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We unzip Rezpile and see what the Phi Games game offers, action adventure and platforms located inside a computer system.

British Studies Phi Games it gives us the latest project titled Recasting, a new adventure full of action, platforms and an interface so detailed that it will imagine the operation of a computer system perfectly as well as teach us how a program made on a hypercomputer works.

I Recasting we control a character consisting of bits that travel through open ports, allowing us to move through the computer circuit while we we collect and restructure data to put it back into action. We will go through the security areas, data storage or mission log to find out what happened to the crew, as well as empathize with the Hypervisor, an artificial intelligence capable of doing the incomprehensible.

Computer technology

There is nothing to write home about the story and it is explained by some data that we collect as we reactivate the system. Is good ideas and generates enough interest to keep the player alert, though he does not always succeed in creating empathy with the characters presented. On the other hand, Recasting It’s a platform game with a certain touch of action to complicate the journey of our PC program. Someone will be with us Janus, which will give us instructions on what to do, as well as help us understand the skills we will acquire.

There are dozens of them, each more useful than the last. Some of them will provide us mobility like the double jump, others will give us new equipment weapons and the last typology is awarded to hack, a tool that will be very useful for fighting and doing certain puzzles.

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The latter gave us serious problems in Recasting. At first it’s one of the basic skills, but even in the user manual it’s not clear how it works other than generating an inviolable new menu. The game it does not force you to use it until very late in the game, so when that moment came we had to give up our advance and gain lost skill in some of the sectors.

This lack of information is something that always happens because of badly measured freedom and a map that is not detailed enough. Once we reached the lobby, we could access a multitude of areas, even though you could only really go through two of them. Recasting it forces you to return to parts because you do not have a skill that is learned elsewhere. This peculiarity is so common in the genre of metroidvania under load in a game that does not allow fast travel or light mobility to shorten these displacements (not until the last minutes of the game), but extends through long monotonous journey between zones.

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During our journey we will encounter security elements that are in charge of all unknown things that try to destroy entering the system. We find a huge variety of it drones who will want us to rethink at the checkpoint, but thanks to the flexibility our arsenal offers us, we will be able to enjoy good action scenes. The best of combat from Recasting Undoubtedly it is the spectacle created when drones explode in a thousand pieces. This is endless colored explosions They are an amazing surprise and weapons are as diverse as they are useful.

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Each enemy will have his combat technique and i Recasting we will have to adapt to it. It is true that we lack some mobility when concentrating in the purest Ratchet and Clank style, but quite the opposite shotguns, snipers and grenade launchers They will always be at our disposal to confront the majestic drones or enemies waiting for us at the end of each zone.

Most of them are just one compilation of other drones, but they work really well. In fact, one of the strengths Recasting These are battles where we need our arsenal, hacking skills, slow motion and a series of referrals because of an enemy that has the odd odd up its sleeve.

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Leaving aside the action, the movement and jerseys between platforms are being done right, but with its insufficient accuracy for the challenges sometimes with really small platforms. But still, Phi Games I wanted to create a wide range of scenarios to test us, as well as good taste at the design level, from all biomes he suggested a challenge as varied as it was fun.

For this we need the puzzles although they are relatively small and do not require the most attention, they are simple enough to go unnoticed and we focus more on the episode he suggests. Recasting how we came up with the solution of the puzzles.

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Visually, it is very attractive thanks to the neon used in our character, as well as certain places on stage. While this is true, i Recasting we miss more detailed care in the more joint textures as platforms, wiring or walls. The vast majority of them, whether intentional or not, they seem unfinished, as if it were a first version by preserving that gelatinous texture that is typical of the default 3D objects.

Remove the firewall

However, the most surprising thing about all of this is the use of neon as the primary tool visual appeal, especially in the particles that explode on our screen while getting rid of an enemy or the generation of gadgets in our body full of bits. Their visual use of the effect is also bizarre glitch reshape the object as we approach, as well as interface that interprets successfully internal language of computer systems.

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Soundtrack of Recasting accompaniment, but does not stand above any other element. In fact, we think it’s a little poor or amĂş be a theme that fits something more technological or more thematic it may stand in the 4 hours that made us go through the whole computer system.

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