and sunset in real time (beautiful lighting and atmospheric effects that accompany us throughout the game) more enjoyable than ever, even more so if the idea of ​​life and death, and how enjoyable it should be that would be the path leading to the latter.

Wrapped in audio-visual beauty


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