Predator Triton 900, A Laptop Review That Has It All


One of the most powerful laptops on the market with a 4K touch monitor

Acer surprised last year by Triton Predator 500 going strong with the line of laptops equipped with capable graphics cards ray tracing. Now the Taiwan – based brand is back with the best choice, without a doubt, in terms of power with the Triton Predator 900, a laptop, despite being a gaming machine, used to do practically everything. Here is our Review after several weeks of use.

Hardware Rating: 10

We use this laptop under normal conditions in different situations without presenting problems of any kind with different packages, in fact, it is very suitable for generating content and even streams and gameplay at the same time with programs like OBS. Your screen 4K is a perfect touch for designers and video editors, because its processor and ram memory allow trouble-free editing.

Video games like Horizon Zero Dawn within your benchmark connected to a monitor Predator Z35 With a resolution of 2560 x 1080p it gave us an average of 57 FPS in ultra and in 4K it reached 44 FPS with textures and reflections between them, high quality shadows and clouds, quality of models and anisotropic models in TAA ultra, anti-aliasing and fuzzy active .

Predator Triton 900, A laptop review that has it all

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with everything ultra in 4K it gave us an average of 39 FPS within its benchmark. Lighter titles such as Lycoris Alicization Online Art Sword in 4K they kept 60 FPS.

To approximate how the games would run, we recommend our GeForce RTX 2080 Review desk.

The battery lasted up to 1 hour 50 minutes at half brightness without sacrificing resolution.

Predator Triton 900, A laptop review that has it all

Performance Rating: 10

Because it’s 4K with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it gives you more focus on enjoying games at higher resolutions with 8-bit color depth, though it needs to be HDR. However, this refresh rate is important to note that it is not recommended for competitive games unlike the Triton Predator 500 which has a 144 Hz monitor and 3ms latency.

Predator Triton 900, A laptop review that has it all

A favorable point is that its bezel allows you to position the screen in 4 different ways, be it a screen, tablet, normal laptop or a design by bringing the monitor diagonally, even this has a sensor that allows you to accommodate route content vertical.

Screen Rating: 9

Predator Triton 900, A laptop review that has it all

Their speakers have a good balance of tones and the Axx Audio Waves It comes with 6 presets EQ: General Games, FPS, Sports Titles, Movies, Music and Voice. Some disadvantages are that the speakers are placed in the fulcrum of the hands and this can affect the experience. The maximum is not short compared to other machines that have this type of hardware.

A plug in headphones activates the audio software 3D NX Waves which mimics a surrounding sound system.

Predator Triton 900, A laptop review that has it all

Sound rating: 8

Like the Triton 500 series the Predator sense which gives access to:

It also includes Slaughter control center To improve and monitor our network connections, this function is best exploited if you have a modem that supports this protocol.

As for the content generators, the Cyberlink PowerDirector 14 and 6 months license from Caster Xsplit.


The Triton Predator 900 is a great laptop on a hardware level, the length it comes with GeForce RTX 2080 gives it a longevity factor. It may be an option for content generators, editors and designers who haven’t considered playing competitively in 2020, especially given its touch screen and tablet capability.

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