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Project Cars is reinventing itself in its third forum into the PS4, Xbox One and PC market, abandoning simulation to embrace the game more casually.

The most painful moments in everyone’s life are the ones in which we have to say goodbye forcibly for a loved one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relative, friend or a pet, it is an experience that leaves shaving in our little hearts.

However Project Cars it has no life of its own and this is the succession of zeros and ones, the players who love the genre simracer They are crying about their beloved driving simulator to say goodbye to the video game market in a slightly creepy way; At the back door.

Project cars three

This is our Review, not a simulationwith Project Cars 3 for Playstation 4.

The rage for simracer it’s true, we’re talking about a genre that was in this quarantine as a refuge for thousands of professional racing players and drivers. Of the real ones, the physical ones. Barrichello, Montoya, Priaulx or the same Fernando AlonsoFor example, they were almost racing and entertaining the world in the LeMans championship, among other things, so as not to detach too much from their passions.

Project Cars 3

Until a few days ago we had good producers of the simulation driving genre among which Project Cars stood out, Assetto Corsa or even the same Great tourism something else below. All of this, of course, speaking of desktop consoles, because if we turn the wheel towards computers, the proposals are even more varied and complex — or realistic, as you like to say—.

This time we are talking about the third installment of the first one we have named; oh Project Cars 3. A saga that started shyly but made it clear that he wanted to eat his piece of cake. And it succeeded, or at least got a lot of players interested in it thanks to the significant overall improvement that the second installment got. Of what we said which was an incredibly realistic and complex title to master even with aids. We were not the only one, the press in general praised the important updates added to the ruling, Feedback from the Force, the perceptions on board each of the more than 150 vehicles included or his obsession with data. Who saw and who you see.

Between Pinto and Valdemoro

With the money earned, congratulations from the players – in general, because most fans of the genre tried to criticize Slightly Mad Studios– and the good reviews one would think the video game was three years later, for it to continue, blowing our minds with more details, great simulation and content. But no. As we said, we are crying simulation fans.

Project Cars 3

Before we got into game modes, technology, options and all those things we wanted to know about the players, we wanted to tell you a little bit about what Project Cars 3 looks like and what direction Little Mad has taken. Studios with the saga. As you can already deduct, the proceed with a good simulation as there is no longer an interesting claim. With PC3 the study wanted to give the smell of burnt rubber to all types of public even if that means there are no options like tossing tires, tickets to Pit stops or refueling gasoline in the middle of the race among other features. Now you hardly have to worry about anything on the road. The third installment is made so that anyone who sees the art of the game can enjoy it without difficulties.

Although this is not to be a problem So it was a means of advertising, in quotes, to the franchise’s follower legion; at the last minute. Everyone expected – despite the fact that some signs already seemed to indicate a new direction in the gameplay – that the new iteration would make a complex discussion on the handling of more than two hundred vehicles that included this event but, last minute and after numerous previous impressions, the tragedy was chewed; the saga was run under arcade control.

Project Cars 3

Maybe not a bad thing it may even be beneficial for the developer and the brand they created, but the fans, those who supported them from minute one with suspicion, felt attracted. They were attracted because they bought a simulation video game and when the packaging is removed from the box they have verified, with horror, that it was not as they had expected.

Project Cars are 3 much easier to control than in previous chapters and has a very comfortable control in steering and steering wheel. There won’t be many occasions when we can lose control of the vehicle if you have, of course, never tried a simulation video game. Because of that, there are still simulation tracks even though they have nothing to do with yesterday’s level of complexity. Let’s say PC3 is now competing in terms of gameplay with DIRT 4th GRID although the latter is even more arcade.

Project Cars 3

One of the main luck that the simulation has been left a bit aside is the control knock as of now any vehicle with DualShock 4 is a joy to drive. While you might consider playing with one of these essential peripherals on consoles, the feel and handling was not remotely similar to using a steering wheel. Now all these differences are trimmed though, of course, the closest experience belongs to the circular peripheral.

Game modes

Remembering what you find in Project Cars 3, it ‘s time to see what else has changed in this sequel. We are on one side Career reform method which is very different from what we saw in the second part. Say goodbye to charts or tests, this is where you enter through the front door, with decent displacement vehicles and in Shanghai in moonlight and neon light.

To advance the logical; finish the race in the best possible condition but complete the challenges they suggest us, such as taking control of the curves, overtaking or keeping in one place. With each table we get flags experience and money To unlock new championships, accessories or vehicles at the dealer.

A more classic and fun game mode than those incorporated so far and that it has the ability to hook from minute one by making tests faster, more direct and more attractive. Among these tests, there are also some like getting points through beacons with different scores in front of you.

Project Cars 3

Yes ten sets in Career mode, each with four trips to compete. If we want to complete this single-player mode, we will need to get new cars that are necessary to participate in the races and tests that we are gradually unlocking. Definitely, a good amount sometimes.

On the other hand the Competitors method that is, more or less, the part where SMS sends us to experiment with it daily or weekly challenges. This method is another classic of the driving genre so it was expected to stay here without any changes. Nothing but scratching around here.

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