Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Review. The Best Puzzles Never Die


We analyze the sequence to the intersection that unites the two puzzle sagas into one title with a wide range of game modes and content.

Many of them are the franchises which stood out in the genre of puzzle games but, without a doubt, among all of them stand the two series that are the title we are going to analyze today: Puyo Puyo and Tetris. The latter does not require much presentation as it is one of the most played titles for over thirty years, especially the conversions he made for Game Boy, one of the best selling versions of the game. much match, and NES, including various conversions, including some as the one itself Nintendo, that’s studies like BPS or the famous version of Tengen, which everyone knows better legal issues that was behind the quality of the conversion itself, along with other titles for different platforms that have appeared across different generations.

Puyo puyoIt is a successful saga of his, especially in the territory of Japan and with little insight into the western market. Developed by Compile Co. initially, the series was very popular through the appearance of various games in the systems of the time, influencing her style of play of popy puyos, pieces of the game, by accumulating chains to get a better score. or chase the opponents under the control of the machine, in this case execute special techniques that will accumulate pieces of debris and hinder progress in the game. In 1998 Sega acquired the series, which later developed the franchise games to this day, when the sequel comes to the intersection of the two sagas.

When entering the start menu of the game, rather than the option to start playing by entering the main menu, they include quick play options to start playing all two types of games in this title. The options included in the game are divided into different game modes, the adventure mode, in which the characters of the two franchises come together to avoid a fusion of the lives of Puyo Puyo and Tetris orchestrated by a mysterious character. The development of this method is divided into several stages, which in turn include several chapters, in which the development takes place combining moments of novelty visual style with confrontation in which both play styles change also depends on the control character and game mode. Each stage also includes additional challenges, such as finishing with the minimum time or score, marked with stars that will unlock additional rewards in the game upon completion, along with accumulate points at the end of the game obtained based on the performance during the same with a post-combat qualities screen. Additional steps that will bring special confrontation can also be unlocked.

Below are the game modes individual and against including various game variations to be played alone against the CPU or with other players in the respective local mode. The player will be able to choose between the various selectable characters, being a total of over 20 available starting plus 6 additional unlocks as you progress through the game, with different skills and game specialty between Tetris and Puyo Puyo. A total of seven different game modes are included, namely Versus, Battle of Feats, Big Bang, Alternate, Fusion, and Challenge, including some with two different modes between Battle, which allows competitors to choose to address AI, and Endurance, in which the player will have to face the various characters in a row to chase as much as possible before being chased. Please note that Battle and Challenge Feats game modes do not have this option.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Review. The best puzzles never die

In the mode Battle of Feces it combines conflict between groups of three characters to overcome the confrontations against rivals, using their skills, both of which have a life bar it will decrease as each chain is made until it is zero to end the meeting. The group can be customized by selecting the group members, affecting its parameters and thus its effectiveness in combat. In turn, each character will have a feat, or special ability, that can be executed by throwing magic points during the confrontation, ranging from life-saving skills such as increasing attack power or even facilitating the formation of pieces to get more chains. easy. Indicate that the characters will be able to increase your level at the same time as the skill level, even a new unlock. Finally, each group can have cards of different types that will also affect the parameters of the group and have a special effect, in some cases, when fitted.

On the other hand, the method AlternativeAs its name suggests, it allows you to play a game in which the style of play is chosen at random before you start playing. after completing countdown it will switch to the next game mode in such a way that the chains and lines are put together to throw pieces of rubbish at the competition and chase it away. Modularity Party face the two competing players to get the highest score before the end of the time limit, and the a set of objects to use when finding lines or strings and activate abilities that will help the player or hinder the opponent’s progress. As for the method Fusion the two styles of play combine in a way that from time to time both puyos puyo and tetriminos fall, offering unique usability for its execution by combining chains with lines. The method Big bang, of which, consists of find the maximum number of lines and strings in each play style before the end of the count, after which the loser will see his reduced life bar, continuing the attack until one of the two is chased away. Finally, the method Against it offers a choice of both play styles to play classically.

Other than the way Challenge, which includes a variety of game modes, three for each style, to play alone test player skills. In the mode Indefinite Fever, will present default puyos disposals that must be cleared properly to increase the established time limit and get the score obtained. The method Indefinite Puyos in fact, a mode of survival in which the player must make chains of puyos in the established time to increase the score and challenge. In both this mode and the mode Minipuyos, which is practically the same way but using smaller versions of parts, obstruction and time limit can be set being able to eliminate it even for unlimited playing, as well as being able to configure other settings like background music, style of pieces among different designs or effects.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Review. The best puzzles never die

On the other hand, the game modes remain Sprint, Marathon and Ultra. The first is achieve forty lines in the shortest possible time go over the long-established mark even though the second alternative, while seemingly practical, is more complex, assuming in that case a total of one hundred and fifty lines cleared to set a maximum score in this case. The difficulty, however, is that the level rises every time it will affect the falling speed of the parts and with the complexity of the placement the same. Finally it is the last way to get the highest possible score within a time limit of three minutes.

The online multiplayer feature offers a competitive mode as an incentive Series Puzzle, in which players can face each other gain points and improve your position in the ranking. On the other hand, there are the Free Play modes, being able to play without changes to the classification, and the mode Boss Attack, in which players work up to try to chase a powerful character. In addition, options are provided to watch game videos and also to be able to enter rooms created by friends.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Review. The best puzzles never die

Another of the selectable modes in the main menu of the game is Lessons. In this mode, a number of play style concepts and modes such as Fusion and Battle of Feats are offered from the most basic to the most advanced to master, including, in the case of Puyo Puyo and Tetris lessons, a complete first problem to implement some of the concepts learned in this method.

Eventually the method remains Options and Details, which includes other additional features such as, besides access to the technical configuration of the game edit player profile for the online mode, set up the character group for winches, watch local game repeats save, statistics of game modes and treasure. This last part offers a choice purchase extra items for the game with the points obtained in the various game modes. Topics include new tile skins for all play styles, additional character voice unlock options, or a wide range of player avatars.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Review. The best puzzles never die

In playable content this title is undoubtedly offers a large number of hours of gameplay through its various single or multiplayer game modes. Not much can be said about the gameplay that Tetris offers at this point since it is a game that practically takes offering the classic game formula that is seen so many times and despite that everything is still addictive despite the years he has on his back. The same can be said of Puyo Puyo, although it is not a popular franchise in these parts, her style of play is an interesting challenge strategically place the flashing gelatin bubbles to remove several destroyed chains in a row. To that end we need to add the various game modes provide a point of variety to go with the classic gameplay of both sagas, some of which were seen in the previous game, and that is a division that borders on a great level.

About the graphic content of the game graphic style retains its predecessor, offering colorful menus combined with a sober interface complemented by the striking character designs that the game is proud of, with a very striking anime style. It does not stand out too much in this section but, on the contrary, it does not require much in this regard, comfortably fulfilling what it offers. Point out that this sequence falls translated entirely into Spanish, unlike the previous title which was only localized in English.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, Review. The best puzzles never die

Finally there is the audio part another of the features that stands out the most in the game. Of particular note is the possibility of including this event instead of dubbing in the Anglo-Saxon language. choose Japanese language voices. On the other hand there is a selection of music tracks, which are configurable in certain game modes and include compositions from both franchises, including several remodeled versions of classic tracks such as the classic Technotris or Type A, the classic melody Game Boy Tetris, as well as other new themes for the occasion.


Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is a title that stands out for the classic gameplay of both franchises and the various game modes, large in number and variety, and translates to hours of fun playing alone and in multiplayer. Add to this features such as the Spanish translation, which was lacking in the previous title, and the choice of voices in Japanese as well as a selection of different tracks, some remixes of classic themes, which will bring the games to life.

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