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One of the most popular games of 2020 returns with a revamped version for Next Gen and an expansion that extends what we already knew from the original game.

2020 was for many players the year The Last of Us 2. For others it was the year of Hades. Or the one from Half Life: Alyx. But in the collection of names immersed in pools for the better part of the year, it always came out Ghost of tsushima. Title Punch Sucker it carved a hole in a gamer ‘s heart with an open world game that was quite traditional in its approach but with stage mechanics and katana – proof. And located in Japan the samurai, which is an almost safe bet.

It is commonly believed that zombies, ninjas and cyborgs enhance any audio-visual work. Or what is the same: Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Tsushima complete the trilogy of Sony’s exclusive “open world” adventures, the epic Aloy the best of them and the story of Jin Sakai the one that follows in quality. All with a strong storytelling load behind it and an inviolable personal style. Iki Island, the expansion that we have today, does not try to make a new fan of the ghost of Tsushima: it is designed to satisfy the 51% of players who finished the original game – a very high number for this genre – and offer a new vision of the game. Jin’s Legacy, discuss more in the fight against his past and add some new places to get lost while burning the photo mode. And if we do it on PS5 too with improvements to the version of Sony’s main console, it’s endless well sometimes and gigabytes to torture our fans on Twitter.

ghost island tsushima iki

Iki Island, another interior tour

Ghost of Tsushima is essentially a personal journey. Here’s the story of Jin Sakai trying to live up to the expectations of his uncle. It is a story about breaking a samurai with those expectations and doing what is necessary to achieve victory. Iki Island is yet another journey within its main character. But this time seeking redemption from the death of his father. It is the journey to redemption, the way through the stages of negotiation, depression and finally acceptance. It is a beautiful story framed within a picture drawn with swords and arrows, murders and smoke bombs. Very well drawn, yes, and short picture. In just 6 or 7 hours after the main campaign our main character He will meet his antagonist, secondary characters, and reach presentation, middle and denial before he can return to Tsushima to continue his mission there, if not finished. And while the expansion is available from the beginning of the second action of the original game, it makes more plot sense to do it after the first one is completely finished.

To access it, it is enough to go to the coast; then we get a small town in which farmers and fishermen are experiencing the effects of a hallucinogenic drug. Realizing the danger of this new threat if it reaches Tsushima, Jin sets out on the journey knowing that he will not return until the problem is resolved. Rather than exploring the main character’s “daddy issues”, Iki is a full-blown expansion. Sucker Punch did not want to break the mold and chose to follow the original line without adding many changes to the formula and the result is great, though predictable. Aside from the new locations – which are still some of the most beautiful we’ve seen on PlayStation – we’ll find a new bottom enemy (the shaman) with only a few new mechanics to tinker with, and best of all closely tied to content discovery optional.

ghost island tsushima iki

The rest of Iki is accomplished by finding icons on the map. Some to we already knew (bamboo, poems, etc.) and new ones like sand – only four opponents – and a sanctuary with various animals, all very cute and incorporating a mini-game with the flute that you have to play with the inclination of the controller . There are also archery challenges that will require speed and accuracy (and Tadayori armor if we want to complete them as far as possible), new amulets and two mythical legends that caught our eye. One of them completes a very good mechanics attached to the horse: the ability to load against the enemy and be able to even kill the measles with a single blow. The second is armor that disables the traditional parry ability and only supports the perfect parry, in exchange for offering a much more lethal countermeasure. This can offer a new way to engage the veteran and breathe fresh air into the original experience.

But lucky for those who come back looking for everything they liked about Tsushima. An new island It’s full of Mongolia trying to make life impossible for us and that we have to solve by stealth weapons, range or our skills to use the sword. Or a combination of them all. The fight is still so hectic and will require a good recurrent dose, especially at higher levels of difficulty when punishing much more. The new shamans, who have a bad habit of providing positive effects on our enemies, are the main target in all encounters and we will soon discover that a good arrow to their head with the long bow is always the best way to attacks start contacts.

Beyond Iki

The extension is available to all those users who already own the original game on PS4. Sucker Punch sells a native version of the original Ghost of Tsushima for PlayStation 5 for all those who want to update and, yes, it has to be paid for separately. This update is independent of the extension and can be purchased together or separately. The all-in-one version of Cut’s Director on PS5 sells for € 79.90 in Sony’s digital store and is undoubtedly our preferred option for all those who have not yet incorporated the title into their library and are considering doing so.

ghost island tsushima iki

Improvements to the new console include displaying the world at 4K and 60 frames per second, prioritizing resolution or performance, and other quality of life measures that never hurt. It has to be said that the behavior of the game has always been excellent in the casting mode and we have not been able to notice drops in FPS that are worth reviewing. In addition, the aseptic response was incorporated into the command and especially into the triggers. These improvements alone, while appreciated, do not seem to be justified by many users for the price they have to pay, especially looking at how other studies have done something very similar (for example Metro: Exodus). without the need to touch the buyers pocket.

But it’s very difficult to get rid of once it’s in Director ‘Cut’s version of PS5. The game moves smoothly, the charging times between lightning zones are fast, and the stage looks great. It’s true that it was already beautiful on PS4 and the transitions were already very fast but now it’s another level: being able to play on 4K TV was very difficult without having to stop every minute for the a beautiful landscape that was paraded. in front of us. There are still some problems that have not been fixed in this version (some of them shaving with some or even some clothes) but it’s already a very fine thread. Lip-syncing was also added for Japanese voices, which is the way we played it, and while it feels obligatory sometimes, it packs a punch.

ghost island tsushima iki

Look again at Tsushima i Playing Station 5 I know why he liked the crowd of the last generation. Because of the combination of the artistic theme and the samurai theme as well as much more organic combat than in Assassin’s Creed – to cite an example – enter the game first through the eyes and then through the hands. In general, it offers little that has not been seen many times before, but Sucker Punch has a nice balance that makes players want to spend more hours there than in potentially competitive games. And in a game with a concise and straightforward campaign, an invitation to explore for the sake of exploration is one of those keys that suggests the game is well done. In that sense, Horizon or the aforementioned Assassin’s Creed may do better, but it does not much better.


It’s very hard for all those who finished the original game, not to mention Iki Island expansion. It’s more the same, not necessarily better, but delving into the protagonist’s personal hell from another angle. He knows more about Jin Sakai. It’s about banishing a little more of that Japanese history that the West enjoys. It’s a good extension, in short, on the basis of a good game. An expansion that is not intended to break the mold or create an experience to convince those who did not like Ghost of Tsushima. But it’s a strong piece of entertainment that no one will get the feeling that they are being ripped off their money. And to date, perhaps one of the best recommendations for DLC. Not only is this downloadable content worth what it costs but it should not be missing in the library of any fan of the game.

THE BEST _____

  • Jin Inside Tour
  • Optional content opens up new gameplay options
  • Great material / price ratio


  • The main story, a little concise and predictable
  • Lots of icons on the map but few are very interesting
  • Add a few new features to the original game


Very good

A game with a great finish that we will enjoy and remember. Good purchase, highly recommended for lovers of the genre. He is well cared for at every level.

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