PS5 Foreclosed Review: Cyberpunk Adventure In Comic Format


The small Italian studio Antab Games surprises us with an action, stealth and cyberpunk episode in a very funny and entertaining format.

It is not unreasonable to think that a certain popularity has resurfaced for this kind of future, especially with pleasure from the independent market, from the 9 year announcement of Cyberpunk 2077, from where we got more than significant titles like The Observer, Ruiner, Ghostrunner or the patriotism The Red Strings Club. It’s safe to say that they did not all take us away, but they did alleviate the bad taste in the mouth that left the launch of the Projekt CD game and all its subsequent controversy. There were few people, and there are still more to come, among whom we must mention the one that applies to us today, Foreclosed, developed by Antab Studios, a small Italian studio, specifically Milanese, and which had only two, Andrea Tabacco and Lara Gianotti, who wisely used the not-so-fertile August for the first game not to launch them, but the most important so far now.

Despite its independent nature and small development, Foreclosed is not easy to compose in a single genre, halfway between what we might label as a third – person action game, but also a visual novel with a comic book look to it which inevitably evokes the classic XIII, what an unfortunate remake you have seen recently. Let’s say it is both, and the most surprising thing about it is that it plays solidly despite its tight length.


Seized and fugitive

It is true that Foreclosed plot is not too original, and as in the case of a cyberpunk site, we find ourselves before the umpteenth story with a main character who is persecuted in a world where megacorporations are the ones who have the upper hand. In this case, our main character Evan Kapnos wakes up one morning to find out that Supertech, one of those big companies, will capture his identity, his implants and practically everything. From there, we venture on a journey in which the refugee must come to court in time before that identity is auctioned and thus lost forever.

As we have already said, especially in those moments where the story is the main character, Foreclosed takes the form of comedy, and does so with great beauty, presenting the same scene in different perspectives and from different character perspectives. Leave this feature on for specific moments when we are in control of the command, but generally well resolved and not worried at all. In addition, there are various chat options, but it is true after checking, the consequences and dialogues hardly differ for fear of choosing one option or another. A graphic section in the cell shading style completes a repetitive visual feature, which we take back to XIII, launched Ubisoft first in 2003.


Playable Foreclosed is a compendium of many mechanics, and while no one executes it very well, it does not erode in any of them, so get an unusual variety when, most repetitive third person shot. These are executed in a simple way, and while there is no conceptual button to hide behind covers, the crouching possibility allows us to defend ourselves from enemy bullets. It should be noted that the sensitivity of the scene is very high – it can be controlled, well because this option is not always present – the striking boxes are sometimes confusing and the behavior of the enemies is a bit erratic, and those are true with a spongy bullet reminiscent of the toughest enemies The Division, for example. Fortunately, these have different weapons and defenses, so we need to establish priorities and strategies in this type of situation.

Fortunately, in these action scenes, not everything is shooting without rhyme or reason, since our main character has different abilities to achieve through a simple tree. With this we can lift them in the air, hit them against the ground, or combine the two for even more lethal movement. These telematics powers allow us to do the same with containers or fire extinguishers, for example. Similarly, it is also possible to improve our weapons, a pistol that can be turned automatically, or even make the bullets have more range or accuracy. All this, be careful, and any use all of these skills can lead to overload in our implants that temporarily trick us and leave us vulnerable.

With regard to this issue of skills, it should be noted that Foreclosed does something extremely good, and has a fairly tight duration – not too short or too long – so that we can get all of them. Of course, when this is done, it happens in many other games that there is not much left to enjoy, this is not the case, so we will have time ahead for Kapnos all the information gained show.


There are other highlights of the shooting stages, sadly not always for the better. Some of them suddenly appear, without potential coverage, creating an unfair situation in which we are completely sold by question but design. Furthermore, and unlike the enemies, Kapnos is not what we previously defined as a bulletproof sponge, so fortunately in a timely manner, we are about to experience certain moments of frustration for this reason.

But not only from shots that survive Foreclosed, and we will also experience various situations where stealth is the main note, more for script requirements than for our decision, after the pros and cons of it. For example, there are some that we have to corner drones and do not have a plan B, that is, if they find us, it is over. They are generally well run and add tension by discovering the various mechanisms that open the next door, while exploring the environment trying to avoid them, even though they need to add a narrative touch to a fixed camera that does not help in always.


On the contrary, when the enemies are human it is relatively simple, since approaching it is enough not to be seen and to cause overload over a simple fast time. Here the artificial intelligence of the sometimes strange enemy plays, creating strange situations in which we think they do not see us, and yes, or vice versa. Fortunately, if they find out if we can relate to shots, but always keep in mind that this is not the best option.

Foreclosed is a linear game in general, despite this variety of play – where various mini-games and puzzles also have a place, although it leaves some freedom in exploring the situation. Not that it has many incentives other than finding secrets to increase the experience that allows us to acquire new skills, but it adds a little layer of depth to a game that makes surprisingly for its duration and cursory development, it’s diverse enough to make it shorter than it really is.


Antab Studio is starting to make a name for itself in the independent market with a title that manages to get through the eyes with its aesthetic in comic style, but which is so appealing by the controls. It’s worth noting the variety of mechanics and scenarios that we encounter over the 6 to 7 hour period, with none outstanding, but all very solvent. Shooting, skills, stealth, puzzles, minigames … Only two people managed to develop one of the most enjoyable surprises of the summer.

THE BEST _____

  • Very attractive style, with cell shading graphics and comic book aesthetics
  • Significant playable variety
  • Very successful site, good soundtrack and excellent translation
  • Optimized for the new generation, with non-existent load times


  • Enemy artificial intelligence leads to some frustrating situations
  • The camera or … at the AI ​​sterilizes moments
  • Conversation decisions without different consequences



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, though it lacks elements that can take it to higher levels.

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