Shinsekai: Into The Depths, An Review


We analyze the new Capcom for Switch, a bizarre metroidvania that takes us to the depths of the ocean after its arrival at Apple Arcade last year.


Announced as part of the many new features of the latter Nintendo Direct of the Big N, came to the eShop of Switch to Nintendo the same day Shinsekai: Into the Depth, a platforming adventure and a cutting action metroidvania set in the deepest oceans by Capcom and was making the leap to the hybrid console after its exclusive launch in Apple arcade in September 2019, together with the start of the ├á la carte de gaming service Manzana. Now, and after nearly half a year, Capcom’s wondrous commitment to a Japanese genre is initially a Nintendo system in a digital format at a price of 19.99 euro. Is it worthwhile to immerse ourselves in a colorful and cold underwater Universe? Let’s see our Review if Capcom new to Switch convinces fans of adventures in metroidvania style.


Shinsekai recommends: Into the Depths plunging into the most dangerous and unexplored sea depths in the skin of the single survivor is known for humanity that caused a new type of ice age to freeze the entire surface of the planet. And apparently, the only way to remain safe from the relentless progress of ice is underwater; Or so did our long-suffering prime minister, who managed to adapt to the harsh conditions of the deep sea to stay alive. And it is as soon as we begin our journey a few kilometers below the surface that we are in danger of the umpteenth stroke of seemingly non-braking ice threat, forcing us to abandon our an unexpected sanctuary to stay alive. From this moment on, an adventure that already arouses the interest of the player begins, partly because of an unusual post-apocalyptic context and a simple but elegant introduction, very visually effective and that introduces us to a story that will be developed convincingly all in between 6 and 8 hours that can finish the trip.


Survival and underwater exploration


Capcom delves into the depths of the oceans with an episode of classic basic platforms 2D with stage design in true Metroidvania style; and not just because of its formal approach, as its development invites us to explore, improve skills, gather equipment and weapons and gather key objects to continue to open up a curiosity that is extensive, limited clearly at the upper, quieter and lower area. where nerves and claustrophobia will hit integers for the most part water pressure, which can end our lives if we do not pay enough attention.


All in all, it seems to be a video game with a lot of originality, both approach and execution, though perhaps too dark for those who don’t feel comfortable in the usual underwater stages of classic platforms; basically because the video game is all about that, about staying in the depths of the ocean under pressure. Though beyond this specificity, Shinsekai: Into the Depths adds many more layers, never better said. That said, fitted with our weak diving costume, we will be compelled to fight for life and dig the ocean floor, either inside narrow grottos or before laying sea walls, as well as, of course, find parts to enhance our ability in the deepest ocean.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths, An Review

And is that to survive Dangerous animals from the deep are always and always are not our main goal. Ice, constantly evolving, or our own ability to handle the diving suit and oxygen bottles, will soon become our main concerns. Bad jumping, falling from too high exposure or weakening too much ice can often protect us in a deadly and definitive way. This is where the improvements to our costume come into play, to withstand the greatest pressure from the deepest areas or to oxygen reserves, represented by different bottles on the different status meters; and it is, with a false and simple step, that we can destroy one of our bottles, thereby limiting our movements.


While initially the different handling and systems of our costume can be confusing and controversial, after a period of adaptation we will begin to use different mechanics to preserve our physical integrity. In this sense, Shinsekai: Into the Depths itself is a bit more complicated than other similar stakes and will need them some adaptation time and patience on the part of the player; Of course, once this initial bump is overcome, the gaming experience becomes much more intricate and challenging. So much so that factors such as the remaining oxygen, the ability to drive for longer jerseys, the integrity of the outfit itself, the pressure and others are our main enemies, beyond the previously mentioned and various underwater creatures ultimate bosses, which also surprises them at certain moments, yes, very few people, leaving much more space for exploration and the platforms themselves than for direct action.


Handsome and threatening ocean


The metroidvania factor comes into play from the moment we need it Back and revisiting previously unlocked areas to retrieve or upgrade a particular item, all after unlocking a new skill that allows us to access previously closed areas; it is the typical design backtrack this brought good results in other works of the genre and in this case it was successfully done. Going back is never tedious and we advise doing so in order to continue changing our diver; In this sense, Shinsekai: Into the Depths is considered a great example of how to mix all of these elements into a title. fun and challenging, in some moments and already from the start, maybe too much.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths, An Review

And so is the complexity of the various elements to take into account that sometimes it can be done a little uphill; While the rewards are significant at some times (with the odd twist at story level), many players may be looking for more enjoyable development. to overcome, because of the constant need to know all sorts of qualities of the main character, from weapons to equipment, through continuous improvements upon which our progress depends. Collectively, Shinsekai can: Into the Depths convince the most seasoned people in the subroidre metroidvania, but all in exchange for a high level of demand and with certain concessions to the repetition of mechanics, such as those to collect minerals to enhance the outfit; And so again and again.


Its stage is slightly irregular and reveals its origins mobile video game. Although its art is strange, many of its graphical characteristics are not as high as would be expected from such an event in desktop systems. While it can be attractive in its portable version, when it is on television (especially on large transverse screens) it stands to neglect certain aspects such as textures, modeling or some animation. All in all colorful and this helps to create pleasant feelings, especially in the backgrounds and environments, beautiful and good; Special mention of certain effects typical of underwater depth. But there is little else to draw attention to this; Shinsekai: Into the Depths offers a graphic section that just doesn’t conform, not bad in any way. As for the soundtrack, it provides melodies that adapt to the action shown on screen, always with the underwater theme as its backdrop. You know when you should heighten the tension and what moments of quieter themes are offered. In addition, the sound effects are perfectly matched to his personality. Finally, the texts are localized to Spanish with the odd mismatch.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths, An Review

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