Resident Evil 8 Village, Review. The Various Faces Of Terror


Capcom’s new installment is committed to getting closer to everything the saga has to offer, while not delivering the excellence of the best deliveries.

Everything seems normal at the beginning of the game, but you know it won’t last long because of what’s around it Ethan winter, the main character of Resident Evil 7 and who is again in the Village after the stop due to the two replacements that were on the way, is not normal. And so the title begins, with, Mine Y. Rose, their little daughter, in a barred house in a distant town at the request of Chris Redfield. Until it appears, an essential figure in the saga, to storm the house and shoot Mia. Ethan Winters alleviates nightmares. Again.

Village, the eighth numbered part of the saga, is a direct sequence of the events of the seventh installment, which opened the camera in the first person and, through the Baker family, acquired many of the essences in the main series that were lost from shin Resident Evil 4 to the sixth, passing through Disclosures. But Village smelled different from the start. First, because I looked favorably on many of the moments from the fourth version. And secondly, because he broke the mold looking for new ways of terrorism: beetles, vampires … Resident Evil 8 wants to show the different faces of terror in a village full of dangers, captivated by four hierarchies (Lady Dimitrescu, Moreau, Donna Benaviento, Heisenberg) and a celebrity who has no goal not to gut, Mother Miranda, but who connects directly with Chris and the whole saga.

One home to connect them all

And in the middle of it all is Ethan Winters. That faceless protagonist i Resident Evil 7 It was a real nightmare and the protagonist was, in the first person, what Resident Evil is all about. It is possible to think, and with good reason, that apart from the special Winters – it is revealed in this installment – the character is still a way to get the player involved in the saga. As if Capcom told us not this time Chris, de Jill, de Leo or from Claire; It’s up to you, the player, as someone who is integrated into the evil Resident universe. Hence the first person, the face always hidden. Because Ethan was a normal person in the middle of a nightmare. That he will lose his wife and, this time, his wife and daughter.

Ethan is a key figure in the Resident Evil Village gear, which again tells us about a limited situation in a particular space. One of the great achievements of Resident Evil 7 was to limit the drama after climbing the sixth installment in the world, completely out of control of what was in previous installments. That worked and this time we are expanding a mushroom in a lost town. With new reactions never seen in the series. And with a different location. Terror, exploration, puzzles and great enemies – in size and presence.

Resident Evil Village review ps5 xbox x series

The village we reached is after an accident and after Chris has not done anything to understand our daughter, he besieges us with all sorts of lycanthropes attacking. Violence and blood are not negotiated, as a raw game, like the seventh installment. This time, as with Resident Evil 4, the first siege invites us to block doors, shoot enemies that enter houses and escape until they leave, suddenly. Such tribute to the village that Leon visited. And then it all starts.

After contacting the villains of the game, who are almost overflowing with charisma, we realize that we will have to destroy all four hierarchies in order to reach the big supermarket and recover Rose. All this with the village as a connecting point between the various districts. And Resident Evil begins by offering many mechanics and proposals seen in other installments. That works well or very well in most cases, but that doesn’t improve what we’ve already played.

Start the witch train

The first stop, and the most iconic, is the Dimitrescu Castle and his daughters, protagonists of the best trailers of the game. It’s the first stop we can often consider a witch train: a ride with scares, different scenarios but not as much coherence or packaging with other titles. Wanting the Spencer Mansion tonn Garda Station and Raccon City, the castle is organized with areas that we are unlocking as we go along, and with some vampires that will follow us on our way.

Resident Evil Village review ps5 xbox x series

The setting is majestic, the characters surprise you. But he does not deliver on what he promised. The development of our progress through the castle is too linear, with puzzles that, as well as being obvious, serve as pieces to open that door or that path that precisely hinders me. There is no complexity yesterday, nor the satisfaction of finding goods that we cannot yet use. What we get is action soon. A flat development, which looks out for what is around us and for the good rhythm it offers.

Added to this a Dimitrescu who turns us angrily, but does not generate terror. The first time that Mr. X. it was chasing us, the burden was real because you had to take actions – as in the library – and it was hot on your heels. Here, Dimitrescu never succeeds like that, losing some of the grace. Daughters are not a big challenge either, since their presence and way to end them is repeated. The general feeling is that we survived all this, but in a much more intense way. In puzzles, chase and exploration.

Resident Evil Village review ps5 xbox x series

The next stops of the theme park in which Resident Evil Village is made try to offer us other perspectives on who we live in Horror of Survival. For example, an area that bets on what indie terror has brought us in recent years: psychological horror, an unarmed location and no escape from an enemy we cannot chase. On the one hand, the experience is very tense, because the use of 3D Sound is exceptional and around you you have few titles. On the other hand, we have already experienced that and with greater challenge. Again, the linear puzzles and simplicity make the mechanics for making a dentist. It seems like a recurring criticism for something that really works very well, because it’s entertaining and agile, but Village ‘s biggest problem is comparison: in what we played and lived before.

The presence of Resident Evil 4 is stable. Our paths to the main areas through the village recall the title with Leon. First, because such terror is in the form of a large number of besieged enemies present in many moments. Also come amazing monsters in size and forcefulness. This is where Resident Evil Village works very well. The new blocking mechanic allows for relief when we have no escape, and while it is easy to become overloaded with ammunition and weapons (we can buy them from Duque, the vendor, just craft them with materials or explore), do more enemies end up than us great way.

Resident Evil Village review ps5 xbox x series

They are the most dangerous ones lycanthropes Y. derivatives, which are difficult to split and have different weapons. We also find the dead coming out of the ground, with enemies flying at certain times … Even a giant wolf that can jump from the ground to the roof where we think we are safe. Each of them explores the village and the roads to the ever-incredible hierarchies. If we need more resources or find treasures that enhance our equipment, there will always be a challenge to overcome. We’ll get some documentation, equipment improvements and other details worth doing, maybe not 100% complete but discovering something more than the main plot to enrich ourselves from what’s around us. It’s worth some rewards, though in normal mode they don’t have to finish the title without problems because it’s not too demanding difficulty. Whatever the case, the concept of the village certainly does not take advantage of all that it may or may not have seen at first.

Inspiration in Resident Evil 4

To face enemy throws we will have the usual arsenal, which goes from the pistol to the shotgun, passing through the sniper rifle, Grenade launcher, magnum pistol and others we find out or buy. Each of them can be improved by spending money on the Duke, which will be accompanied by grenades, mines, the classic knife… And cooking recipes, because we can hunt different types of animals so that the same vendor can make us dishes that improve our life, our resistance, permanently, etc.

Resident Evil Village review ps5 xbox x series

The above inspiration in Resident Evil 4, unfortunately, falls short. in the parody at a certain place in the game, trying not to imitate the places, mechanics and enemies of the original GameCube title. It is certainly the least inspiring of all, although there are many interesting things being revealed at the plot level.

When Resident Evil Village already decides to climb in the final part, it does so as the fourth installment did: by action. Not to be spoiled, we move into a large complex where our progress will be linear with simple puzzles, but with new enemies that will surprise you, block your path and allow you to use all that ammunition which you thought was sufficient. A tough part, which keeps you alert and puts you at ease because the enemies are tough, they overtake you and sometimes you can just run. Any hint of classic Resident Evil, however it works more than well on the other side of the saga, like more or less, what is the gritty action: lots of weapons, lots of bullets … But too many enemies too.

Resident Evil Village review ps5 xbox x series

We said the Village sometimes looks like it terrorist theme park, precisely because it shows us the shape of stops, various situations we have lived in in the past, executed well but with the excellence of others only in action, where the game is posted as a great reference in the saga because of his discipline, his enemies and especially ultimate bosses. These are the brand of the house, some very powerful, some more brilliant than demanding, but they all have something in common: they go great. In every sense.

This canonical installment of the saga tries to connect everything and answer questions that may appear as we go along. From Ethan’s resistance in very violent situations, which we have already seen Resident Evil 7, to the role of Chris Redfield, through this town really seems to come from mind Bram Stoker or the popular wisdom of the time XVII it has something to do with everything we’ve been told before in Resident Evil. With more or less correct answers, he manages to answer many questions while leaving others in the air.

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