Samurai Shodown, Switch Review


Respect or death. This is the Nintendo console version of the SNK game.

Samurai shodown it came into force early last summer. A franchise that had many traditions was recovered and much was built for the sake of the second numbered installment as a foundation, one of the most respected and recognized. His EVO continued and the suitability of the game in the community was positive. But months have passed, it is a disservice to the public without the title coming to a computer and currently it is far from being one of the big references on a competitive level, although it will continue to fight. Regardless, it’s still a great fighting title with a different pace and mode than the current mainstream games. And now it comes to Switch. Although a slightly deficient version.

For those unfamiliar with the title, this is a one-on-one fighting game slow and leisure, where knowing how to get into the enemy is far more important than knowing combos, which are neither long nor complicated. Here, a few swords can destroy the rival’s life, and thus Samurai Shodown fight requires talk and respect and punishment. With a system based on three types of beat (loose, medium, strong) and the kick, we combine attacks that vary according to the distance we are from the opposition. Essentially, the future of games is a huge space and distance.

Samurai Shodown, Switch review

And the Switch version?

The grace of the game lies in the failures of the opponent, who leaves fully sold punish the character. Perfect blocks, parries and guards complete a team of defensive movements that allow you to react to opposing offenses. It also dodges. All this to disarm the competitor, open a gap in their defense and destroy it. The superb movements, with only one per opponent, the fake bar that allows us to use the disarmament technique and increase our attack power; Or blasts of anger are cutting tools strategicThey can know when they can be activated and used – they cannot be reused in combat – to mark the game. The result is a different and engaging fighting game.

All with a cast of 16 characters, 13 classic and three novel, which will be called cakes – or better, reductions – on non-revolutionary but common game modes: a story mode that actually camouflages Arcadian for life; against mode, championships with the obligation to kill all competitors and others as survival, time trial or Dojo, where ghosts that play like Killer Instinct users and their lab are generated. Basic tutorial battles and casual and online ranking battles complete a motion that is not overly appealing to the single player and offline, but with some interesting challenges.

Samurai Shodown, Switch review

You can consult our original Review to explore all the details of the game.

We get into something less certain. The game retains the in-game essence and mods, as well as the roster of characters and art style. The big problem becomes performance. The title looks far from what it does in the other versions, and that concludes very much. Play it on a laptopNot recommended for him, inviolable attractiveness. We get a low resolution that affects the posters and menu indicators. Certain texts are barely readable. Then there is a definition of the characters, pixelated and much more detailed than we would like.

The worst of all is in the performance of the game, with drops in special attacks usually below the 60 fps required by the game. This is a more severe recession, and while the fact of the matter is that this happens especially in special attacks and specific moments – it did not happen to us under pressure or in normal combinations – they do harm the experience, as do long hours of cargo, which is heavier than usual between battles.

Samurai Shodown, Switch review

Finally, please note that a campaign was announced during the release of Samurai Shodown in its main versions through which we can season pass 1 free. This doesn’t happen in this version, which is an obvious comparative offense: not only does it come out almost a year later, but also the game becomes a bit lame when the second season pass is announced. In return, yes, it was announced that the reserves of the game would come with it Samurai Shodown! to him, not the classic of the arcade: the game that came out for him Pocket Neo Geo, curiosity interesting, yes.

Samurai Shodown, Switch review


Samurai Shodown comes to Nintendo Switch with the talents we knew a few months ago: a fighting game with a completely different combat and rhythm system from other powerful and solid contemporary titles. The problems with the version in question, clearly below the technical level, come with performance problems and no free season pass as happened in the first days of the title on PS4 and Xbox One.

THE BEST _____

  • Gameplay very different from others of the genre: slow, strategic and satisfying
  • Fighting tension is always a differential feature
  • Return to basics adapting to current times


  • Performance and graphics issues trimming the version
  • Long loading times
  • No Season Pass 1
  • Unattractive to the individual gamer



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Okay, but it could be improved.

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