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Let’s analyze the high-definition version of a cult game that comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Despite being largely unknown for a long time, Atlus His name is already engraved in gold letters in the history of videos. His biggest obstacle was leaving Japan, due to the Japanese spirit in his games and the difficulty of transmitting certain themes to Western markets. In fact, one of the key milestones was the original launch of the game in hand, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, presented as a contact with the western market to see how it might respond to the major role-plays being developed on the island of Japan. Although there was little exercise, the reception was good enough that the company was encouraged to continue launching its work.

Since then, the company has not stopped growing thanks to the great achievements it has accumulated, especially thanks to the fact that the developer has matured herself enough to offer better and better work, which has been restored with increasing depth. their titles in the market. , starting with the full Person franchise and its efforts and continuing with titles such as 13 Sentinels, Catherine, Dragon’s Crown, Odin Sphere, Etrian Odyssey franchise, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the Devil survivor… It is within this more promising Panorama that Atlus has seized the opportunity to retrieve some of its previous work, as has been the case with some 3DS reviews, but the strongest bet is, without a doubt, to recover Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

shin megami tensei III HD reviews

Ordered apocalypse

Launching original from 2005, the game concealed the numerical delivery involved as it was the first game in the franchise to reach the West, so an attempt was made to avoid confusion for the user; However, after the release of the fourth installment and the fifth chapter about to hit the market, the full title of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne was chosen. In fact, it was already at the time an improved version of the original Japanese game, which would be launched in the Japanese market with the title Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax. Therefore, this remodeled version uses the best possible version of the original game as a basis and, incidentally, is an excellent opportunity for as many people as possible to enjoy it, since, although it was released on originally for PlayStation 2 only, this remaster will be there to come PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The whole franchise Shin Megami Tensei (and many of its consequences) revolves around a basic concept that is repeated from one installment to another: the destruction of Tokyo due to an eternal conflict between good and evil, and the main character of each chapter as a nexus who must help with the balance on one side or the other. Such is Nocturne’s argument, where we find ourselves caught in the middle of that apocalypse and the excess of being in our demon half. The story is set today (albeit on an unspecified date) and relates to the idea that the world must be destroyed before it can be revived.

shin megami tensei III HD reviews

Our goal will be to understand why we have undergone this transformation and to understand the role we play in all of this, since the end of the game we get will be (out of the 6 possible ones) depending on our actions, in a way that this rebirth or, in other words, the life or death of the city of Tokyo itself will be in our hands. It is a relatively deep trap, within its future psychotropic setting, to place innumerable theological and moral debates within the tone of darkness and the general gravity of the production (although that does not mean that black humor is unrelated).

The most interesting thing about the plot of the game is, precisely, the resource we will have influence game events by a much more complex moral system than the traditional one, in that not everything is black or white. That is, when we choose an answer when talking to the other characters (friends or enemies), this answer will not uncommonly mark our relationship with them, but will instead be defined by the a crucial philosophy that we have transmitted throughout. of the whole game. This means that not everything depends on response (although some may weigh more than others), but we will need to create a defined character throughout the story to form our personality through the millions of shades of gray that exist (such as the same as in real life). In this way, our interaction with the world and the end of the story we see will be determined.

The game system

Nocturne is divided between two very basic plans: a map of the city (which is very basic and not very detailed) and the dunes we pass through. While the general map is not much cultivated and gives the feeling that it could bring more of itself, it is in the dunes where the game is enjoyed. This was the first time Atlus had abandoned the view of the first person in his role-playing games and the truth is that his work was the perfect change. Despite being linear (with a labyrinthine shape to make things a bit complicated), each of which will have its own spirit beyond the visual, with elements such as investments in the environment, areas where off-by-heart patterns to promote, and so on.

shin megami tensei III HD reviews

As for the fight, it should be acknowledged that this game system was brand new at the time for the franchise, even though it is today there are already more refined formulas. In fact, outside of the franchise itself, at the time already, you could see how some role-playing games from other companies promised promising fun dynamics like Shadow Hearts, whose combat system, despite being on in turn, we are forced to be aware at all times. At Nocture we have a fairly basic system with a set of basic options to choose from; But, apart from the initial simplicity, the truth is that it has a lot of depth in things like trying to take advantage of the weaknesses of the enemies to gain additional actions and take advantage in combat, which will be necessary in the highest difficulty. . methods.

This system would be refined in later Atlus games and would reach its peak in Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Person 5, so this version seems a bit more dated, of course. But the fight is not limited to this one. Another weird thing is that our team is made up of demons that we are recruiting during our adventure. But unlike games like PokémonIt is not about engaging with them, but about negotiating with them. It is a complete negotiation minigame in which there will be someone who will ask for a few objects, who will not ask for anything and who will want to see what our team members are, the morality we show in our decisions or other factors of the most people. different. Therefore, sometimes it will be impossible for us to find the creature we need if our path is far from what is expected.

shin megami tensei III HD reviews

The IS creatures evolve by achieving different levels, although there will also be a relatively complex blending system, which is another hallmark of Atlus games. Another particular feature of Nocturne is the magatamas, some special orbs with a core of different elements, demons or entities consumed to give the character certain bonuses and weaknesses, depending on the magatama used. These orbs can be found in stores, by chasing enemies or hiding in certain places. The type of magatama used will determine the skills as you level up and, therefore, you can play with them to define the evolution of your characters, as well as alternate between them to take advantage of the benefits they provide us while giving face certain enemies.

The interesting thing about the magatama system is, above all, that it always forces us to choose what we want to prioritize, since you cannot equip everything and, therefore, you can’t have a superpower character who can handle everything, in a way. So we will have to sacrifice things. In general, it is a different game system but becomes repetitive over the hours, since it was made. tactical depth it shines the first time we face all types of enemies, but in successive combat it is limited to strategies that work again.

shin megami tensei III HD reviews

Aside as the game is a delight on an art level, it’s unbelievable that the graphics are still very close to what it is. is the Playstation 2 level. This does not mean that virguerías were not taken seriously on a technical level, from the visual cleanup so that everything is sharper and more defined to enhance the camera, going through a more fluid animation for the characters. However, the passing of the years cannot be completely hidden, especially in the polygons of characters and locations, in the lighting or design of some environments (large and sparsely detailed). The soundtrack, yes, is great and sounds better than ever. The work Shoji Meguro, Kenichi Tsuchiya and Toshiko Taaki it’s very diverse, managing to be epic in some moments, scary in others and even with songs that are more typical in j-pop or waiting room melodies.

Technical and news department

As we already mentioned, this is the version Maniax Nocture, the most complete of the game including new scenes, extra dungeons, new power-ups, a territory not present in the original game and the presence of Dante, which he repeats in this remake. More than that, God’s gameplay is easier in this remodeled version; the game is quite complex, so it is a great pleasure to have a wide range of difficulties for all types of players. It also includes the option to change Dante to Raidou (which is typical of the Maniax Chronicle Edition version and will be available here in the downloadable Maniax content), voices in Japanese or English and subtitles in several languages, including Spanish.


Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne continues to be a great game thanks to its deep dark history and complex decision-making system that always keeps track of our actions. It’s true that it’s still a game with more than 15 years behind it and many of its mechanics and approaches seem outdated, but it continues to work well and continues to be a rewarding experience. A remake might fit him better than a simple remaster, but that doesn’t mean we’re facing the best possible version to enjoy a classic of the role that went more noticeable at the time than which he deserved, except among the most enthusiastic. the genre. Definitely a great aperitif before the expected arrival of the Shin Megami Tensei V..

THE BEST _____

  • A different argument and conclusion
  • The art style
  • Great soundtrack
  • Strategic combat
  • Have different difficulty options


  • It weighs years
  • The fight is very plentiful and becomes repetitive over time.
  • The overview map could be used more

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