Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror Mixed With Technical Problems


We analyze Remothered: Broken Porcelain, the sequel to survival horror that comes to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

We’ve all heard that “the second part was never good”. A generalized statement that we clearly deny, even though society has conveyed its message for many years. We cannot deny that it is difficult to overcome when we have a good delivery ahead of us. It is difficult but not impossible. With the latter, expectations also change, illusions and as a result, disappointment does not take long to appear. Today at Meristation we analyze Remothered: Broken Porcelain, the sequel to survival horror Remothered coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Will he live up to his predecessor? We’ll find out about all of this and much more below.

2018 saw us come Remothered: Tormented Fathers, a game that managed to stand up to the survival genre, and came as a pleasant surprise. An indie title that has not only left a good taste in our mouths, but in addition to being named in many categories, winner at the Oniros Awards and at the IVGA Awards as best Italian game of 2018. So when the studio announced its sequel, not surprisingly, expectations were not low. After a two-year wait, we managed to analyze his second installment, a title that draws on the classical influences of the Clock Tower Y. RE Nemesis, and that it is this time before its official release date be able to fit in on Halloween dates and before Christmas with your own COVID problem in between. Firstly if you were wondering whether it is necessary to have the first installment, we look forward to that There is no needWe’ll have a brief summary of the last installment, but like everything it never hurts to recommend it to you.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems

Welcome to Ashmann Mansion

Set around the 70s, we put ourselves in the shoes of Jennifer, a young woman who remembers very little about her past and is in Ashmann Mansion, a renovated boarding school for girls. Our goal in the game will be to discourage all ignorant about the past of our main character in the horror of a complex, dark and ambitious survival. Once we are located in Ashmann Mansion we will quickly discover the mechanics of the game, since our the most powerful weapon will be stealth. Soon we will realize that the people who run the place will act a little strange and violent with us, so our task will be to go through the mansion and not be seen. We will have to hide from our relentless looking attackers throughout our journey, and us we collect things and we described the reasons why the members of the boarding school acted in this way.

Jennifer will be able to jump under tables, hide in trenches and chests, as well as (partially) defend herself from our enemies with sharp objects. We will build core and protective items such as knives or scissors, or other objects to generate distractions like bottles. Residents of the Mansion will not be hostile to us, They will hunt us down with the intention of kindly taking us to the slightest change. From the beginning we will already start in the gloomy mansion and without any explanation, we will have to flee and avoid being attacked or punched with scissors like a Moorish skewer. Yes, the way in which certain characters try to kill us is still strange.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems

In addition to stealth there will be a good dose of it backtracking there, although we already warn that it will not be the same as we saw in its previous version. Ar Remothered: Broken Porcelain the use of the map is more segmented and simpler than its predecessor backtracking and with it, managing our inventory. One of the elements raised in the title is the skill trees, as we’ll have to throw them with things we find (moth-shaped pins) that we find throughout the story. In that sense, a game in which the main mechanic is stealth and few othersWe feel that skill trees do not have much of a place for these attributes (where we can also use them on rare occasions). Clearly the study wanted to go further and be quite ambitious with things that we felt were not so essential, and with this it neglected other things that were (and we will comment later).

As for his appearance will be visually compliant, and while it will take a lot out of its use of sound, we will find ourselves in action sequences that do not use sound, running numerous voice imbalances in dialogue, and moments in which we regularly have late sounds on a regular basis. Definitely, use of poorly applied sound. Nevertheless, his general background music works well, it disrupts his dramatic history and we have to say that the main theme (like a whistle) is the most original, as well as being very curly.

Playing cat and mouse

Let’s just go to that the thing we liked the most, its history. We cannot deny that we have an interesting and complex plot before us. If his first installment was already quite complicated (in some moments he managed to leave us completely alone) this second part He retains his main attraction in the story. In this we will know the past of our character, and more about the use of the Phenoxyl drug (already seen in the first installment), a drug created from parasitic moths to remove and erase the traumatic memories caused by terrible side effects. This time Umbrella is not behind it, we affirm it.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems

Mana feinoxyl drug: “Is your heart broken? Have you suffered abuse? Are you a war veteran? In that case you are sure to experience post-traumatic stress. We have a solution to your problems, Phenoxyl! Say goodbye to sleepless nights and the subject turns endlessly. Forget it forever, thanks to Phenoxyl! “

Now, what do we do to point out negatively (and with great pity) is the technical part. As the name implies: Broken porcelain, broken porcelain. The game is full of AI bugs, inventory bugs, and even progress bugs, which prevented us from proceeding, so we had to restart the game a few times. They were not punctual, we found a few bugs and they greatly affected its usability. After numerous patches, his technicality prevented us from fully exploring his promising history, easily remove us from the screen every two or three. Even with the simplest things like opening a drawer we had difficulties. The fact that the study one of the obvious mistakes was to anticipate its release date, since it is not a bad proposal, we can say that her story is above average, and that is what failed that technically it is not polished as it should be.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems

We waited a long time to play it, and there were expectations. We can’t deny that her story lasts until the first installment, but we think we didn’t manage to enjoy it in the same way. The controls themselves, outside of inventory management, sometimes they just don’t respond, which sometimes means desperate if we are where it is not critical that we be seen. Broken porcelain There was a lot of possibility that it was a good delivery, but it suffered from a widespread lack; from its poor controls, excessively complex plot and various technical errors, which sometimes broke our immersion in the game.

Le Remothered: Broken Porcelain we both had satisfaction and despair. With a much more complex and well-constructed history, we can say that the definition of it was not the best way they did it. Remothered or Rebugthered For friends, it ruined the franchise with gameplay today in better condition. Thanks to the release of continuous improvement patches, we hope that these bugs will be mitigated, and that we will be able to play them again in all their glory.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems

In contrast, in this version we find characters that are more organic, alive, complex and more anxious than in Remothered: Tormented Fathers. An interesting story that stuck in deaf ears and was without a doubt one of the strongest promises in the study. It’s not a bad game, it’s a title that’s badly polished, and destined to be published. Despite everything, we emphasize that it is a good proposal, with an interesting story worth a Netflix movie script or miniseries, and with more than charismatic characters. Title containing your there is a lot of pressure in the story and if we start commenting on it, we are never sure. A title that has obvious technical shortcomings, but manages to build a good story it is worth discovering that alone and exclusively by ourselves. Still, we look forward to the arrival of new patches that will enhance our gaming experience in Remothered. Bet on the top in every way, for better and for worse.

Broken porcelain

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems
Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Review. Terror mixed with technical problems

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