Scotland: A Mediterranean Incident, Review


Scotland: An adventure in the Mediterranean can travel back to your childhood as you feel the Mediterranean wind on your cheek. We analyze a game that surprised us thanks to its beautiful ecological proposal.

There are moments in our lives, often associated with childhood, that they remain etched in our minds forever. And, despite the fact that they are sometimes not very special to us as we live with them, they are those who are more inappropriate and everyday than those who have the greatest potential to move us to the past.

The smell of sand as we spend the summer with our parents and friends, playing that music on the radio at the beach bar where we used to wait for the paella to be ready for the family, or the sense of different shapes and buildings build. of sand with the help of plastic buckets of our loved ones to bring water from the sea.

On the shores of the Mediterranean

We would like to begin this Review by extrapolating such emotions to the video game that belongs to us, since it is the way to describe the most special part of Scotland: Adventure in the Mediterranean. The title, set on the fictional island of Pinar del Mar, collect goods from different parts of Spain (While the nucleus would be Valencia, its beach dunes or the lagoon, we find echoes of Andalucía, Roquetes de Mar, Ibiza in the 90s or even Peñíscola) to elevate environmental discourse, respect for the environment, not without the use of direct criticism on the over-urbanization and saturation of tourism which has had a negative impact on many Mediterranean territories.

And he does it like no other game has ever done: this is the first time we’ve really felt that there is too much affection and love to reflect those details of our country (large and small) characterized by many of the places we traveled during childhood. And not just mentioning Sorolla as it happens in RiME (which it also does) but going a step further, the one that does we take to the beach bar with the radio fully exploding, so the grandparents who are waiting for you to spend a few months with them in the summer, so friends and acquaintances with the shirt whitely marked on their reddened body due to the scorching midday sun.


The game’s creative director is largely to blame for all this, the Spaniard David Fernández Huerta. His training in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia allowed him to work in Akaoni ‘s studio, ending in London as a basic piece of games like Monument Valley 1 and 2 in Ustwo. As the Creative Director of Scotland he allowed himself to develop all his passion for Mediterranean culture within this cozy video game.

All of this, through a simple, reflective interactive experience, with little to do: with our mobile phone we will gather information about the rich slope of the place (different locations will lead to very attractive biodiversity), we can clean the remains lying on the ground, repair various constructions and get that in the end the island is attractive as a natural space. Well, the ultimate goal of the game involving us, as well as giving us a nostalgic calming episode that deals with our emotions, is to jeopardize the construction of a mega-hotel that endangers the tranquility of the place, while charging the environment. ceremoniously.

An experience to remember

But be careful, here everything does not point in exactly the same direction: if we pay attention to the radios scattered around the island, we will hear different versions of the villages: while some are trying to preserve nature, others see that the construction of the hotel is in the interest of lowering unemployment in the area.


Our mission will be about the role of Scotland bet on the environment, for being able to plant our grain of sand so that wetland restoration not only allows the species in the area to be conserved, but also to be made a tourist attraction but not to reach intrusive boundaries.

From here, mobile in hand, we will take care document the slope through a simple photo-scanning system, we will be able to help the inhabitants of the island to have results in our signature collection, and we will collect waste scattered around the streets, we will investigate the hidden interests behind the construction of the great Hotel, and little by little we will information about every little corner of Pinar del Mar, that we feel in our second home. Help the fact that native plants such as the Baladre are seen, or elements as ours as the Vespino or the chalets made with large concrete blocks (real nightmares for the “specialists” in restorations on the American programs we all know).


Everything is developed through simple actions with the press of a single button or agree or disagree using the analog stick, although they are varied and friendly enough so that we do not feel the feeling of monotony at any time. The small dimensions of the island help everything to develop in a very fluid way, allowing a commendable affection in the design of each of its sites: from the Valencian garden to the beach bar, passing through the more urbanized area or large wetlands.

The graphic part of the game, with a simple design and minimal representation, helps to sweetly reflect Mediterranean light, floating everything in a very cozy feeling of laughter and without giving the rooms much realism in this kind of graphic. On the other hand, the sound factor leaves us with a detailed acoustic environment, where the realistic sound of animals (crucial in many moments to such a rare species that we cannot scan a photo) is mixed with the delicate background music. A special comment for the group from Granada Napoleón Solo, who settles in some of the tunes we can hear on the radio.


For a short time (about 2 or 3 hours depending on your style of play), Scotland gives us an experience that, in some cases, makes us want more. The title would have gained a lot if it had included some more complex interactive dynamics, such as sections where you can go to the beach with your grandparents and build your own sand castle (with the help of a small bucket to bring sea water) , order ice cream or food from the various shops in the area, or small mini-games to animate those evenings in Pinar del Mar. Be that as it may, its values, the message it transmits and how useful it can be for children and adults, make this video game a simple incident more than suggested.

The beauty of the day



Love of the Mediterranean, respect for the nature around us, and a simple interactive proposal to enjoy alone and with family. Scotland: Mediterranean Adventure will appeal to simple cozy adventure enthusiasts as they travel through Pinar del Mar about Scotland’s role in pursuing one goal: to try to gather the necessary signatures to destroy the construction of a Hotel that would destroy autonomy . ecosystem, endangering the conservation of many species. It may be too straightforward, and its small play bugs may affect the end result. Anyway, it surprised us more than we could have imagined.

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