Root-film Review, Film Detectives


We analyze “Root Film”, an original visual novel full of mystery.

Something that is the visual novels that is sometimes they can be enough more direct, personal and immersive than any other medium. They were not far from being simple stories that we click on with no fixed direction or purpose. They have shown us that they still have a lot to offer without a lot of resources. And that “the least is best” or “least is more” is sometimes met. You are often thought of interactive novels that have a great visual impact they have little to say, that it is only a facade. And it’s not like that. Putting ourselves in context, there were titles that went great in this awful genre that included classics like: Steins, VA-11 Hall-A, Hotel Dusk, up to the present day Talk about coffee. Today at Meristation we analyze Root Film, the sequence with the recognizable title Root Letter which is now coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We review the original visual novel developed by the studio Kadokawa Games, which takes us to a mysterious case in Shimane Prefecture. Will you be with us to find out?

One of the peculiarities of Root Film it is how quickly we are introduced to the world of cinema from the beginning. Despite all the argument put before us (which is not much), most of the time we will put it in front of a camera or behind it. Whether as a camera assistant, actor or director, we will see in this the importance of the film-directing process and the craftsmanship (and mime) involved in this work. Our episode, which is typical of Ace Attorney’s chapter, will feature all the material we need to collect resolve some cases going through a stage of hypothesis and solution. Therefore, we have to use the camera to recording new cases, finding out things and questioning neighbors in the area to discover new results. Yes, we already expect to be amateur detectives along with filmmakers.

Root-film Review, film detectives

Lights, camera and action

We start the game with Yagumo Y. Magari, a successful film director and his assistant. Yagumo He is a popular filmmaker with experience in cancellations and murders, who wants to restart a TV show that was canceled a decade ago. The show was secretly shelved after only a few pilot episodes were filmed, after which it disappeared. However, to be a fan of hidden mysteries, Yagumo He wants to revive the show, as well as find out that the original film was there to study, see why it went away and whether the film is as slow as they say. By resuming filming the now obsolete show, we discovered that he, Magari, and the other actors are involved in actual murder cases and many other issues. From this moment the gameplay is structured in two different ways: on the one hand we will play with it Yagumo, and on the other hand, we’ll do it with the actor Riho. The two characters will keep a lot of connections between them, while in our main characters being clear and at the same time, in. our detectives part-time.

Root Film a is a visual novel it successfully incorporates elements of adventure and mystery, offering us something more than a simple story focused on reading. Each chapter presents a new mystery that we have to solve in parallel with the main plot based on the mystery of the obsolete TV show. From the first moment we put ourselves in a detective role and use our own extraction skills through the technique “Synesthesia”Thanks to this, we will be able to capture the makers of the chaos and solve all the adventures. This technique can only use our main characters, and It will help us to remember details accurately and thus increase our intuition.

Root-film Review, film detectives

We can travel through different areas through a small map, meet different characters, locations or objects to gather more information about the scenarios. In that sense, our main characters will be the perfect tandem for him. Yagumo Y. Riho They ooze their own charm for their humble commitment to being a detective. Some relaxed young people who want a constant explanation of what they have. In addition to these, we will quickly become accustomed to all of its atmosphere: Japanese culture, old beliefs, various scenarios, and its short scenarios composed of secondary characters that stand out for their charismatic personality. The city itself has a life of its own, composed of pioneering characters and their respective lives and elaborate story arcs.

Its visual aspect is not far behind, and not only do the illustrations of each scene add perspective and immersion to the story, but we will also interact with them, getting closer to their story. Atmosphere of each cheese, character set and the solution of the mystery is enhanced by its elegant aesthetic that makes us feel part of a soul set. The characters are incredibly detailed, and it’s a pleasure to see them in each new scenario, although they are not very dynamic. It was inconsistent for us at certain high points in the story that many characters retain the same portrayal on long occasions. While it wasn’t in a few minutes, this undermined the importance and credibility of the plot at key points when the action takes place. In this sense, the study succeeded in counteracting this aspect by relying on the use of music and effects. Her soundtrack manages to immerse us in every scene, and while not far from our mind, her central strand of music provides her affectionate and “sweetened” atmosphere despite dealing during our adventure with some more serious issues such as suicide, domestic abuse, homicides and other personal dramas.

When the filmmaker is an amateur detective

Probably one of the main points of the game is the deduction phase. This phase, even though she pays strong attention to it at the beginning, ends up, falling into a routine that we can sometimes hate. They do not present us with major challenges during the investigation phase, as the game will randomly highlight all the anomalies we find in each case, which makes us have little imagination in that aspect. As with most visual novels, dialogue also has much of the essence of the game in the dialogue. Interpreting interrogation between other characters is not too complicated, because of their looks or gestures we can prudently deduce when they lie to us or, conversely, tell us the truth. Choosing the right sentence from multiple choices will be part of our job as researchers, and choosing the wrong one will take us further from the situation. Every detail is important, and sometimes we have to ask the right questions to get the key answers.. When was she last seen? Where was she alone or with someone? One of the disadvantages is that every failure we make (sometimes arbitrary) will force us to fall into continuous trial and error to proceed. Despite some improvised elements, the interest in the plot and charisma of his characters gain power its strengths, leaving out other aspects from which it emerges. We are confronted with an original plot that is in crescendo and goes beyond the aim of arbitrarily pushing buttons and gathering clues to see where it is in our direction. Everything has its own logic and methodology. And in the end we can’t understand it.

Root-film Review, film detectives

On a narrative level, Root Film Shines from her original detective story full of questions. With approx 12-15 hours, is a title which surprisingly enjoyable at the script level, and failed to enjoy some features such as its usability and low difficulty. We wanted to get ourselves ahead of a title that really put us to the test and we felt challenged in every situation, and that was not entirely the case. For the rest, with a worthwhile plot to discover, places to explore and clues to collect, it’s a title very enjoyable We felt more could be used. This time Root Film is the reminder of visual novels they do not have to retell themselves, they just need to maintain a greater balance and focus on the whole, no matter how innovative.

Root-film Review, film detectives
Root-film Review, film detectives

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Root-film Review, film detectives
Root-film Review, film detectives

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