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It is sometimes difficult not to say anything in life. This title helps you accomplish it and reviews the benefits of doing it.

Life is full of decisions. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong … and sometimes imposed. Here’s what this weird title is all about for Nintendo Switch, named iOS computers and devices Say ‘no! Bigger. An interactive lesson for the player more than a video game.

Behind the direction is Studio Fizbin, a developer who may be unknown to just the authors of The Inner World, graphic episode with very good ratings. On the horizon of the study, too, The Moment of the Islands, an episode of platforms and puzzles that catch your eye as soon as you see it.

Life is so

Before rolling the blanket over our heads we have to say Say No! It’s more of a video game, yes, but the most important thing about this mountain of it measures the fun she offers is not entertainment, which she does not, if she does not the lesson he gives for mankind after playing it from cover to cover.

After a character creation screen where we can freely design our avatar or select one of the predefined ones, our journey begins on the first working day of the main character. The boy or girl did not find a job for a long time and after a lucky stroke he finds a job in a multinational company with a strict work method; The word is NOT forbidden in the company vocabulary.

Say 'no! Bigger

This means that employees have to “lower their trousers” at any request from not only colleagues, but also bosses. Working 14 hours a day? Yes Do not charge overtime? Yes Go to work seven days a week? Can. You can get an opinion about the message that says Say No! More …

This, however, changes when we arrive, since our main character sees how his lunch is stored. cute tupper with pink unicorn, stolen by his most direct foreman. From now on, the hero of the adventure gathers courage thanks to an inspired cassette and begins to use the forbidden word; no.

Attack with noes

The game, which lasts no more than an hour and a half, leads us to remember at every step that the whole of humanity should stop at all that the people above suggest. That we take a step forward, that we are ourselves, that we do not let ourselves be crushed and that we put limits on life but not on our freedom. And that is the truth gets the message through and gives a lot of thought about it.

Say 'no! Bigger

The negative point of this proposal is to say precisely. All the actions we perform are done by no, though with a different attitude and ridicule towards the “enemies”. There’s actually a second negative point, and that is that it’s a title on rails that we don’t control the character, it moves by itself. We just need to push the NO button to advance in the game.

During the adventure, the narrator of the motivational cassette teaches us various ways not to tell bullies and, sometimes, you have to play with these options to advance the plot. It’s a bad thing they are few the times this happens and teasing those who harass us after teaching is no longer fun. In fact, this type of friction is completely useless, it’s just visual or getting a few extra poor lines from the attack.

Say 'no! Bigger

Exactly the same thing happens with mood, rather than some middle boss, it is useless at all. Or similarly, we can end the adventure – assume these traps – with the basic actions of the character.

A video game that we only use the word does not imply that an adventure is something schizophrenia and full of humor. And so it is. The whole plot is full of jokes, absurdities and why not say it, very strange scenarios. From the graphics, the designs to the scenes, everything has a very strange humor. Does it work? Yes, but with nuances about the translation.

Say 'no! Bigger

Say ‘no! More arrivals have been translated into Spanish but yes many errors In the same they quickly take you out of sight. Some unmarked accents, misspelled words, some made up, without the use of commas … It’s true that it doesn’t happen in every line of dialogue, but it’s very consistent. And this, for a game that is only an hour and a half, is very impressive.

Low poly sexy

Say ‘no! More is built about design low poleand. Or the same thing, everything in the game is presented as if it were running on a primitive console or computer. Graphics similar to the ones displayed by PlayStation, Saturn or Nintendo 64 in their time. And while I may look back as I read these lines, we can assure you it is very attractive.

Say 'no! Bigger

There are no errors in the construction of characters or elements on the screen, everything flows well and the color palette used is very striking and colorful. The truth is that we would love it In this regard, while we are talking about a studio that pays great attention to art in its video games, so it should not surprise us.

Musical too there are very good pieces. 8-bit style music, deadly songs and a few faster. There are not too many tracks but what is there is good enough and does not bother at all. We also appreciate that all the characters have English dubbing. Even the forbidden word has translations into seventeen languages!


Say ‘no! There is more to a lesson for mankind than a video game. Firstly it works great, secondly it gets boring after a few minutes. He has the odd good gag but little else. The character moves by himself, the variety of “attacks” is always strange, the length of the title is short and the translation is very irregular.

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