Skate City, Review. The City Is Your Trail


An endless runner comes in the form of a minimalist skateboard arcade to PC and consoles from Apple Arcade that does not abandon its mobile personality.

Skate City It’s one of those rare things that makes a jump from mobile devices (Apple Arcade, to be more precise) a Pc, PS4, Xbox One Y. Nintendo switch, and not only because of the specificity of his proposal, but he does so without touching anything from the original – which is more, he loses some content even along the way – in order to have a limited experience according to his own character offer only that is able to arouse interest among fans of skateboarding video games. And Skate City is fortunate to have the renowned OlliOlli and take care of more complex proposals like Skate or Pro Skater Tony Hawk endless runner A highly focused two-dimensional focus on what it wants – or can offer through a minimalist pawnbroker and, in a way, adapted to its original format. Let’s see in our Review if Skate City is able to position itself well against titles cut by a marker arcade personality.

What’s new from the Norwegian studio Age together with the editor Snowman no one is a fool. And after a few minutes of playing, we’ll see all that the title has to offer. Its development is so straightforward it’s simple and we’ll be sliding fast through the streets The Angels, Oslo or Barcelona (all three cases only, unless a fourth level is set in Miami that it is available in the original version of Apple Arcade) and the typical tricks that every self-respecting skater should know to perform; and has a huge impact, of course. Three a 2D gameplay In three-dimensional environments, we will always move from left to right in generous length levels, although they are not procedural in any case.

The universities and the most minimalist smears

Its stage is tracked on the Apple Arcade version, preserving models, light graphic effects, animation and lighting, which is certainly the most notable feature of the title. And it is precisely this specificity that most reflects setback, since you can clearly see that it is a video game that comes from mobile phones. It does not at all claim to be a graphic or technical reference, although it is on the big screen you can see the seams on a fairly flat stage. Simple modeling, sawn teeth, simple scenery and highly vivid animation reveal its mobile condition; even if we bring the camera very close to our avatar by photo mode, a graphic omissions they will be more exposed than ever. All of this could be justified by a minimalist personality, although it is not convincing in comparison with other similar works which are much more careful in this respect.

Continuing with its marked gaming personality specially designed for mobile devices (Apple in this case), its usability maintains the same solemn and accessible tone. That said, its control is highly guided, almost automatic, and we will only have to resort to the joy of the remote control to the various tricks; Following a simple tutorial, we will quickly do the typical tricks of the most advanced skaters. So one button is enough to drive us and achieve enough speed to unleash the tricks, all through joystick movements. In this sense, Skate City is very accessible, though practically zero at the level of difficulty.

Skate City, Review

From the typical ollie, flip, front, rear and manual to 180 and 360 degree turns or grinds like tailsides, blunts or crookeds. Sure, the various tricks and tricks, despite the fact that the execution could not be simpler and simpler. Nonetheless, our main objective will be to wire the tricks through the constant obstacles and achieve authentic choreography on wheels. And this is when Skate City’s score and progress system comes into play, betting on the typical phrase “easy to learn but hard to master” through ongoing challenges (albeit limited in number). Thus, the title Agens offers two game modes: one called Endless skate and another based on challenges and scores.

Endless Skating allows us to go through the three available levels with no apparent end of the journey (as soon as we reach the end we will return) to practice tricks without pressure or, simply, skating at our own pace in a virtual way; yes, as an option they can be activated small tests in each trip and that we can finish by doing a certain trick in a particular place, for example. The second method introduces much more complex missions and this will require various skills, such as achieving a certain score in a given time, racing against other skaters, avoiding a pass or escaping from the police, among other things.

Mobile gameplay: simple challenges

Thanks to this second game mode and after completing each mission, we get reward points with it to unlock various aspects of the game, from the remaining two levels (Oslo and Barcelona and their respective challenges, about 20 per stage) to various cosmetic items such as new programs, wheels and axles, as well as many models of clothing and accessories for our skater. While the most significant thing is the improvement of certain skills of our avatar, and thus the feeling of progress with the boom stat such as jumping, speed or balance, as well as higher unique tricks.

Skate City, Review

Overall, Skate City seems to be too sparing at the subject level; three levels is not enough (unless you know if the fourth is already present on mobile phones by updating) and after a few games it becomes too repetitive. And it is that its development is clearly focused on fast-paced games, without much depth; Those looking for a more ambitious game of skating will have to look for established sagas that we all know.

On the other hand, and as we already pointed out at the beginning of the Review, her stage invades our senses through a chiaroscuro well, with highly improvised features at the graphic and animation level, though, betting on a minimal setting. in the purest zen style of other titles cut by the same pattern, to which we must add certain effective climatic effects and feeling, in general relax. Fortunately, it has a lo-fi soundtrack to suit your glove-like audio-visual project.

Skate City, Review


Skate City comes to desktop platforms after its debut in Apple Arcade, offering the same gaming experience in terms of content and gameplay. The Agens title is clearly committed to a very different formula from what the genre has become accustomed to, openly betraying its status as a mobile game, a specialty that more traditional players would not know much about. When we think of fast-paced games, we quickly discover all that it has to offer, without much more challenge than achieving better scores in challenges; Furthermore, graphically it does not stand out in any aspect other than a zen style setting that is well suited to its ephemeral personality for those times when we want to disconnect.

THE BEST _____

  • Direct and accessible Zen experience
  • Minimal atmosphere achieved
  • Mastering combos is a pleasure


  • Limited gameplay at your platform
  • Outdated and irregular graphic part
  • Very limited and less content than on iOS



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Good, but there is room for improvement.

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