Space Invaders: Invincible Collection, Switch Review. The Invasion Does Not Stop


Taito collects at least eleven Space Invaders related games. The title that revolutionized the world of videos returns with renewed vigor in the collection ‘s most extensive to date

Not long ago we commented, after analyzing the excellent compilation of Capcom Arcade Stadium classic games, that we were delighted to see how seamlessly share video games in the past and present. This coexistence is also a good job for the future to preserve its own history. Well, one of the most famous names could not miss the appointment, one that opened wide the doors for the arcade revolution. With Space Invaders: Invincible Collection we welcome the most famous aliens from our beloved surroundings.

The success of Star Wars in 1977 accidentally provided the solution to an arcade project that did not feel comfortable killing people as enemies. Unreleased galactic fever allowed an alien invasion to create what eventually drank more of the classic World War I and SciFi cinema of the B series of the 50s (You have a fun report here at MeriStation dedicated to that great era of the cinema) than the modern and modern Star Wars. Those Martians who arrived in 1978 are about to arrive a recognizable part of pop culture and synonymous with the concept of the video game. The legend that speaks of the shortage of 100 yen coins fed by these machines is widely known, a situation that would force the Japanese government to increase production. And while it may not be entirely true, it does nurture and establish the importance of the arrival of Space Invaders to the market.

The alien invasion that drove the medium to the stars

The eternal alienation, its ascending rhythm reflected in the sound in a menacing manner, was designed to produce the tension as they tried to bring down the last unclean enemy, the diminishing defenses in the face of their own enemy and others. ‘shots, the scores they created animated spades … For the first generation of gamers, Space Invaders was an epiphanic moment, the certainty that videos, even with their youth, were something special with the ability to mark life. We’re going to briefly review each of the titles you can find in Space Invaders: Invincible Collection. It will serve as a content guide, but also as a journey through more than 40 years of history.

The game that raised the bar a few feet at a time in an industry that was still in its infancy. Designed by Toshihiro Nishikado, it was released in June 1978, and sold 360,000 horrible units worldwide. The first video game where we can read the words Game finished It was the first big arcade hit, it became a social and cultural phenomenon of planetary proportions that also put the focus on Japanese industry.

Space Invaders: Invincible Collection, Switch review. The invasion does not stop

In a color beyond the transparent colored vinyls on the screen. It was the first game to use a microprocessor in Japan, an achievement that took six months to implement and another three months to port to the arcade cabinet.

While the game base is the same, it includes new mechanics, reinforced enemies that can be shared and the appearance of a colorful rainbow. Two great innovations in the Japanese video game industry are saving the names of the best players on the high-scoring list and that The first game is about copyright. The latter was a precedent, given the usual plagiarism that has taken place in the industry, which will give it a posteriori mark.

Space Invaders (1978) (Black and white, 4 digit score version)

This title is included in the collection with the excuse that it is registered on the same motherboard as Space Invaders. And we are happy, because it adds variety to the collection and because it is a game that, although with very contemporary mechanics, is still the most fun. We need to land a space module landing asteroids and measuring the fuel in our jet thrusters. On land we raise people and return to motherhood, shooting and teasing from the enemies that block our path. A great title that you always want to play a game on.

Space Invaders: Invincible Collection, Switch review. The invasion does not stop

Once again another game registered on the same motherboard as Space Invaders. The Space Cyclone is not as fun as Moon Rescue, but its value is different. It’s a title that came when higher boards were already being implemented, so its distribution was scarce. That made the machine, over the years, an uncommon sharpness that collectors crave. Let this be the first time he showed himself for the console It offers Halo for a unique event, a little gem that should be noted.

Innovations start in the franchise rather than the addition of color or some new mechanics. Majestic twelve it radically changes the visual aspect, losing the iconic design of the small Martians for a lifetime. We have a selection of areas with a certain random component, digital backgrounds and other areas through which we progress, enhancers, end bosses and, be careful, steps where we must prevent cow abduction by very fast and nervous flightguards.

It’s the same game as the one previously reviewed, but without a zone selection. Here we are playing the steps in order. He was more respected in the USA and Europe than in his home country, Japan. Backgrounds such as solar system, new visual effects and main character ships are added that change as we go from one stage to another.

Here we find two game modes beyond the original, one called a parody with supernes-style graphics and characters from the games Taito has created throughout his history, and against mode for two players. In the latter and as in Tetris Vs, we can increase the number of our opponent’s enemies while eliminating our own.

Released on Nintendo DS and PSP on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary, in Space Invaders Extreme we get a visual and audio feature that feels yet modern. It is constantly dynamic, changing, fun and surprising. In this collection it is without a doubt one of the titles we will always return to for a few more gamess. The version we can enjoy here is the one that launched a polished and improved Steam on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary.

Space Invaders Color Version (1978) (Color, 5 digit score)

Separately downloadable (actually, it appears as a separate game in the Switch menu) we have this intersection between the classics. He participates in the Breakout party, and does not contradict each other, showing that one of the influences on which Space Invaders was appointed. It is a mobile adaptation that did not interfere with the implementation of joystick control. Nevertheless, we can take it as one other change that refreshes the general tone. Hope, being we can only play TV by touch control. In the laptop we have to place the console vertically and interact with the finger. The Arkanoid is meant to be moved to bring back Martians shots of all life. A story for this eternal invasion is included and, as a mobile game, it fades away simple, addictive and fun. Needless to say, given its origins, we will unlock elements based on accumulating coins. Included are a whopping 150 screens and 40 unlockable Taito characters, each with unique capabilities. You are about to leave your finger here, we warn you.

The classic gets the batteries and goes with the multiplayer trend (We can activate online ratings during games, but this applies to space sharing). Up to four defenders of the planet can unite here to fight the invader. Literally agree, because we can add our ships and thus transform our shot into a much more powerful ship, with the hardship and laughter that follows four players trying to coordinate to work together to achieve the objectives. The bosses force us to do that too because we have to shoot them before the countdown ends. After completing each stage, the score bars go up for each player in a ranking plan, ending a friendship in the process. Eventually, it is possible to try playing alone, but it is reckless because the aliens scatter their weapons from one side to the other on the wide screen. The soundtrack is provided by Taito’s legendary sound team, Zantata (To hear how great these gentlemen are, you have official lists of over 3000 songs on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music …)

In case you have not noticed, to avoid confusion and unnecessary purchases, we recommend doing so The Invinvible Collection includes some of the titles that have already come in a more modest compilation, Space Invaders Forever (Extreme, Gigamax and Arkanoid Vs), also available on Switch. On the other hand, we regret that this collection has been inviolable ever since leave behind valuable installments like Space Invaders Infinity Gene (2009), a game that could perfectly match the white walls of a modern art museum (or rave in the early hours of the morning) with its images. Finally, we do not understand yours excessive price, nothing less than triple A on Switch. With all the information in your hands, we leave the final decision to you.


It’s hard to rate a collection like this. We recommend raising or lowering the grade depending on whether Space Invaders is part of your gamer memory. We are talking about one of the most important games in the history of the media. For many of us it was our first push on a wonderful world yet to come. This compilation is far from perfect and, as the title suggests, inviolable. It is also worth mentioning how it loses charisma when we deliver deliveries that abandon enemy designs that have long been a pop icon. Recently they were eager to modernize the franchise, though it did not reach the mastery of what has been done in other media myths like PacMan. Those Martians who first visited us in 1978 today wear T – shirts, key rings, museums, cities (the artist Space Invaders has been traveling the world for years lining the streets and corners, in Bilbao you can they look for beautiful gymkhana), they acknowledge multimedia shows, They go to concerts, they make cameos in movies … They are definitely part of the culture of the community. Space Invaders is certainly an essential part of the History of Videogames and, in some cases, it may be yours, dear reader, it is also an essential part of us as players.

THE BEST _____

  • He is a Space Invader.
  • Games like the Big Moon Rescue add variety to the compilation.
  • To include scarcity as a Space Cyclone.


  • Its Triple A price seems excessive to us.



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, though it lacks elements that can take it to higher levels.

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