Shadow Part Me: Review; Light And Shadow Puzzles


We analyze Shady Part Of Me, an engaging combination of platform and puzzle game with excellent dream setting and very original light and shadow mechanics.

A shady part of me the title begins with the small French independent studio based in Paris Douze Dixi̬mes, founded in 2017 by one 7 components. They chose more than interesting for the first time hybrid platforms and puzzles, dreamlike location and very attractive development. The combination of his original proposal, his careful location, his bizarre story and his great artistic direction surprised us and gives us a very enjoyable and attractive title. The video game in question uses a a cool mix of shadows and lights, and 2d platforms combined with a three Рdimensional advance to offer us a development that combines jumpers and light puzzles. For the occasion we will two main characters, that we exercise independent control and which we can alternate management at any time of the game. Together they must overcome a series of dreamy and surreal levels whose excellent artistic stage and direction have come our way.

As we said before, in the title we will handle two main characters: girl and her shadow. Together they will have to go through a series of chapters, although sometimes they seem to happen in some sort of internment or hospital center, they will always show a surreal and dreamy setting that means we do not know at first very well where we are or what which is exactly happening. As we play, we find out what will happen, while helping our main characters overcoming their fears and the obstacles that make them complex. Shady Part of Me tells a story about transgression and fight against our own borders, and it does it in a way that we found excellent.

A story about transgression

The story employs a series of popup messages on the screen and voices that appear as we go along, so that the story is told in a very strange way. We would love the effect of this, and the point of immersion education which contributes to the video game. All this would not work without excellent localization work on our language done, his qualification is not usually found in a small independent title like this, even with a powerful editor behind it Interactive Focus. All the texts on the screen are perfectly translated and integrated into the title, which is crucial because of its importance in the story. The Spanish dubbing work in each of the voices is exceptional, with great performances that marry perfectly with what they are trying to convey. Kapo for study and distributor for localized mail on our market from which many companies should learn.

In the playable part, we have, as already mentioned, a a mix of platforms with puzzles. The original touch of the game comes from the possibility of managing two characters, and the game between lights and relics that offers us both. To add a curl, the main character moves in three – dimensional environment, and because of a phobia of light, you will only be able to move through shadow areas. The chuquilla also lacks the ability to jump. Her shadow moves in a two-dimensional plane located behind the stage, with the limitation that it can only move through illuminated areas, and can jump. The key is to move on cooperation between the two, since they have to come together to open the way for each other, each from its plane of impact. We need to remember that one person’s actions influence the other’s activities, for example we can project objects from the three-dimensional environment to create platforms or paths that can overcome the shadow. And this can activate mechanisms that allow your flesh and blood to change ego.

Shadow Part Me: Review; Light and shadow puzzles

To do this, they have to solve puzzles with switches, pressure sensors or push objects, so they have to create areas of shadow or light in the path of the other character so that he can move on. As usual in these types of games, as we progress, new mechanics will be added to the mix. The IS the difficulty of puzzle is not too high, in general we will not be moved down and your intention is satisfactory and logical. To make things a little complicated, we get kind optional collectibles in the form of origami birds, which are a little more complicated to find and extend the useful life of the game for fear that we feel like trying to get them. He led us around 5 hours finish the game. As it helps the elderly, we will have the choice time to rewind at any time if we have compromised puzzle solving until it is never returned, or simply if we want to approach it from another perspective again from the beginning. It is a long way from us that the studio has not implemented a co-op mode in which each of the characters is managed by two players.

On a visual level, we loved the artistic direction who uses the game, who marries brilliantly with her dreamlike and surreal proposal. The graphics in Shady Part of Me are a waste of imagination that some of them employ very successfully watercolor tones to capture muddy environments that are always full of wonder and variety. Because three-dimensional development is exchanged for freedom with the shaded, two-dimensional but sometimes superimposed areas of non-continuous planes at the back of the stage, the original visual finish of the title looks even larger if possible. We are confronted with one of those graphic works, while they do not stand out for their raw technical power, they do so for their originality and good on-screen work. In the audio part, we emphasize again the huge localized work for our language, with a Spanish dubbing of all voices in the game really impeccable and what a great house with the characters. An unusual task in this type of production that must be praised and demanded for example to follow this event. The soundtrack that accompanies the development of the adventure is amazing, leaving behind beautiful horrible moments.

Solve puzzles on two planes at the same time

Shadow Part Me: Review; Light and shadow puzzles
Shadow Part Me: Review; Light and shadow puzzles
Shadow Part Me: Review; Light and shadow puzzles

A dreamy and surreal world

Shadow Part Me: Review; Light and shadow puzzles


Shady Part Of Me is a great game that mixes platforms with puzzles. It stands for letting us control a girl and her shadow separately, one moving in a three-dimensional environment avoiding light and the other on two-dimensional backgrounds where light allows it. This dichotomy between lighting and darkness will form the basis of the puzzles we find ourselves, because changing the control of the pair will require us to create paths that will allow them to move through the chapters that are part of the episode. You will need to use levers and switches, push objects and play with the light shadow dichotomy to solve overused puzzles. The game is artistically delightful, with a very engaging dreamy and surreal visual item. Her strange story is also wonderful, backed by an excellent work of localization of our language with texts and voices in Spanish. This is a relaxed title with a message to enjoy as we beat the coconut and think of its excellent stage.

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